Strike on Sulu invaders is better late than never

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YOURSAY 'If those ‘intruders' had come peacefully, they would have been given ICs and citizenship. I guess they made the wrong move.'

F/A-18 and Hawk fighters bomb Kg Tanduo

your say Anonymous_4030: Most Malaysiakini readers here are a bunch of cowards. When the army came in late, you complain. Then when they did come and bombed the village, you complain.

I am very sure that you would continue to complain even when the army has won the war. Malaysia does not need unpatriotic people like you.

Cogito Ergo Sum: We are patriotic enough to feel the agony and pain of the men who lost their lives unnecessarily. But we are intelligent enough to question why they had to die in the first place.

We are concerned enough for all our armed forces and security forces so that their blood will not be shed for lack of decisive political action and decision.

We have brothers, sisters and family in these uniformed services and we want a leadership that safeguards our territorial sovereignty and the lives of all its people. Get it?

Progressive: Too little, too late, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. Why negotiate with invaders even after they have killed our soldiers?

The Philippines has described the invasion as a "conspiracy" , Najib. You have indeed failed the nation.

Kuchikoo: Najib, are you joking? "The police held meetings and negotiations in the hope that the intruders would agree to leave peacefully without the need to take any serious legal action".

Just let these terrorists off just like that?

Ah Boss: It is about time. And as a peace-loving Muslim country, we should not have allowed these terrorists to get guns sent by Libya.

Instead we have acted as their conduit, according to reports. If that is true, and that we trained them and gave them a safe haven, then this is Allah's punishment.

Doc: Three weeks too late, but I am glad the armed forces is bearing down on the insurgents. Bear in mind that guerrilla warfare is difficult and thus the military must seek all options in ending this standoff.

Anti UMNO: Dear PM, you should watch the movie ‘Air Force One' where Harrison Ford as US president said, "We do not negotiate with terrorists."

Anonymous_3e86: If those ‘intruders' had come peacefully, they would have been given ICs and citizenship. I guess they made the wrong move.

Joe Fernandez: I really don't know what to say. So much garbage is going on. We want the truth. The first casualty in any war is the truth.

Both sides censor everything and engage in propaganda. Both sides should allow the press to be embedded.

Disgusted: Perhaps ‘you know who' will use now this incursion by the Sulus as an excuse to go on a buying spree of billions of ringgit in military hardware, etc, using proxy cronies stating it is needed to protect the country from outside threat.

Perhaps he may even buy some written-off warships and carriers at exorbitant costs. Add in ‘maintenance and services fees' for the cronies (which are his proxies) and pocket perhaps a billion, plus commission for the deals.

ABU member: Set up a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to establish the root causes of this "invasion", if there is one. Who are these people really?

How come some of them are purported to have benefitted from Project IC, have attended Umno meetings, becoming an adviser to the ‘Sultan of Sulu', and last but not least, have betrayed the Agong despite their pledge of loyalty to the king.

Chai Kor: When they fired and killed our first two officers, immediate retaliation should have been taken to wipe out those trespassers. Wait for what? Why don't wait until after election, only then take action?

Anonymous_3e86: Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen says Sabah is safe for tourists. A travel advisory by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against travel to the areas on the east coast of Sabah.

Ng has not said anything about safety in those affected areas. It's irresponsible of her to say that Sabah is safe without mentioning the affected east coast areas. The east coast has always been a risky area, even more so now.

Hjsingh: Finally using a sledgehammer to neutralise Sulu gunmen, who are neither militants nor terrorists .

Najib and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein must take responsibility for this fiasco, where they welcomed these Sulu Muslim gunmen as if they were long lost relatives and which ultimately cost the lives of eight Malaysian police officers.

Ontoi: Let the security forces do their work, and we shall do our duty too by voting a strong government come this general election.

Lets Be Fair: The government owes Malaysians the truth on what happened in this whole incident beginning from its initial silence.

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