Sedition? Probe Utusan first, then we talk

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YOURSAY 'I pray for the day when the police would turn people-friendly rather than regime-friendly.

28 Pakatan rally speakers to be probed for sedition

your say Platform_sinking: Police, thank you for not stopping the rally. People, kudos to a peaceful and disciplined rally. It was a very mature and responsible crowd.

Selangor police chief (CPO) Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah must first investigate Utusan Malaysia , former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Umno leaders for sedition as they have tried to racialise the GE13 results.

Anwar Ibrahim is rightly supported by rational and peace-loving rakyat. The police is defending a very unpopular and illegitimate federal government.

Sali Tambap: If the police have to do this, at least they should be consistent. Ibrahim Ali and Utusan have gone scot free many times from uttering even worse seditious words. Indeed, the police need to buck up and be its own man.

Fight political interferences by the politicians in power for its own good and intergrity. Do not wait until you retire and then join the opposition parties.

Do it now for the present opposition could be the government if the rule of law is judicously enforced.

NoNoNo: I don't feel any of the speeches was seditious. Ask the 120,000 crowd whether they felt offended. As for traffic jam, it is not the organiser's fault. How do they know how many will attend? The gathering is open for all Malaysians.

Why didn't the police help out instead of blaming the event on the organisers? Don't forget your salary is paid using people's taxes, not from BN funds.

Appum: Selangor CPO, why are you so concerned about traffic jam when the people involved in the jam did not complain about it, and indeed they called it the happiest traffic jam in Malaysia?

I was caught in the jam, hoping to join the rally but could not reach the venue because of the standstill jam. I was not frustrated because my fellow Malaysians were also there and they filled up the stadium as well as outside.

The police must realise that their salaries are paid by the rakyat and they serve the rakyat and not just the Umno crooks.

Anonymous #33877536: What happened in the Kelana Jaya stadium was the Pakatan leaders explaining to the people what happened during the election and what action they are going to take.

The crowd was orderly, there was no untoward incidents. Of course there were traffic jams, this happens all over Kuala Lumpur, even on a normal day.

What was so seditious about that? Zulkifli, Ibrahim Ali and so many others made a lot of remarks but are still walking around as if they own the world. The people are very annoyed right now and with this type of action, things are not going to get better.

Please IGP, emotions are running high, police have to be tactful in dealing with such matters.

Comments: What police or authorities must bear in mind is that no force on earth can win by suppressing the legitimate voice of the people. South Africa is the best recent lesson.

Intimidating threats with bad laws against the people is like trying to murder the soul of the people. Our soul will not surrender.

Moving Forward: CPO, please help to combat crime, we have so many snatch thefts, robberies, burglaries, murders. So many families are devastated with loss of loved ones due to criminal activities. Sir, you need to address the more pressing issues for the rakyat.

RR: CPO, please do not aggravate the situation especially when you are not fair to all the so-called 'seditionists'. Be neutral and adhere to integrity in the force to earn the respect of the rakyat.

Raja Chulan: I pray for the day when the police would turn people-friendly rather than regime-friendly. All (including the police) must learn from what happened in Egypt.

Shah54: The police should understand that the rally went on smoothly without any public disturbances. It was well organised and the government should be fair to all parties and not only the BN.

Senior Citizen 4191: Tun Hisan, listen to me now. Who disturbed whom on Wednesday night? No one. Not a single person.

I am a resident of Kelana Jaya, and I live not far from the stadium. I was there at the stadium and I did not see anything wrong. No one misbehaved. As far as I could see, everyone enjoyed themselves. It was indeed like a carnival.

The most beautiful thing on Wednesday night was the way all races came together for a common purpose. This is what the police should appreciate. Would you not be happy with a multiracial Malaysia? Surely you should rejoice.

What I am sore about is the high crime rate here in Kelana Jaya and yet the police seems to be indifferent or not aware of this. People are practically living in fear.

The irony is I did not seen one single police officer on the road inspite of the boss saying the rally was not illegal. Can you explain this?

Boiling Mud: For the starters, why not arrest all those who went to the rally to show their support for Pakatan and at the same time to express their disgust and displeasure?

There were 120,000 people braving the traffic jams and drizzles, some of them even walked miles to get to the stadium. If this is not intimidation and harassment from the police, what is it then?

Wassupdoc: What police? They can't even protect our country from foreign voters. Shame on them and shame on you. Be a man and stand up against corruption.

CPO, leave politics to the politicians

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