Braving threats, protesters thumb nose at Zahid

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YOURSAY 'On Saturday night, 70,000 told Zahid to lump it. I'm proud of my fellow Malaysians, many of whom turned up at 4pm and stayed till midnight.'

Thousands 'light up' for democracy at Dataran PJ

your say Odin: What more does Home Minister Zahid Hamidi want? Apa lagi Zahid mahu?

The rally on Saturday once again shows that:

1. The people do not want him and his corrupt party;

2. The people are peaceful, civilised; and

3. Only his party's thugs in blue uniform and civvies are the uncivilised, troublemaking sub-humans.

He now must return to either Kulonprogo or Ponorogo in Indonesia.

Burramundy: Wow, this is amazing! I was at the scene on Saturday night and believe it or not, a sense of true Malaysian spirit engulfed the whole of the Amcorp field.

Tough times bring us together, irrespective of race, religion or ethnic divides. Keep it up Malaysians. The truth shall prevail!

Iamleavingbutdecidedtostay: I was there on Saturday, and will be there for future ones till the Election Commission (EC) own up to their fraud.

All the gathering so far truly reflected Malaysian spirit - the type that existed before Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Toonarmy: On Saturday night, we proved that fair minded Malaysians can assemble peacefully.

About 70,000 Malaysians, many young ones and from all walks of life, came to show their unequivocal support for Pakatan Rakyat and voice their displeasure at Umno and the EC, its ‘component' party.

We were what Umno didn't want - united as one against an illegitimate and oppressive minority regime.

The regime can continue issuing threats. But on Saturday night, 70,000 told Zahid to lump it. I'm proud of my fellow Malaysians, many of whom turned up at 4pm and stayed till midnight ‘dengan penuh semangat'.

As for those two Umno members in the EC's top echelon, I feel nothing but pity for you. You have no morals and principles, you lie, you cheat, you commit acts of fraud.

You have been told - if you want to play politics, get out of EC, join Umno and take on, for example, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud in Kota Raja.

Your only problem is that Malaysians from all walks of life voted overwhelmingly for Mariah and we will humiliate you and send you to the political scrap heap if you try. I can say this because Kota Raja is my constituency.

Doc: Zahid Hamidi said that Saturday's rally was an "act of provocation". Could the minister be more specific? Provocation against whom?

1. Against him personally?

2. Against BN?

3. Against Umno which won GE13 fraudulently?

4. Against the Malaysian people? (This sounds weird - Malaysian people provoking other Malaysians but no one is clashing).

5. Against the PRDM (Royal Malaysian Police), whom we are not sure who they are serving - the rakyat or Umno? (It looks more like the latter)

Mushiro: I sent out three SMS at 6.30pm from the Dataran PJ field, telling my friends that it was cool, fun and safe. Eleven people turned up at 8.30pm in response to my SMS.

It shows the power of SMS and other forms of communication. The turnout was huge. But I thought the publicity was not very good. In fact, there was more negative publicity from the IGP (inspector-general of police) and Zahid Hamidi.

The IGP and the home minister should be reprimanded for sowing fear and instigating Malaysians not to attend the rally. Democracy cannot be won through fear.

OrangMsian: If Pakatan had backed the Suara Rakyat 505 rally in the first place, it would have had a larger turnout, like the one in Kelana Jaya . Pakatan distanced itself from this rally.

Almost none from my circle shared about it on FB (Facebook) on Friday, considered as the most effective publicity tool. Indeed, it didn't reach many Pakatan supporters.

Lover Boy: My dear fellow Malaysians, your right to assemble peacefully without carrying arms is guaranteed under Article 10 (1) (b) of our Federal Constitution that states "all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms..."

This is a peaceful assembly and do not let the home minister, who know nothing about the law. frighten you that such assemblies were an act of provocation. If at all, he is provoking all of you.

To rally peacefully is your fundamental right and do not let the apparatus of the state take this away from you.

As far as the police are concerned, your duty is to protect the rakyat. You enforce the law with good conscience and the rakyat will respect you for it.

Take care, my fellow Malaysians, the world salutes your courage.

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