Appoint professionals, not party hacks, to run GLCs

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YOURSAY 'GLC heads should be chosen for their professional qualifications, ethics, transparency and past record, not their party affiliation.'

'Let us into state GLCs to axe those against PKR'

your say Rick Teo: Over the past five years, Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has continued to use the old Umno-appointed people in the GLCs (government-linked companies). It's high time these Umno-appointed people are replaced by Pakatan Rakyat appointees.

The condition is that they must be qualified to take over those positions. Why should Umno members be manning the GLCs when Pakatan is administrating the state?

Of course, it makes more sense to appoint Pakatan members to man the GLCs provided they are qualified and based on merit. No window dressing, please.

Anonymous #88188: I agree that the existing GLC top officers (especially those BN supporters) should be axed so that the Pakatan government can smoothly implement its policies for the rakyat's benefit.

However, the appointments of key persons in the GLCs must not be restricted to Pakatan parties' members only, the posts should be opened to all entrepreneurs and people of calibre with experience and dedication.

Headhunter: About time. For too long the BN has had a stranglehold on the GLCs and treated them like their fathers' property and forced management in these firms to act like their sycophants, while at the same time milking the companies for what they are worth.

NA : Get rid of the deadwood. But replace them with highly capable professionals. Not PKR party workers. The GLCs are not the ruling parties' private property. They are for the people.

Plainly: It is important to keep the key positions of these GLCs with qualified Pakatan representatives, not PM Najib Razak's uneducated or corrupt types, and ensure their work is carried out with transparency and accountability.

Kilgore: GLC heads should be chosen for their professional qualifications, ethics, transparency and past record, not their party affiliation. In fact, they should have to prove their non-affiliation. The criteria should be similar to those used in a proper open-tender system.

Mk: PKR this, PKR that. Selangor does not belong to PKR alone. It belongs to all the rakyat in Selangor. And please remember people in Selangor voted for DAP and PAS too.

I am really getting worried about Selangor PKR's agenda. All we want is good governance and no corruption.

SusahKes: Selangor PKR information chief Suhaimi Shafiei, your party president thundered in the Black 505 rallies, "You think this is your father's country"?

You ought to listen to your chief. We all know he's a good talker and good at whipping up mass sentiment. But if your inclination is anyway indicative, then you guys are going to screw up your chief's aspirations.

GLCs belong to the rakyat and as such, we want capable professionals, talented people appointed based on merit to look after the taxpayers' funds; not another ‘satu lagi projek kerajaan BN' style of management.

Umno has already given us massive debts with the way they managed the GLCs; we certainly don't need PKR with their Umno-type inclinations to do the same.

Ddeo: Politicians should stay the hell out of business. PKR will rot the same way as Umno if they have their hands in the cookie jar.

Anonymous_3f89: All appointments to GLCs should be based on merit, regardless of their political affiliation. If an Umno supporter has been clean, efficient and honest in his work, there must be no political reasons to remove him.

However, if he has been found wanting, get rid of the cancer before it spreads further. Don't appoint a person to that position of authority if he can't or do not have the right qualities to take it on. Avoid all forms of cronyism at all cost.

Mat Salleh: Maybe Khalid should just do that, allow the PKR boys into the GLCs and town councils and let them chop off all the deadwood and Umno thieves mooching around the corridors.

After that, dismantle the GLCs altogether by selling off the state-owned companies to the private sector. There is nothing in the rule book which says that the government must be involved in business enterprises.

Kit P: One of the main reasons many voters no longer support BN is the ruling party's perversion of the government's finances and resources for the ruling party's political purposes.

It's an open invitation to corruption and abuse of power. The country desperately needs reform, that's why we don't want BN. Does the PKR understand that?

Jefflim118: The rakyat voted you to run the state and not for any of your members to look for opportunities in any GLC vacancies. Appointments to GLCs should be based on merit and performance above all else.

If PKR is going to implement this policy, then there is no difference between PKR and BN at all.

We are warning to you, PKR, the people of Selangor can put you up and the people can also pull you down. Do not be arrogant like Umno-BN.

Ordinary_citizen: Come on, this is what the rakyat have always been fighting against. Let independent third party professionals run the GLCs, they're the more qualified ones.

They should support the state government when necessary, and not support them when it is not beneficial to the rakyat.

A Voice From The Wilderness: The ugly head of PKR is emerging slowly but surely in the Pakatan alliance. These nincompoops forgot that there are other equal partners whose views must also be given due respect and consideration.

I wonder what would have happened if Pakatan won the general elections - all hell would break loose.

Anonymous #92005027: The rakyat of Selangor voted PKR because we hate nepotism, corruption and abuse of power. We can accept opposition members in GLCs so long as they are clean.

Are we going back to Umno's style of government, if so then why the need for change? Did this group join PKR because could not ‘cari makan' in Umno?

We hope Khalid will only use good people regardless of their political background. We do not want Umno types in PKR.

AkuDahUbah: Sounds like Umno, looks like Umno, but it is PKR. Come next GE, I know where to put my X.

Steps should be taken to dismantle the GLCs and allow for more private investment and involvement in the economy. Suhaimi's suggestion has the potential to develop into a witch hunt, too.

SusahKes: We used to snicker at those who suspected that Umno DNA runs within some PKR boys and girls. It looks like those people are having the last laugh.

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