Najib, Selangor pay hike still cheaper than Scorpenes deal

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YOURSAY 'Top Umno leaders in the government do not need any pay rise. The kickbacks, commissions and rent-seeking are probably already making them multi-millionaires.'

Najib brands Pakatan hypocrites on S'gor pay rise

your say, Yoursay Black Mamba: PM Najib Razak, Pakatan leaders are not hypocrites. You are. The Selangor government can afford the salary hike because they are in the black with RM3 billion in excess in the bank, while the federal government has overspent with the national debt ballooning way over the statutory level of 55% leaving it with little in the Treasury.

You ask the rakyat to tighten their belts and increase necessity commodities prices while your wife jets away spending freely the taxpayers' money like there is no tomorrow. Do you see the difference?

Cold Deisel: Najib chose the wrong forum to criticise Pakatan Rakyat in the hike of the salaries of Selangor lawmakers. Najib thought the Indians are stupid. We hear your bull loud and clear.

Try this in any Umno forum and you may get cheers from all corners. For your information Selangor lawmakers deserve every cent of the increase due to their hard work, integrity and honesty.

Changeagent: The difference between Najib's government and Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim's is Najib runs a budget deficit while Khalid runs a surplus. Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor spend recklessly while Khalid and his wife spend prudently.

You blame Pakatan for yourself having no salary hike. Fact is BN has the majority in Parliament and could easily pass the motion to raise your own pay. So stop blaming others. You didn't have the MP's interests at heart.

Wira: Najib, get your government ministers to declare their assets publicly and we'll all fight to make sure that the ridiculous salaries for your ministers are adjusted upwards as all of us cannot understand your opulence, especially that publicly displayed by your wife, on such a miserable salary.

Dont Just Talk: 1Malaysia PM Najib should talk less on the Selangor pay hike which is cheaper than his wife Rosmah abusing the use of Malaysia's executive jet flying to Qatar with her entourage, performing her personal business.

Malaysians are not stupid and if Najib is serious with his transformation plan, he better rein in his wife otherwise he is just slapping his own face.

And while Selangor voters may not all agree with the huge pay hike, it is still cheaper than the RM500 million paid as commission for the two Scorpene submarines, which is also linked to the death of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, who was murdered, blown‑up with C4 and yet no one is found guilty.

BN leaders who are tainted should talk less because each statement coming out from his/her mouth is a slap on his/her own face.

CiViC: Well the Selangor government may be hypocritical to a certain extent, but for the prime minister to call someone a hypocrite and at the same time do nothing and say nothing about BN leaders enriching themselves in more than one way with taxpayers' monies, he must be the hypocrite of hypocrites.

At least the Selangor government is getting more pay legitimately, not withstanding if the increase is justified or not.

War Child: The PM simply talks nonsense. Picking on the Selangor speaker's new pay as comparison with his own pay is a poor move. In the first case official salaries of BN government leaders have always been shrouded in mystery.

I am quite sure that YB Hannah Yeoh's salary will not enable her to control a bank such as CIMB or any other bank until her retirement from politics. I urge fellow Selangor voters and people of Pulau Pinang to continue to show faith in your leaders. I am confident like me, you are not petty minded.

Fair Play: Oftentimes, you can read a person's feelings (or fear) by paying more attention to what he didn't say as opposed to what he had said. It's not about the Selangor exco's pay, but the comments and reactions from the rakyat (especially the support from the Selangor rakyat) that the PM is really worrying about.

How can they ever hope to match the pace of transformation instituted by Penang (in housing for example) and Selangor (due recognition to the opposition leader in the state assembly in line with international conventions)?

The issues addressed by both Penang and Selangor are near and dear to the Malaysian rakyat. More and more Khalid and Penang CM Lim Guan Eng are emerging as leaders worth watching and that Pakatan Rakyat indeed has credible leaders of national stature to lead the nation to the next level.

Samurai: At least Selangor Pakatan started the Freedom of Information bill, which the BN federal government is doing the opposite with their Official Secrets Act even for our water concessionaires. Now who was it that appealed against the court verdict to allow scrutiny of Selangor's water concessions contracts?

Our transformation leader Najib, no less.

And Pakatan states started the public declaration of assets, and who has been making excuses not to do so to the extent of employing a lackey in gratuitous Transparency Minister Paul Tan to back it? Our transformation leader Najib, no less.

So puhleez, spare us the hypocrisy, the less you speak, the less we despise you.

Anonymous #62211637: This poor dud is a sore loser. What about their use of the executive jet at millions of ringgit? Pakatan is paying their staff right for a job well done and the rakyat appreciate it.

Banzai: Look who is talking? This PM is only good at attending and opening conventions and dares not debate with any of the opposition leaders. It's better to give more to deserving politicians than to corrupt ones.

Kawak: Top Umno leaders in the government do not need any pay rise. The kickbacks, commissions and rent-seeking are probably already making them multi-millionaires.

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