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MH17 PKR lawmaker Sim Tze Tzin has urged the Malaysian government to bring the tragic case of Malaysia Airlines MH17 to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Describing the incident as a "crime against humanity", he said in order to bring the perpetrators to ICC, Malaysia must speedily ratify the Rome Statute.

"Malaysia has to do this to play a larger role in global peace and human rights," he told Malaysiakini .

"Our leaders have to be brave and bold if they want to stand on the international stage and get to the bottom of this disaster, to bring to justice the perpetrators of the crime, those who shot down our plane.

"Now we are stuck, although it is our plane which was shot down, we are in limbo and can only sit back and watch other global powers - the US, Russia and Ukraine - battle over who is the criminal in this case," he added.

Sim said Malaysia is attempting to be a member of the UN Security Council and has allocated RM30 million in this year's supplementary budget to lobby for a seat in the Council.

The same should be done for the ICC, he added.

Malaysia decided to join the ICC in 2011 and said it would ratify the Rome Statute. But according to the Coalition for ICC, Malaysia has not signed the Rome Statute.

Malaysia's concerns include irrelevance of official capacity and issues in relation to compatibility of the Rome Statute with Shariah Law.

Meanwhile, Sim said he would raise the matter at the emergency Parliament sitting called by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak tomorrow.

He said he came to the decision after meeting the family members of MH17 crew member Nur Shazana Mohamed Salleh yesterday.

Nur Shazana's parents are currently in Kuala Lumpur, and Sim managed to speak to her uncle, Redza Abdullah, who implored for her remains, “even a bone”, to be brought back for a proper burial.

Sim said the family are eagerly waiting for her body to be returned from Ukraine.

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