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Mkini, a teen which rocked the corridors of power

YOURSAY ‘We have a 15-year-old called Malaysiakini who speaks for us.’


Attacks failed to break Mkini resolve, says Gan

Lion dance and balloons at launch of @Kini          


Axolotl: @Kini is such an inspiring space for work as well as play - congratulations to designer Ambrose Poh and the visionary founders of Malaysiakini .


I could not possibly miss this wonderful and significant event (the launch of @Kini and the portal’s 15 th anniversary). I must say the food was surprisingly delicious and the atmosphere joyful, friendly and welcoming. Not even a heavy downpour could dampen our spirits.


A toast to Malaysiakini - and to the restoration of decency, justice, honesty, freedom and integrity in this beloved homeland of ours called Malaysia.


Mushiro: Indeed, it was a nice evening, great food and good music at Malaysiakini’s street party last Saturday. I saw many familiar and interesting faces.


I’m also glad that I could personally congratulate Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran, editor-in-chief Steven Gan and chief editor Fathi Aris Omar.


My hope and  prayers that Malaysiakini will lead Malaysian journalism to even greater heights.


Proarte: Thank you, Mr Steven Gan, for acknowledging Malaysiakini commenters. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts on topical issues with fellow Malaysiakini readers.


I attended the celebration on Saturday evening and was thrilled to see my name embossed on a brick which formed the Malaysiakini wall.


It’s great to hear Malaysiakini refuses to be cowed and plans to stay to 'tell the truth to power'. Long live Malaysiakini !


Basically: Gan’s tribute to Malaysiakini subscribers is fitting.


Unlike the likely cybertroopers who have invaded Malaysiakini lately over 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) and accused commenters of being that ridiculous fairy tale Red Bean Army, these clowns should remember, subscribers pay their own money to be able to voice their opinions on Malaysiakini , not the other way around.


As one would say to these Red Bean Army myth creators, it takes one to know one.


Onepen: Congratulations for standing tall against all odds for telling the other version of the story. We need journalists to bring their version of the story to us without fear or favour. We, the Malaysian citizens, want to know all sides of key national issues before casting our vote.


Thank you Malaysiakini . And thank you to co-founders Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran for taking on the enemies of press freedom.


Versey: I am glad to know that all Malaysiakinians had a very jubilant evening. I really envy those of you who could make it to the occasion and have fun together with like-minded people and be able to take a look at the brick wall with our names embossed on it.


Heartily hoping and looking forward to the day when Malaysiakini news can reach every corner of this country.


Abasir: From way Down Under, I raise my glass (well more than one) to wish everyone at Malaysiakini a happy ‘homecoming’. The building will serve to symbolise your trail-blazing efforts to free the nation from the shackles of falsehood and the merchants of hate.


Rest assured that free spirits the world over will keep positive energies flowing through the portal. Never despair as you continue to build a better nation for all Malaysians.


Fair Play: When there is hope, there is a future. Malaysiakini , may you always provide the hope to the right-thinking rakyat to keep on fighting for a better Malaysia.


Blackmoon: In the 15 years of Malaysiakini existence, it has contributed to the increase in racial tension and hatred among the Malays and the Chinese in this country.


We do not have to look very far - just take a look here in the Malaysiakini forum. And out there, NGOs from different sides are at each other’s throats.


Gan cannot deny this fact and it is a shame for Gan and his team to be proud of this "achievement".


Kingfisher: Congratulations for Malaysiakini's perseverance despite many obstacles. Keep up with the good work.


You will always have the support of Malaysians who genuinely seek to protect and promote ethical values in nation building. Never mind the irritation from those who thrive and binge on the country’s inequitable system.


Hang Jebat: Congratulations to Malaysiakini for staying the course despite the numerous travails that it had to cross.


As a Muslim, I find it sad that Islam has become more of a political party issue rather a true religious entity. We sometimes have difficulty accessing the Malaysiakini . The reason is pretty obvious.


Sirach: Malaysiakini is the best thing to happen in Malaysian journalism in the past 15 years. Keep up the great work.


EmLaw: Heartiest congrats to Gan and his 70-strong Malaysiakini team. Most of all congrats to all of us who have benefitted from being Malaysiakini subscribers.


As one of the thousands who participated in the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, it is my pleasure and honour to help make this new Malaysiakini headquarters a reality. 


Game Changer: I will definitely continue my subscription with you, and look forward to more progress by Malaysiakini . Thank you for bringing us the truth all these years.


Anonymous_5fb: To me, Malaysiakini is a beacon of hope to lay people like me in Malaysia, and I believe many Malaysians like me are willingly to contribute our part in whatever way we can to ensure Malaysiakini’s continued existence.


We know the journey ahead will not be a smooth one, but what other choice do we have but to move on with guts and courage?


I thank Malaysiakini for what you have done. Without Malaysiakini , I can't imagine what Malaysia would be now.


Rakyat101: We salute the determination, courage and persevering spirit of your team. I have no doubt that we are on the right side of history of this nation. Malaysiakini , we will always be true to you.


Apa Nama: Malaysiakini is an extraordinary teenager which is able to rock the corridors of power.


The last sentence mentioned by German pastor Martin Niemoller comes to mind: "Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me." 


But in context of Malaysia, I believe we have a 15-year-old teen called Malaysiakini to speak for us.


The road ahead may be bumpy, but we could ride through it because we speak the truth. Make no mistake, truth will always triumph evil.


Telestai!: Decades later, we could be reminiscing this day and how Malaysiakini played a key role in liberating the country.


As they say in Australia, illegitimi non carborundum (don't let the b*st*rds grind you down).

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