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A whole lot of boogie-woogie in Umno

YOURSAY ‘Keris in, keris out, keris it all about. Then turn round and smile for cameras.’

PM: No one can tear me and Muhyiddin apart


APA INI? I tell you, these guys can really boogie-woogie: keris in, keris out, keris it all about. Then turn around and smile for the cameras!


Anonymous_3f6d : Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, please don't drag Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin onto your 1Malaysia Development Bhd side. You are standing alone now.


Little sparrow: Muhyiddin, you must declare whether you are with Najib or former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Don't sit on the fence anymore. Be a gentleman and state your stand.


The rakyat cannot tolerate this war anymore between Najib and Dr Mahathir as it is disrupting the flow of administration of this country. This country does not belong to Umno only.


Either Najib or Dr Mahathir must surrender and don't drag on anymore as it is also affecting investors’ confidence and the economy.


Clongviews: In a press conference when the president speaks, it is normal that the rest of the supreme council members and even the deputy keep quiet to show respect and avoid bad publicity for the party.


After this we have to watch carefully what the deputy and some of the key members have to say. Highly-charged issues just don't blow away in a supreme council meeting.


Apache : Najib, your heart-to-heart talk with Muhyiddin didn't cover topics such as 1MDB and Tabung Haji?


Anonymous #59082512 : Joke of the day. They are already far apart, so how to tear them further away from each other?


Muhyiddin sounds like PM-in-waiting


SSDhaliwal : With Muhyiddin at the helm, it would be a case of out of the fire and into the frying pan. He is no capable leader and has skeletons of his own, as is the whole Umno machinery.


The only way forward is to remove Umno and anything short of that will not give rise to any real change.


Anonymous_1371483953 : Najib has his problems, but I have no confidence in Muhyiddin at all. Let us pray Malaysia will be like the United Kingdom, United States and Australia - sometimes BN rules and sometimes Pakatan rules. We can then avoid all these problems.


Simpleton4BN : Forget about Muhyiddin! I personally think that Tourism and Culture Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz is a better pick.


Truth Prevails : This country needs a thorough cleaning with the most powerful detergent. It has to be really scrubbed down and we see that happening with BN’s Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah at the helm.


He is clean and he is the choice of the rakyat to lead this nation out of its financial misery.

Taiko: Tengku Razaleigh is the right and clean choice for PM.


Clongviews: Muhyiddin as PM cannot be worse than Najib or fifth prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


What’s most important is that when he assumes power he needs to assemble a good team of advisers and ministers. Surely, he will avoid the mistakes of the two predecessors and tread more carefully.


Doc: All PMs since Dr Mahathir were racist prior to being PM. Once they become the PM, they will suddenly undergo a metamorphism and the racism aspect will disappear.


Angry_Voter: I don't think Muhyiddin can be more racist than someone who wanted to bathe the keris with Chinese blood. But that does not mean I am agreeable to him being any better as the prime minister.


RakyatBiasa : Temporary measure, better a racist than a thief who is about to bankrupt the whole nation.


Hang Babeuf : Not very convincing. A bit like your local butcher urging you to become a vegetarian for national interest. Can he be for real? What sort of a butcher is he? What sort of businessman? What sort of logician? It makes no sense. Coming from him, it has no credibility.


Sontotsia : We will off course welcome another PM, and as usual we will be lied to, cheated on and left violated. I suspect we like being treated this way.

One day soon the nation will burn and we'll all wonder where did we go wrong. Let's give ourselves a big pat on our backs as we are led to the slaughterhouse.

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