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Najib’s ship is sinking, but crew still on board

YOURSAY ‘The power struggle in Umno is here. Umno’s implosion is imminent.’


Najib: I've Umno supreme council's full backing


WDA: If the Umno supreme council fully supports PM Najib Razak, then they too fully support the Goods and Services Tax (GST), his wife Rosmah Mansor's expensive and jet-setting lifestyle, think the debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is managed well, and are okay to use people's money in Tabung Haji and Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KAWP) to "invest" in yes, 1MDB.


Therefore, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad should now ask the entire Umno supreme council members to step down since they are just like their president. Dr M will, however, not do so because that would be the eventual end of Umno's rule, to be replaced by Pakatan Rakyat.


The primary reason Mahathir is after the PM is because he is afraid Pakatan will take over if Najib continues to lead, and probably the new government would go after the former PM and his sons. After all, he has acknowledged that the opposition is very good in digging out wrongdoings.


This support for Najib is a slap in the face for the former premier. I’m not sure if this will make Mahathir mad enough to again quit Umno (for the third time).


Ferdtan: It is meaningless for Najib to claim that he has the supreme council’s endorsement. That is posturing. As the statement was issued only by him, we cannot read much into it.


Maybe we can believe a little if the majority of them were to endorse him in writing; but even that, as we know these ingenious politicians, they can still wriggle out of any signed agreement.


The power struggle in Umno is here. Umno’s implosion is imminent.


JD Lovrenciear: With Najib having the full backing of the supreme council, it also means now it is not just the PM/finance minister who is held accountable for 1MDB.


Commentable: Impressive words, Mr PM. Few gullible ones may actually fall for it and buy them, never mind that they are cheap. Cheap because it's full of holes and cannot hold water (as the saying goes).


For starters, it is puzzling why your deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, needs unequivocal endorsement by the supreme council? Why so? He is keeping himself so squeaky clean that he is not likely to be in any sort of trouble, politically at least.


Perhaps one can guess that you only have the so-called “full support” but Muhyiddin has the “endorsement” (for your job). Which then makes more sense because all can “unite as one team” under the circumstance and it's business as usual after that.

If not, please explain what you mean by “take action”? What kind of action do you propose to take in order to strengthen Umno and BN's position? Or would that in the end transpire to be merely “no action talk only” (Nato)?  


Odin: First, well done, Najib. One can hardly expect anything less than the full support of your supreme council for you. After all, thieves, crooks and knaves do need to band together, for they are rejected by the rest of society.


Now to you, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin. Your remark that critical statements made by Umno leaders on the 1MDB controversy were not aimed at Najib reflects such profoundness so amazing that all the world's philosophers past and present have been put to utter shame.


Worldly Wise: By not calling for an independent royal commission of inquiry (RCI), the Umno supreme council has failed to clear its leader's name.


The supreme council meeting was not open to the public. How will the public have confidence in their decisions?


The public will think that horse trading has taken place in the supreme council. Secrecy in the decision-making process invites speculation.


SultanMydin: Najib, you must not equate the support you obtained from the supreme council as the support from the rakyat. Why don't you put to test through a snap election to prove your claim that the citizens support your administration?


Tony3sixer: After publicly declaring their brotherly love (most likely not true), Najib has in one single stroke, neutralised the DPM & Co. If the rebels refused to support him, they'll be deemed traitors and therefore purged from the ranks.


If they choose to keep quiet, they'll be deemed to be supportive of everything the old man is against and failing to finish the job they are 'entrusted' to do.


This is a smart move by Najib. The evil emperor may live to see another day while the Umno gangrene continue to fester with the danger of contaminating the entire nation.


Shanandoah: I guess you know what happened to the Labour Party in Britain after the recent elections - nobody predicted that the Conservatives would win handsomely.


That's what will happen to Umno Baru. Najib can claim that he has the support. Muhyiddin is seen supporting Najib together with the Umno Baru supreme council.


But Najib is truly shivering in his pants. In his heart, he knows that his men are not with him. His cupboard is too full of skeletons.


Fair Play: Perhaps this comment (analogy) would pretty sum up the situation.


A group of people belonging to the same camp traveled in a small ship. They started fighting among themselves but realised their ship could sink in the stormy sea, and they would all go under with it.


So, what would they do? Of course, prevent the ship from sinking - at any cost.

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