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Pakatan’s dilemma - do nothing or kick PAS out

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YOURSAY ‘Hadi is provoking Pakatan so that PAS can get booted out.’


Go ahead and quit Pakatan, DAP dares PAS

Ferdtan: Will the survival of Najib Razak as PM be tied up with PAS led by Abdul Hadi Awang?


On political issues, Najib and Hadi Awang seemed close; there are more agreements than disagreements between the two, despite both are from the opposing side of politics.


There are talks whether Najib can remain as PM. The odds are against him. Not many will give him much chance to survive by the end of the year, the time of Umno’s next AGM.


That is unless Najib can pull a political spectacular that will shock and endear himself with all the Umno members to the point all of them are able to forgive him for all the past mistakes.


That surprise can even overwhelmed the influence and power of former PM Dr Mahahtir Mohamad. Don’t be surprised by such a move, as politics is the art of possible.


What I am talking about is that on winning decisively the party election in June, Hadi Awang may pull his party out of Pakatan Rakyat to form a unity government with Umno.


The ‘one race and one religion’ agenda between the two Muslim Malay parties, sadly, may prolong BN’s stay in power, and especially Najib’s - the self-proclaimed hero in this such a scenario. Is it possible? 


Anonymous_1423808262: Ferdtan, I agree completely with your assessment.


Najib will definitely strike a deal with Hadi to form a unity government if forces within Umno to oust him grow stronger, especially after June when the ulama win all the posts in the PAS elections and the professionals are routed.


This unity government will at most buy Najib another three years till 14th GE when both Umno and PAS will be wiped out.


Cooperation with Anwar Ibrahim is well-nigh impossible as there are too much bad blood between them, and PAS will go down with Najib when the latter is ousted latest in the 14th GE unless he does a coup a la Thailand by bringing in the army and rule by martial law if he's really that desperate.


Najib knows he has to dig in to fight. Giving up may mean facing jail time and possibly confiscation of all properties illegally acquired. His other half is not going to let it happen comes what may.


Sit back, and prepare to watch the greatest show on earth.  

Voice: I believe this is for real. By doing all this, Hadi and his ulama gang intend to forge an alliance with Umno.


But they might have realised that majority of the party members do not agree or are prepared to support such an alliance and therefore they do not dare to make the first move.


So, the only thing this bunch of religious extremists is able to do to increase their chances of an alliance with Umno is to continue bashing DAP so as to give the impression to party members and supporters that Pakatan is no more a place where they belong.


Hmmmmmmmm: Yes, I guess if Hadi were to suggest to his members to join Umno Baru, they may not be too thrilled. So a better way would be to provoke Pakatan so that they can get booted out.


He can then go to his members to say that they are not wanted in Pakatan and so it's better to join Umno Baru. Different route but same destination.


Saphire: Honestly Hadi is too shy to ask Umno to take him in. If he joins Umno alone, he has no support. His intention is for Umno to absorb the whole of PAS, and then he can bargain for position. His heart and soul are with Umno.


Ib: If PAS has done its job well in Kelantan, the people there would have suffered less due to the floods. Today, there are still many families living in tents and the tents are leaking and the children have no place to study and many have no proper meals.


If PAS has done its job well in Terengganu, it would not have lost the state back to Umno after one term. Who was the menteri besar from PAS who lost the state?


If PAS had done a good job in Kedah, they would not have lost the state back to Umno in the last election. The MB was not healthy and not effective, but PAS under the current leadership let the people suffered under the PAS government.


Indeed, what has Hadi got to show for his leadership? If PAS members have eyes, ears and a thinking head, they know what to do.


Basically: Hadi is showing his Umno stripes loud and clear. Of course, we saw it much earlier with his utterly stupid remark about local elections causing May 13.


Umno can call DAP a racist Chinese party because Umno is racist. But PAS? Please don't insult the Chinese who have voted for you, and the Malays, Indians and other races who are DAP members and leaders.


Astounded: By his past behaviour, Hadi has confirmed that he is not to be trusted and for so long as he is the president of PAS, there is no way that Pakatan can rely on PAS to deliver.


Anonymous #07451242: Hadi, you ruled Terengganu from 1999 to 2004, after that the people in Terengganu rejected you and your party.


Lim Guan Eng was first appointed as Penang CM in 2008 and continues to be so. Clearly, it's better for you to fade away gracefully.

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