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Go for fresh mandate if PAS pulls out of S’gor

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YOURSAY ‘Simple. Let the people of S’gor decide who should run the state.’


S'gor to dangle by hung assembly if PAS quits

Ferdtan: This is a timely article to remind (and warn) PAS grassroots members which direction they want PAS to go; to be in Pakatan Rakyat or in the camp of BN?


If PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s faction were to win the majority of top positions in the coming party election in two weeks, it is a sure thing that PAS will leave Pakatan - or be forced to leave as they cannot work together.


That is because Hadi has crossed the Rubicon, so to speak, by being constantly at loggerheads with its coalition partners. He had fought with PKR over the Selangor menteri besar issue by rejecting PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s nomination for the post, and now it is DAP’s turn.


He seems to fight with PKR and DAP more than their so-called political enemy, Umno.


If worse comes to worst, we hope Selangor MB Azmin Ali, if he cannot have a clear majority in the state, even with some of PAS state representatives crossing over, will call for a snap election.


Please get ready to ‘guard/protect’ the speaker, Hannah Yeoh, so that she will be present for any eventuality. Never trust our public institutions; they may try to ‘detain’ her (through whatever means), to make her absent and unable to fulfill her work.


Forget the deputy for a time being, as he is from PAS. At this moment, the disunited Umno under Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak will not welcome a state election; that is unless he thinks he can win big to salvage his dire position as premier.


Tommy: Whatever happens, PKR and DAP have to take out the cancer. Can they forecast what will happen in GE14 if they still want to keep this flimsy coalition?


Joker: I am rooting for a hung Selangor state government. Let PAS pull out. Let there be a statewide election in Selangor and determine once and for all whether Selangorians support PAS.


Anonymous_1388029052: Yes, call for snap polls in Selangor if PAS were to quit Pakatan. It is time to retain only pro-Pakatan supporters and get rid of Hadi's supporters once and for all.


Headhunter: It may be the best thing to happen. I'm sure Azmin will lead DAP and PKR to a resounding victory.


With BN now in shambles and Najib boxed into near submission by the Mahathir gang over 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the timing is perfect to assert Pakatan’s (minus PAS) position.


Kang Kong King: I don’t see a hung state assembly if PAS quits. I see Pakatan’s DAP and PKR state assemblypersons being supported with a few independents.


There will be a number of ex-PAS assemblypersons who will give the majority to the DAP and PKR government.


Even if PAS were to be given the MB’s post by the Umno-PAS coalition, it will be a short-lived government as both parties will be trounced nice and proper thereafter.


Prudent: If PAS pulls out, it is better for DAP and PKR to seek a new mandate through a snap state election. This is because in GE13, the mandate given by the voters was based on the common policy platform of all three components of Pakatan.


Since Hadi has betrayed the mandate by supporting hudud, the GE13 mandate can be considered as no longer valid. Pakatan and DAP should go for a new mandate without PAS but with Pasma.


Jiminy Qrikert: That is why Hadi is creating havoc in Pakatan, first sabotaging PKR and Anwar Ibrahim over the Selangor MB issue, then sabotaging and paralysing the Pakatan leadership, followed quickly by attacking DAP with threats of May 13 and accusations of being a Chinese chauvinist party, and then calling for a boycott of PKR in the Permatang Pauh polls.


Hadi is causing trouble for both PKR and DAP, pushing PKR and DAP to kick PAS out of Pakatan after which Hadi will take PAS into a unity government with Umno, giving the excuse to the PAS grassroots that PAS has been betrayed by its Pakatan coalition partners.


If PAS state representatives Saari Sungib and Hasnul Baharuddin do not stand by Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Pakatan, then Umno-PAS will buy over a couple of frogs to push for a Perak-style takeover of the government.


So, the best route for Pakatan is to kick PAS out, trigger a hung assembly, dissolve the government and go back to the Selangor rakyat for Pakatan to secure a stronger mandate without Hadi and PAS constantly threatening to back stab the coalition. Kick PAS out now.


Kangkung: I hope there will be snap polls so that the Selangorians will know the true face of Umno-PAS. Umno-PAS under Hadi is nothing more than Umno's ‘barua’ (lackey).


Starwars: This is the sacrifice we have to make in order to boot out the devil. Let’s throw out PAS even if it means there will be a collapse of the government.


Wira: If Pakatan dissolves, I would prefer Azmin seek the blessing of His Royal Highness for an early state election to determine the new state government. Please learn the lesson from the Perak experience in 2009.


Lamps: PKR (13) + DAP (15) + Saari + Hasnul = 30 seats. The Selangor government is 100 percent safe. Hadi and Najib will never get their hands on Selangor.


Sinner: Do it, Pakatan. If you have an unfaithful wife, you need not brood over the inconvenience of having to do the laundry after you divorce her.

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