YOURSAY ‘Whether he has actual control of 1MDB or not is irrelevant.’


Najib had control of TIA, but what about 1MDB?

FellowMalaysian: From the looks of his reactions and responses on matters concerning 1MDB, PM Najib Razak will categorically deny that he has any knowledge of any major transactions of the funds even though the 1MBD's M&A (memorandum and articles of association) remained unchanged as that of Terengganu Investment Authority’s (TIA) after the transfer of ownership on Sept 25, 2009.


Najib must have anticipated much earlier that an apparent hoax of this megalomanic size will not be kept under the lid for long before someone uncovers the evil deed.


Just like the intricate paths the RM500 million 'broker fees' went through when the Scorpene submarines deal was clinched when Najib was the defence minister, expect more of the same modulus operandi in 1MDB.


Just be prepared to receive a cold shoulder from the PM and the PM's Department. After all, the auditors must have been paid dearly to dust away any fingerprints he has left behind.


Abasir: I believe that it is not in the nature of the beast to give up its absolute powers after having tasted and relished them.


It follows that Najib was and currently is the ultimate approving authority for all the transactions which brought the fund to its present 'fundless' state.


That is the main reason for the reluctance to provide answers, for the inordinate delay in clarifying the decisions following the Sarawak Report expose and answering simple questions.


There is therefore reason to believe they are busy fixing the books, erasing records, rewriting memos and minutes and coaching each other with 'palatable' answers before screwing up courage to face the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).


NewMalaysia: Is there any idiot out there honestly think PM Najib cum finance minister has no say or whatsoever in 1MDB?


1MDB is PM Najib's brainchild, the last thing he would do is to let other people a free hand to take control of a company with RM42 billions of fund.


That is also why instead of letting other government agency such as Khazanah Nasional to handle Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) project, he purposely set up 1MDB under his own portfolio in the Finance Ministry so that he could personally oversees everything with regards to 1MDB and keep in away from the supervision of the cabinet, Parliament and the public.


Tikusmati: In this country run by the illegitimate regime, anything can be done. Even an M&A can be backdated with the help of the relevant compliant agencies. I wonder how the people working in these agencies feel about being used and abused.


Cantabrigian: Whether he has actual control or not is irrelevant. He is the chairman of 1MDB’s board of advisors, that's all that matters.



Nazir calls 1MDB's no-show 'unacceptable'

Anonymous #19098644: Nazir Razak couldn't be more correct in saying that 1MDB has triggered a national crisis and its chief was too busy to attend a hearing by the country’s highest institution, Parliament.


It’s time to ask the PM to attend and to answer what he knows and when did he know about them. He also needs to answer why he has breached Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) and the country's laws and guidelines on external borrowing of non-ringgit funds.


Mushiro: It is almost certain that most of the 1MDB's RM42 billion is gone. It is almost certain that this loss will finally be borne by the Malaysian government as the guarantor to the loans, bonds and sukuk.


It is almost certain that Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Tabung Haji, pension fund KWAP, Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT), etc, will be roped in to bail out 1MDB.


It is also almost certain that when the 1MDB issue explodes, it will cause a run on the banks and shake our financial markets.


Yet, Najib and the 1MDB CEO and board of directors are apparently refusing to cooperate with PAC. Do we not have laws to drag them to PAC? Or is it because Najib is involved, all the laws can be circumvented?


Vking: Why did Nazir speak against 1MDB? He should support his brother Najib as PM for doing much for this country.


Actually there is no harm for Arul and former CEO Shahrol Halmi to apply for extra time to prepare themselves before meeting PAC. In doing so, they will have no reason to not being able to answer questions relating to 1MDB matters.


CucuMalaysia: Vking, if you have a brother who has no integrity in all his dealings and bring unnecessary suffering to the rakyat, will you support him?


Retired Citizen: Nazir, you are spot on. The only reason I can think of for the two 1MDB men asking for a 30-day postponement is to gain time to extricate themselves and to massage any incriminating evidence.


It is a ridiculous and lame excuse and PAC should not accept this request.

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