YOURSAY ‘He’s running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.’


Umno Youth: We want 1MDB fixed, not Najib out

Commentable: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, you are right, the issue is not about loyalty. The issue is about the missing monies under the care of 1MDB, all RM42 billion of it.


The issue is about your boss, PM Najib Razak, the man at the top of 1MDB, who apparently refuses to do the right thing and take appropriate steps to recover the missing monies.


By saying "we want 1MDB fixed", you tacitly confirmed the allegations against 1MDB are true and not the creation of any outside party. Singapore too has officially lodged a complaint , so the "problem" you wanted fixed has become an international one.


"Loyalty" cannot displace "responsibility", and in this case one that spells collective ministerial responsibility. And it starts from the top down, which means the buck stops at Najib.


Pirates too have loyalty but they stop short of being blinded by loyalty. So KJ, how do you fix the problem and yet remain loyal to Najib?          


Kingfisher: KJ seems to give a vivid impression that he is capable of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.


He obviously knows that his games theory and that the organisation that he now leads has run out of steam and many Malaysians, including those from his camp, are convinced that whatever rot that has intruded into the body chemistry of the organisation and its strategies in recent decades has been some time in the making, and that it is no longer possible to continue without huge cost to the nation that we all love dearly.


Sensible nationalists should emerge from his fold immediately to seek redemption and put the nation on a new direction. When a national crisis unfolds and a fiasco is in the making, it is morally wrong for even the best of men to remain agnostic.


Now is definitely not the time for Jekyll and Hyde pretenses. Purposeful moral leadership like that demonstrated by Nazir , Najib's brother in CIMB, is required.


Sali Tambap: What is needed to be fixed in 1MDB that Khairy mentioned? One of the things he said was that 1MDB had to sell land every month to pay its debt. Which land would that be?


Would it be the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) land? Even if all plots of TRX land are sold, it would not be enough to pay the RM42 billion debt. What this means is that prime government land would be lost for nothing in the name of solving 1MDB's problem.


Now if they want to keep the TRX land, then where else would 1MDB find the money to pay off its debt? Would that be from the new Goods and Services Tax (GST)? I hope not.


Taking from Khairy's statement, fixing 1MDB would invariably be punishing the individuals who are the culprits. He mentioned names but not the PM himself (Najib), who is the head of 1MDB.


Now what if Najib is complicit in the 1MDB's wrongdoing? If action can be taken against individuals who are found guilty, would not the same action be meted on Najib if it is proven that he, too, was responsible for the state of 1MDB is in now?


Ferdtan: Khairy, you keep aiming your gun at all others involved in 1MBD but you are one more target short - your boss.


So are you offering them as sacrificial lambs to keep one person who has higher authority - as a PM of the country and as well as the chairperson of 1MDB’s advisory board - free from investigation?


Monty: Yes, in other words, Khairy, you want the cake and eat it too. This is typical of Umno leaders - too afraid to stand up for their principles.


Here we have allegations of widespread fraud and abuses by the fund headed by the PM and all you can think of is going after the little minnows.


Multi Racial: Khairy said the cabinet must now take collective responsibility. I wonder what he meant by that. 


Does it mean the entire cabinet will shoulder the responsibility and resign en masse?  If there anything illegal, does it means the cabinet members will be charged?


If that is not what he meant, maybe he should explain himself.


Martin Gilbert: As usual, when push comes to shove, KJ engages in mindless waffling. Hey, please don't insult us with this rubbish. How do you effectively hold 1MDB to account without making the man in charge responsible for the mess?


Odin Tajué: Najib is indeed overall responsible for the debacle. Keeping him in power means condoning his crimes. No, we can't prove he has committed any crime. It is only speculation.


But it is educated speculation, one arrived at after a careful study of the circumstantial evidence publicly available.


Kalvin Rekhraj: The issue is the ridiculously high amount of debt 1MDB has accumulated, some with government guarantees. The land banks and other assets can only cover so much, what about the remainder?


The other issue is the constant changing of stories and flip-flop of information that has lead most to believe that there are many questions that need to be answered. Even KJ who sits in the cabinet says it requires a collective answer from the cabinet.


Just to add, employing below average cybertroops to flood the comments section in Malaysiakini are not going to stop sane Malaysians from asking more questions about the blatant daylight robbing of Malaysia.

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