PAC must bare fangs against tardy witnesses

YOURSAY ‘Cite 1MDB boss Arul and ex-CEO Shahrol for contempt of Parliament.’


Nur Jazlan: PAC gave 1MDB 20-day notice

Worried Sick: Is Public Accounts Committee (PAC) going around in circles like a dog chasing its own tail?


It has to be firm if it is to have any credibility. It has to cite those who are called before it but refuse to come, or play the delaying game, for contempt of Parliament.


It has to show that it has teeth. If not, the perception it gives to the people is that it is just another committee beholden to the government.


PAC chairperson Nur Jazlan Mohamed and his committee must take the bull by its horns and get going with the task at hand.


Donplaypuks: Rubbish, Nur Jazlan and PAC. In this day of telephone, email, SMS, Twitter etc, you could have notified 1MDB president Arul Kanda and former CEO Shahrol Halmi, without relying on the slowest mail in the world. Even the IGP uses SMS and Twitter.


I am not a friend of 1MDB, but you should have used your head, instead of living in the 19th century. It's 100 percent your fault in sending notice by post. Did you c.c. the letter to 1MDB?


Marde Parde: It is very clear here who the culprit is. The premier is the final authority/adviser.


The Finance Ministry held the PAC notice to appear from May 6th to May 21st. Who do you think deliberately caused the delay to further buy time?


Anyway, the money is not going to re-appear in 20 days for all to live happily ever after. They still will have to explain.


Righteous: "We do not send letters directly to witnesses. We send it to supervising ministry."


A strong, affirmative statement. But how come the witnesses not only can reply directly, but negotiate for a deferment? Mind boggling.


Apa Ini?: So here we go again. Who's in charge of the Finance Ministry? Ultimately, the finance minister.


Don't tell us he has more important things to do and knew nothing about Arul and Sharol's comings and goings. Those two wouldn't have refused to show up without his okay.


Chipmunk: The Finance Ministry, being the supervising ministry, is 100 percent liable for any decisions made for 1MDB. As far as we know, Najib is the finance minister so his head should roll. Kudos to Nur Jazlan and PAC.


This is how you should move. Don't give a damn to who the finance minister is. Najib must be probed without fear or favour for mismanaging 1MDB.


Swipenter: Indeed, PAC should also call the Finance Ministry to testify before them since they own 100 percent of 1MDB. As sole owner, they cannot plead ignorance of what is happening in it.


Goldee: If a similar case happened in Japan or Taiwan and some European countries, that person involved will be immediately hauled up for interrogation, even if he or she is the prime minister. No one is above the law.


Malaysia Ku: Najib is showing his middle finger to the PAC. Let's see what this Parliament-constituted committee will do next. Najib appears to be untouchable.


And in many such instances, judges won't allow him to testify.


ABS: One view is that PAC is toothless because these two can ignore their call. Another view is that PAC scares the ‘bejeezus’ out of them and they're trying to avoid turning up. Personally, I'm waiting to see what transpires before passing judgment.


Besides, if DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua is not bitching about Nur Jazlan and PAC, it seems like they're not totally off-track.


Anonymous #40538199: Could it be a deliberate attempt to drag the issue beyond June in order to avoid the much rumoured change of guard by end of June?


Anon1: What penalty can PAC impose if witnesses do not appear? Is PAC aware that every answer Arul gives will start with a caveat: "Not aware, as I was appointed after the vultures left."


MinahBulat: Nur Jazlan is a failure. He has brought disrepute to Parliament in the manner he handles these two men from 1MDB.


Why? First and foremost, he is an Umno man and he has no business heading the Public Accounts Committee.


In India and UK and almost all Commonwealth countries, this select committee is headed by an opposition member. Sack Nur Jazlan and let PKR’s Rafizi Ramli or DAP’s Tony Pua head this committee. Malaysians will then have confidence in this committee.


You recall in the Selangor State Assembly, the state did right to appoint the Umno MP from Sungai Burung to head its select committee. But strangely, he declined.


Odin: Nur Jazlan, the public is not in a hurry. The public only expects you to act with firmness and to not capitulate to what obviously is an attempt to delay answering your questions.


Caripasal: 1MDB is in serious crisis, yet PAC is willing to wait 20 days. Is PAC, like Arul, also waiting for the auditor-general’s report before the meeting?


Mohican: Even if one receives 24 hours’ notice and is still in the country, what is there to protest if one has got nothing to hide and wishes only to speak the truth? Unless more time is needed to ‘cut and paste’.


Abasir: It is possible that Arul is telling half the truth as he and everyone connected with this heist of the century, had done in the past.


The PAC's letter to the Finance Ministry was probably held back by the finance minister and released to Arul so that he could then claim 'short notice' and 'prior overseas engagements' as excuses to avoid the inquiry.


Doc: Next time Arul Kanda and Shahrol Halmi, just don't show up for the PAC meeting. Just produce Mcs (medical certificates), or get yourselves admitted to hospital for a day or two.


Seriously, I think 1MDB should hire me to be on its advisory board.

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