Simple solution, show us your bank statements

YOURSAY ‘Najib, as PM, you have power to direct the bank to issue a statement.’


'Would I steal and put money in my account?'


Odin Tajué: We shall comment on PM Najib Razak's quotes one by one. "Surely, I as the prime minister would not betray the people of Malaysia and the people's property. That is my promise."


Response: You have broken your promises many times.


Najib: "This is because we are chosen by the people in a democratic system."


Response: The BN coalition, not you, was voted into power - and voted in by only 47 percent of the voters. Even this was achieved through the connivance of the shameless, verminous sycophants in the Election Commission.


Najib: "These issues had been trumpeted but it did not affect their rating. They said the issue would not bring a financial systemic risk."


Response: No one is talking about anything bringing about any risks. People are talking about a massive sum of money channelled into your private bank accounts.


Najib: "If I wanted to steal, it wouldn't make sense that I would place that money into accounts in Malaysia."


Response: You would, and you allegedly have, put the stolen money into accounts in Malaysia, because the appropriate authorities are all subservient to you and, therefore, would keep both their eyes closed.


Since you have not denied the transfer of the money into your accounts, we will assume that the transmission and eventual depositing did occur.


The first deposit was made in 2013; the others, mere months ago. Yet the regulators have said - and obviously done - nothing. The central bank must have been aware of the act. The matter would have been kept covered up had The Wall Street Journal not exposed it.


Now, just you shut up and remove yourself from your official position. You are simply disgusting.


Saphire: Najib, if you want to be fair to the Malaysians, please step down temporarily while you sort out the issues that have been hounding you.


Certainly you can no longer do your job effectively. You have to spend most of the time fending off questions, which show no signs of waning.


You do not answer simple questions directly, where in some cases a simple 'yes' or 'no' suffice. It’s good to do some soul searching and ask yourself if you are fair to the people by clinging on to your job.


And stop boasting about Fitch Ratings. Tell us if you have such an account in AmBank with account numbers as shown by WSJ. Secondly, tell us if there is actually that amount of money in the account. How you use it is irrelevant.


If the money was actually deposited in your account, no amount of explanation will absolve you from the wrongdoings. Also, be direct in your answer to simple questions posed by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


Till today, you are evading those questions by merely saying that you will not betray Malaysians, which a fool can say.


Come on, the public do not want to hear you boast of your Bugis ancestors or your warrior blood. They want straight-forward answers.


Sali Tambap: Indeed, was the account in AmPrivate Bank yours? Was it true that nearly US$700 million was credited there? Yes or no?


Otherwise your statement so far was pre-emptive and a prelude for a future defence that the money was indeed there, which you did not use for your personal benefit.


So far the question was not whether you betrayed the country or embezzled the money, but was the money being channelled to your personal account in AmPrivate Bank, yes or no?


Hermit: If the money was not deposited into his personal account at AmBank, Najib as prime minister-cum-finance minister has all the power to direct the said bank to issue a statement to that effect, along with a confirmation by Bank Negara.


If the allegations by WSJ were false, a statement to that effect could have abruptly stopped all the speculations. And the next step Najib would do is confidently sue WSJ for US$700 million.


Anonymous #20513663: According to Sarawak Report , "Umno candidates have confided that Najib handed them multi-million ringgit personal cheques, signed by the prime minister himself, in order to cover election expenses."


I'm sure that Bank Negara would have been informed of transactions involving such large sums. If possible, Malaysiakini , please attempt to obtain a statement from Zeti Akhtar Aziz on this particular point?


Perhaps also query some Umno candidates, especially those observed to have spent way beyond their means, and see what they have to say.


Perhaps Malaysiakini can also query local banks about large transactions just before GE13. These banks are in the best position to plead innocence, being at the tail end of the whole process (they can say “we informed Bank Negara but they didn't do anything”), so they might be more willing to talk.


Birdseye: Still no outright denial of the existence of the Ambank accounts or the amounts involved. Thus the WSJ report has legs.


I bet former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad must be scratching his head over the same question. Why would Najib put the money into his own account in Malaysia?


If it wasn't for personal gain, then what was it intended for? Is Najib the only person who knew of the money? Surely Bank Negara would have been aware of such huge inflows. No?


The account was subsequently closed. So where did the balance go after the elections? Was it shared by more than one Umno leader?


Sam04: Simple solution, Najib. Authorise your bank to release an official bank statement from your account so that we can all see what amount is in it - that's all we need to know.

So it’s okay for Najib to ‘steal’ elections?

Enough of fudging, straight answers please

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