YOURSAY ‘Question: Was this money transferred into your bank accounts?’


'Would I steal and put money in my account?'

Pemerhati: PM Najib Razak said, "If I wanted to steal, it wouldn't make sense that I would place that money into accounts in Malaysia."


Yes, for a thief that would be a mistake and it would not make sense. But if the thief had previously committed a very serious crime when he was the powerful deputy thief, and he got away scot-free because he could get everyone in the country to protect him, the thief is likely to have become over confident and careless.


After that experience and after becoming the prime minister, he would have thought that he could do anything he liked in the country and no one would dare touch him and reveal anything against him.


Unfortunately for him, someone has surreptitiously leaked the damming information and evidence against him to a reputable foreign newspaper which has spilled the beans and put him in a difficult position.


As for the rating agencies, the important criteria for rating a country is to ascertain if the country has enough money to run its affairs. They do not ascertain how many billions are stolen by the thieves.


Now what the people, whose only source of information is from the BN-controlled press, radio and TV, do not know is that in the case of 1MDB, Najib and his cohorts have allegedly stolen billions but Najib is collecting many more billions by introducing Goods and Services Tax (GST) and by increasing the price of petrol even when the price of crude comes down.


Since the money allegedly stolen by Najib and his cohorts is less than the money Najib collects from the people by screwing them with GST and high petrol prices, the rating by Fitch has been upgraded.


In short, what Najib did was that he first screwed the people by allegedly stealing billions of their money, and then he screwed them again by collecting more billions from them by imposing GST and raising petrol prices so as to impress Fitch, and thus got them to improve the ratings.


Hplooi: I am afraid when the kleptocrat is cornered he can be exceedingly dangerous. The expose from Wall Street Journal (WSJ) may in fact point to deeper schism in the ruling elite.


I believe the unknown party (or possibly allied to former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad) who is responsible for the WSJ expose may not have played all his cards. And whatever the incumbent may counter, the other party may roll out heavier munitions.


But as the artillery gets closer to the truth, the incumbent can unleash his last card of emergency rule with draconian measures. Another option would be to negotiate a safe retreat, i.e. a life of luxury in exile.


WDA: Mr Prime Minister, all we ask is direct answers to these simple questions:


1. Do you own or had owned personal bank accounts in AmBank?


2. If yes, was money transferred for those amounts or close to those amounts on those dates or near those dates to any of your personal accounts as alleged in the WSJ report?


3. If yes, why were they transferred to your personal bank account(s)?


4. What did you do with the money?


After answering these questions, you can then go and sue and take legal action against any publications or persons, if you wish. Enough of beating around the bush with vague responses.


We do not want to hear replies such as "no money was transferred to my account for personal gain". We want you to say "no such money was transferred to my bank account. Period." Can you do that?


CQ Muar: Najib, are you promising to the people you will never betray them starting from now? What about those promises you made in the past?


Are you suggesting we overlook the past and start to trust you anew? Of course, promises are meant to be broken, right?


Justine Gow: Indeed, there is no need to promise us anything. And there is no need to talk about being democratically elected and so on.


If the bank accounts mentioned in the WSJ are not yours or if no money has been transferred there as alleged, just tell us clearly, "No, the bank accounts mentioned in the WSJ report are not mine" or "No money has been transferred into those accounts as alleged in the WSJ report" and then sue WSJ as soon as possible.


Anything less than this is a waste of time.


Robert 888: 1MDB is currently cooperating with a number of enquiries being conducted by lawful authorities including the auditor-general, the Public Accounts Committee and Bank Negara.


These authorities have all the relevant information, and we request all parties to await the outcome of their findings before making further allegations and rushing to judgement.


Oriole: But for now, can we have some straight answers from the PM? Was this money transferred into your account? And if so, was this money used in the last elections and for party purposes?

So it’s okay for Najib to ‘steal’ elections?

Simple solution, show us your bank statements


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