So it’s okay for Najib to ‘steal’ elections?

YOURSAY ‘Steal the money for yourself or steal it to win GE13 is the same.’     


'Would I steal and put money in my account?'

Datuk Abdul Kadir Jasin: Has PM Najib Razak or his agents denied the existence of the AmBank account or the RM2.6 billion in it? Has AmBank denied that there isn't such an account? Why is it so difficult to clarify that the account does not exist?


Why did he form 1MDB in the first place? What's the ‘nawaitu’ (intention)? We already have Khazanah Nasional as our sovereign wealth fund.


What is so strategic about 1MDB being involved in utility and property when Khazanah, PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad) and other GLCs (government-linked companies) and GLICs (government-linked investment companies) are already in these businesses?


Why buy aging IPPs (independent power plants) that are running out of concessions at inflated prices? Why is 1MDB so secretive that even the Cabinet is kept in the dark?


Suing may stop further expose by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and others, but the fact that neither Najib nor AmBank denies the existence of the account is enough to prove that something is amiss.


I have just SMSed AmBank for explanation. (But Maxis said the phone is switched off.).


Swipenter: Umnoputras have been acting with such impunity for so long that they now believe they are above the law.


We have a compliant police force, a complaint judiciary, a compliant MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), a compliant cabinet, etc.


Najib, if I remember correctly, you only care to brief Umno on the 1MBD saga and exclude all others. Why so selective or is there more to it?


That itself can explain why you think you can "steal and put the money into your account". Or would it be the money was put into your account on behalf of Umno?


Multi Racial: Remember Sabah CM Musa Aman where RM40 million was held in trust by a lawyer on his behalf. At the end, the case was closed by MACC saying the money was not for Musa’s personal use but meant for Sabah Umno liaison committee.


Firstly, regardless whether it is individual or a group of people, why would anyone want to give Sabah Umno such a huge sum of money? Is that corruption money?


Well, I suppose since Musa can get away and remain as chief minister today, I would not be surprised the MACC and attorney-general (AG) will find Najib not guilty, again. 


Myrights: So many words from Najib and still no direct and clear denial. All Najib has to say is yes or no.


To say "if I wanted to steal, it wouldn't make sense that I would place that money in accounts in Malaysia" leaves open the possibility that the money did go into his accounts.


The simple fact is government funds should never get into anyone's private account and if that did happen, it is clearly a crime.


For goodness sake, we are talking about RM2.6 billion - that’s RM2,600,000,000. To put in perspective, it would take a person earning RM1 million a year 2,600 years to earn that much money.


Real Truth: Every crook and criminal often denied their wrongdoing, until they are caught red-handed.


Najib, this accusation is very serious and as one implicated, the onus is on you to prove that no money was transferred in your AmBank account.


The clearest proof is a statement from the bank. Your response that the money deposited was not for personal use does not hold water.


This is a case of fraudulent transfer of money. If you are innocent as you claim, you should instruct the relevant authority to deal with it effectively.


Obs: There is a good reason why an individual would put dirty money into his own account in Kuala Lumpur. With this large amount, he could not trust anyone.


A reputable person is not willing to take the risk for him, and a not-so-reputable person can just run off with the money.


He needed to access the money fast to please all the Umno divisional heads just before GE13. Only a bank in KL can do it at lightning speed, a foreign bank can't do it.


He must have thought he had some special and secure arrangement with AmBank to keep his account secret. Someone must have squealed on him.


Tokugawa: Indeed, steal the money for yourself or steal it in order to win GE13 election is the same.


Clearly, one needed the money to be parked locally to make it possible for fast distribution of the money to buy votes in GE13.


MatiLoh: Hello, is the money in your account? It does not matter whether you steal, you take, someone dropped it in ... this money was already in your accounts.


What happened to it? Still there? Did you take it out? Did someone took the money out without your knowledge? So many questions, so few answers.

Rupert16: With all the resources and funds at his disposal, we still have yet to get the answer that we all waiting and want to hear from Najib, and that is "are the funds and the accounts mentioned in WSJ and Sarawak Report true or not?"


So far what we have got from him are really "smokescreen" answers. To me, there are only three possible outcomes: (1) WSJ and Sarawak Report lied, (2) Najib lied and (3) the accounts are faked accounts opened by someone else.


By the way, I am a surprised that Najib used the words "if I wanted to steal...". I don't think WSJ and Sarawak Report alleged that he stole the money.


RCZ: An account in your name. Your account allegedly receives billions. This equals CBT (criminal breach of trust) irrespective what you eventually did with the money. Crime committed.


Money allegedly came roundabout way from 1MDB funds. This is money laundering. Another crime committed.


You may have used monies to give bags of money to your Umno men for GE13. Yet another crime committed.

Simple solution, show us your bank statements

Enough of fudging, straight answers please

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