Why Nothing2hide gov’t blocks request for info?


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YOURSAY ‘Civil servants were told not to reveal corruption. This is wrong.’

Report: Putrajaya blocks Aussie request for info

Swipenter: Beginning from Dr Mahathir Mohamad's administration, the Umno-led government has been embroiled in one financial scandal after another.

No wonder we are so far behind our contemporaries of the 1970s. They are now considered developed countries after graduating from being emerging tigers of Asia.

Meanwhile, we have become a pussycat or the new sick man of Asia as someone puts it.

Wsoi: Indeed, Dr M started the game and this was followed by his two successors. All three are in the same category of accepting corrupt practices. These are non-productive activities, just an easy way to enrich a few individuals.

Such leaders are not qualified to represent their religion, and they are not fighting for their race but their pockets.

Anonymous 122461436161429: Umno and the civil servants, the cabinet and of course, the PM, have all brought shame to Malaysia and are solely responsible for wrecking the country.

The civil servants were told not to reveal corruption. This is wrong. They are the only ones who can say enough is enough, and reveal the corrupt deals that the PM, the ministers past and present and Umno have done to enrich themselves.

No minister should be spared and with the revelations by the civil servants, corruption might stop once and for all.

Overlord: One international scandal after another is being exposed. Malaysia is now the superstar on the world stage for the wrong reasons (for corruption and money laundering).

Anonymous 1562211434594858: I don't know what more the people need to know to realise that this country has been riddled with corrupt leaders for far too long.

A great philsopher once said: "Any society or nation that lives by its rights will perish; and that which lives by its duties will flourish."

The so-called affirmative policies are being misused and abused for the greed and selfish gain of a select few. Even the corporate leaders in the private sector have no courage, let alone self-respect and dignity.

Haveagreatday: So, what goes round does come around? This polymer bank notes case has been swirling for some time but Malaysia has kept silent.

Perhaps, finally the veil will be lifted.

Tailek: Najib has brought much shame to the country with so many allegations of corruption swirling around him, his family and cronies.

Now Pak Lah (former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) is also mentioned in this Australia’s polymer currency notes scandal. Our PMs are all so tainted that it’s shameful.

Anonymous 706151436780066: A failure to comply the request for information amounts to interfering in an ongoing criminal investigation in Australia.

Wisma Putra better gives proper advice to Putrajaya and please don't embarrass us again. You boo-booed big time when you blundered over that randy soldier diplomat charged with rape in New Zealand.

FellowMalaysian: Polymer notes bribery, Altantuya Shaariibuu murder and the Scorpene subterfuge, 1MDB’s RM42 billion fiasco, alleged RM2.6 billion embezzlement, Mara's kickbacks in Australian property purchase.

I cringe and squirm in disgust how our government included the prime minister could have had a hand in these mother of all crimes.

To the ordinary folks, just be prepared for its fallout. There's no recourse left to redress the many humongous bungles.

Apa Ini?: How much more can this nation take before it breaks under the weight of its leaders' corruption? Or will they just lay the blame on foreign interference and conspiracy - again?

Np: Yes, now they will accuse Australia of trying to bring down a democratically-elected government.

Saphire: PM Najib Razak, you have brought enough shame to the country.

How on earth have you got the face to go round the world giving speeches on honesty, integrity and good governance, when you are sorely lacking those elements?

Eagle: Why doesn't Putrajaya cooperate with Australia? Do we have something to hide?

Aussie scandal claim 'baseless', says PMO

Anonymous #44199885: The PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) statement says that PM is not linked to the bribery and then goes on to say that the middlemen may have been in the same room with him.

If they were in the same room with him, what were they doing there at the time? If the discussions had nothing to the contract for printing our currency then it is a non-issue, so why mention it?

Pemerhati Bebas: What is "baseless" about the allegation made?

That Australia’s Attorney-General's Department did not or never made any formal mutual assistance request, or that they did but the Malaysian authorities are refusing to cooperate with Australian investigators?

Don't just say baseless without elaborating which part of the allegation is off the mark. This kind of off-tangent reply is typical of someone who has something to hide, and this has been the trademark of PMO so far.

Vijay47: Folks, don't be surprised by this latest comment by Najib on developments around the world. It comes from the same fountain as "I don't know the lady."

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Why Nothing2hide gov’t blocks request for info?

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