Thumbs up for BN's chief of 'strategic errors'

Modified 21 Jul 2015, 6:57 am

DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has given Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan the thumbs up for his role as BN's new strategic communications director.

"I say 'aye' to Rahman's new appointment as he has made more than half-dozen strategic errors in six days – a most admirable rate of one strategic mistake a day.

"It will not be easy to find such a bull in a China shop on both sides of the political divide, and it’s a real boon that he has become BN strategic communications director", Lim added in a statement today.

The six errors revolved around Rahman's endorsement of former Sarawak Tribune editor Lester Melanyi and the Lester’s confession claiming Sarawak Report fabricated evidence against 1MDB.

Strategic blunders

The errors, according to Lim, are:

  • To regard Lester as 'godsend' to end allegations against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, despite Rahman later admitting that the former journalist was a "scum";

  • To accept Lester's confession as "gospel truth" despite other BN leaders being more hesitant to believe it;
  • Being gullible enough to believe Lester's claim that he had helped Sarawak Report falsify 1MDB documents without asking for proof;
  • Accepting without question Lester’s claim that 90 percent of Sarawak Report 's 1MDB documents are fabricated, and not asking why so many lies could not be exposed.
  • Blocking the Sarawak Report website, therefore arousing suspicion that something is wrong about 1MDB
  • Seeking to elevate criticism and allegations regarding the 1MDB scandal as attempts to undermine the prime minister.
  • "I will pause here about Rahman's bounty of 'strategic' errors as BN strategic communications director  even before his first week is completed," Lim said, adding that he would write about more strategic blunders when the need arises.

    Rahman revealed himself as BN's new strategic communications director last Wednesday, during a press conference on Lester's confession.

    He has continued to defend Lester despite Sarawak Report editor-in-chief Clare Rewcastle-Brown denying that the former journalist had worked for her.

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