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YOURSAY ‘At least he’s not burying his head in the sand like other Umno leaders.’


Umno leader: DPM's speech not sign of turmoil

Jbsuara: Now we have at least a few Umno leaders such as Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who dare to speak up.


Many Umno leaders and ministers are still trying to bury their heads in the sand pretending that there's nothing wrong with 1MDB or the prime minister cum finance minister.


They are bringing doom to the party as more and more rank-and-file Umno members are crying in despair as the leadership remains arrogant and unrepentant. Also, our currency is sinking further as the 1MDB saga persists.


Fair Play: The mothership is sinking. Everyone wants to ensure there is a place for them in the lifeboat. But how many can the small boat hold?


Rupert16: Turmoil or not, it certainly signals to Premier Najib Abdul Razak that the knives are out and the Umno ninjas have been let loose. I hope he and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, can continue to sleep well.


Well Thats Fantastic: Correct, it may not mean turmoil. But it sure means the DPM has balls we thought he didn't have.


Jaycee: At least the DPM has shown some integrity by saying what needs to be said. What about the other Umno ministers?


Some have apparently expressed that it was not wrong to keep taxpayers’ money in personal accounts while others have remained silent.


The fact that these ministers did not speak up indicate that they too condone the actions of the premier. It shows they lack moral compass.


SteveOh: So typical of these politicians. Will they ever call a spade a spade and not try to re-interpret what someone else said?


Why does Umno supreme council member Reezal Merican Naina Merican think the two top leaders - Najib and Muhyiddin - are not at odds on 1MDB?


It is clear what Muhyiddin said. He does not agree with his boss. Period.


What's the crime in that? Only in a 'sick' country is someone who disagrees with a leader is accused of trying to topple him.


Only former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad is bold enough to couch his aim of having Najib resign without beating about the bush. Fear makes Malaysians afraid to speak their minds so they resort to double-speak, speaking behind backs, and making innuendoes.


When will Malaysians stop the masquerade and make bold statements. “I disagree with you, prime minister”. There. It wasn't that hard.


Doc: Thanks for your reassuring words, Reezal - that all is hunky dory in Umno. I am sure that Malaysians will believe you that Najib is firmly at Umno's helm with no signs of being toppled soon and Umno members are excited, thrilled and firmly support their president.


Appum: Reezal, we know Muhyiddin is not the brightest, not the cleanest, not the most charismatic of all politicians.


But he has the cow sense to sound out the true situation the nation and its people are facing now. At least he has the courage to save the party and the nation.


The readers of Malaysiakini are not so stupid, as Umno has always implied, to make conclusions out of a speech. But the people expect more true Umno top members to come out and save the nation.


Muhyiddin, in his own way, has come out truthfully. When will the others do the same, to speak the truth and not try to pull more wool over the people's eyes?


For that matter, why is your president so silent? The way things are going, Umno need not be in a state of turmoil. It is already in a defeated state as pointed out by the deputy president. Finished. Kaput. Comatose.


Victor Johan: Reezal, you're an Umno supreme council member and you're entitled to your interpretation of what your deputy president said and your disappointment of what others write or think.


The majority of the rakyat are not stupid either. We know there are fierce manoeuvers going on regarding 1MDB and other financial scandals.


Just count your days as a member of the Malaysian government, as you and your blokes, if elected again, will be in the opposition side come GE14, whenever it happens.


Sabahan: The inability to understand what others are saying is endemic in Umno. Najib sought clarification from The Wall Street Journal and Reezal tried to explain the DPM's speech without seeking clarification from the DPM himself.


Progressive: If Muhyiddin disagrees with his boss, like most Malaysians do - then the right and ethical thing for Muhyiddin to do is to resign. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


You cannot run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. But then, this is wishful thinking, right?


Sontotsia: We don't want to hear rubbish from anyone except the facts from Najib. Why is Umno so dense that it cannot understand this.


Stop talking. Go to your boss and ask him to come out on TV to divulge the details.


MinahBulat: Reezal, you are absolutely right; there is no turmoil in Umno. The DPM’s view is only a clash of opinions. So since all is well in Umno, just answer the DPM’s question.


Explain the 1MDB issue. DPM has complained he can only get news on the scandal from The Edge . Your ‘cutting edge’ newspaper Utusan Malaysia is not doing the job.


We Malaysians also cannot understand when asked, did the US$2.7 billion enter into the PM’s personal accounts? The answer that was given was “I did not take any money for personal gain.”

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