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Gerakan slams DAP for backing Amanah’s hudud stand
Published:  Sep 8, 2015 6:14 AM
Updated: 7:29 AM

DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang is wrong for welcoming Parti Amanah Rakyat’s stand to vote by consensus with their future coalition partners on the implementation of the hudud, said Gerakan Youth.

Its deputy Andy Yong said this is because this is no guarantee that the MPs from the PAS splinter-party will not vote alongside PAS on the issue given their "similar political ambition".

"Consultation and consensus-based voting does not mean that Amanah will not vote or pursue Hudud in the future.

"I must remind DAP’s Lim that he is playing a dangerous game here with the basic foundation of the nation and our future at stake, stop hoodwinking the rakyat with deceptive political language and wilful ignorance," he stressed.

He added DAP had failed to stop its former partner PAS’ hudud ambitions before, despite once agreeing to vote on consensus on the issue.

PAS president and Marang MP Abdul Hadi Awang had submitted a private member’s bill to amend a law, to pave the way for the implementation of the hudud in Kelantan, without consulting Pakatan Rakyat partners.

This led to the break-up of Pakatan Rakyat.

Yesterday, Amanah chief Mohamad Sabu said Amanah MPs will first seek consensus with future coalition partners before voting on any bill on the hudud – a stand lauded by Lim.

Opposition parties are mulling forming a new coalition, but are undecided on the make-up. DAP refuses to be in a coalition with PAS, while PKR wants a coalition with PAS.

PAS has not weighed in on the matter but Hadi yesterday said PAS is stronger post-Pakatan .

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