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Najib, it’s you, not us, who shamed the nation

YOURSAY ‘We didn't bring shame to Malaysia; you have, all on your own.’

Najib: Bersih 4 not about democracy but 'democrazy'

Anonymous 122461436161429: PM Najib Razak’s entire statement is a contradiction. He said the people can criticise the government. So wasn't this what the Bersih 4 rally was about?

He said Bersih has shamed the country. Isn't this rubbish because it is Najib who has shamed the country, and we are ashamed of him?

Kangkung: Najib, the Guatemalans have ousted ex-President Otto Pérez Molina. He is now languishing as an ordinary criminal in Matamoros Prison, Guatemala City.

He was involved in a corruption scheme known as La Linea, in which the Guatemalan customs agency offered importers greatly reduced tariffs in exchange for kickbacks that were shared among dozens of government officials.

You are like the former president of Guatemala, and the only reason you are not in Otto’s position is that all the agencies which have the power to investigate and prosecute the RM2.6 billion scandal have been subdued by you.

The attorney-general (AG) was sacked, officers in the AG’s Department were also sacked, top Special Branch police officers transferred out, etc.

Vent: A gutless government and a dishonest and corrupt leader need to be shamed or he might turn into an Assad and Malaysia into Syria.

This is what we want to stop. Otherwise Malaysians will also die, not out in the sea but out of sheer economic deprivation.

Malaysians have very few options to change their impending lot. The police and most of the judiciary are stooges of the government so the people have to take to the streets to demand for change.

In other democracies, the leaders would have stepped down and fresh elections held. Not a hope in hell here. So you cannot blame the people, can you?

By the way, PM, you have forgotten you were shamed at the recent 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) by several individuals of world standing, including Amnesty International secretary-general Salil Shetty and the fearless Transparency International chair Jose Ugaz.

Why did you not slam them when they ‘insulted’ on your own turf? Why rave and rant at us poor Bersih supporters?

Anonymous 2358311441466692: It’s sad that you believe in your own lies. Firstly, your government has no legitimacy. Under any developed country jurisdiction, you had committed an election fraud. This disqualified your comments that your government was elected by democratic means.

Secondly, no democratically elected government will continue to occupy the office after being exposed by the free press of your involvement in scandals such as the RM2.6 billion in your bank account.

Thirdly, no democratically elected government would continue in office and cover up all the investigations and the alleged draft charges against you by removing those, among others, who were tasked by Parliament to perform their duties to the nation.

So you're absolutely out of line. Your continued ranting does no good to our country as you have humiliated the rakyat and disgraced the office of the government, and removing you is our only option to regain respect in the world.

Where is Justice: "Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

ACR: Even international news channels knew that Bersih had specific demands and that it was about Najib, not the economy, but I must add the USD-MYR movement has got a lot to do with negative market perception about the country and by extension its finance minister, who is also the PM.

Beep. Beep: The demo-crazy people were not out to topple the government, just you. Actually the call is for you to step aside so investigations into your financial scandal could be carried out without fear or favour.

Right now, those investigations have been thwarted by you which is a major reason for those tens of thousands in the street. We didn't bring shame to Malaysia; you have, all on your own.

SusahKes: Shamed the country? Well, who was it who failed to show up at the IACC meet? Who was it who failed to show up at the Nothing to Hide forum?

Who is it that until today, has not given satisfactory answers on the 1MDB or the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ scandals?

Who is it who continues to belittle Malaysians with his coterie of ministers, who provide the most ridiculous of explanations to the 1MDB saga?

Odin Tajué: Najib, I have intended to write a fairly lengthy comment, but on second thought, I have decided against it, for it is utter foolishness to reason things out with a snake oil salesman whose rationality has been irreversibly impaired by his megalomania, delusions, and kleptomania, and whose tongue is not only silvery but tri-tined as well.

You are the most perilous, insidious curse that Malaysia has been saddled with.

Ren Ai: Never in the history of Malaysia has a sitting PM been insulted and cursed so much. The proof is bared here in this comments column in Malaysiakini .

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Najib, it’s you, not us, who shamed the nation