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Moral ground lost, here comes the trash talk

YOURSAY ‘Is the Health Ministry going to support this dumping garbage shindig?’

Rahman: I'll dump the trash at Bersih's doorstep next time

Quigonbond: Dumping rubbish in front of a non-ratepayer’s premise would be abuse of power.

Without going to court, Housing, Urban Well-being and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman cannot take matters in his own hands. For a minister to talk this way does not invite confidence at all as to his maturity.

YellowMan: Hello Abdul Rahman, don't be a cry baby and throw tantrums. Please grow up. You are worse than my four-year-old grandchild. Accept your mistakes and please don't blame others.

If you throw rubbish you will be charged for littering. Don't you understand this simple rule? A real idiotic minister.

Tunku Aziz Alhabshee Low: What an immature comment from a small-minded person. Malaysia is a land of great people led by petty-minded people.

Speaking Sense: This is how schoolboy hangers-on do things in Kota Belud. When you lose the moral ground, you fight in the rubbish dump.

Pondering: I wonder if the minister can smell the stench emanating from the entire cabinet which resulted in the rakyat to come out and condemn it.

Now these third-rate imbeciles have spread the stench worldwide with their high-handed attempt to subdue the citizens.

I am a proud Malaysian that is totally disgusted with the corrupted so-called uncouth leaders and I will stand up against corrupt leadership.

FairMind: Don't forget to send the cleaning bills to the Football Association of Malaysia after each football tournament and the pasar malam, ceramah, and public concerts, too.

And don't forget to send a mega bill to the prime minister after the Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations.

Ferdtan: Abdul Rahman, can you ask the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to show us other bills for cleaning and collection of rubbish sent to other organisations that had held activities at the Dataran Merdeka?

There were many events by private parties for marathons, anniversary celebrations, etc. Show us that this was the normal procedure; or is it this unfairly imposed on the Bersih organisers? It is quite obvious that the City Hall was trying to punish them.

The City Hall, who are public servants, have no business to play politics. This is why beside the five Bersih’s demands, they also propose institutional reforms.

That means you, City Hall. You need to be revamped.

Hopeful123: It would have been a better idea to clean up the place and just keep quiet about it.

Anyway, it is the duty of the authorities to do that when taxes and other dues are collected. It would have saved the minister's face and avoid unnecessary walloping by the netizens.

Real wonder why the ministers don't learn from mistakes.

Tok Karut: What a rogue. Dumping garbage is called nuisance in law. I am sure it breaches some public order and environmental health.

Yes, we should stop paying taxes to this government. This will be an act of national civil disobedience.

Is the Health Ministry going to support this dumping garbage shindig? What a shame to the three million Umno members.

Trueglitter: Rahman, your nauseating and provocative stance on the matter would be deemed atrociously high-handed, which is akin to "a man with a hammer who thinks everyone is a nail".

It would be appropriate to remind you that you may not be clutching that same hammer in perpetuity nor able to intimidate the peace-loving and fair-minded rakyat by your obnoxious and demeaning threats to dump whatever rubbish at Bersih address in future rallies.

Please do not insult our intelligence by your own inherent stupidity and unconcealed and blatant ignorance.

Through your overly emboldened and theatrical attempts to impress your equally obnoxious master PM Najib Razak and your utterly despicable attitude towards the rakyat, there is a stark certainty the BN and Umno will be in the opposition after the next general election.

MrT: Your time is nigh, very soon you will become the trash that the people will dump into the rubbish bin. Malaysians have had enough of trash like you.

RCZ: The only trash and stench is coming from Abdul Rahman’s mouth. He really does not know when to shut his mouth, does he?

But forgive him as he is a contender for the Umno leader who makes the most stupid statement. So far, the fight is pretty close with many leaders in the race.

Versey: Mr Minister, if rubbish not collected around housing areas and any business districts despite the people there have paid their bill dutifully and on time, can the public apply your reasoning, to dump the rubbish collected around those areas in front of DBKL (or your house/office)?

If the Bersih 4 organisers can provide sufficient evidence that they have not littered the streets as you claimed that they had, can they send a bill to you to claim for the service they had voluntarily provided for job that supposed to be carried out by DBKL since it's essentially their normal salaried duty?

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