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PAS in Pakatan 2.0 - back to square one

YOURSAY ‘Inviting a 'mole' into the new coalition is asking for trouble.’

PKR firm on taking in PAS, says up to DAP to reject

Quigonbond: Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali, the question is - does PAS really want to save the country, or to advance its own political agenda?

Surely PKR must see what PAS is doing. They've betrayed the Pakatan Rakyat common policy platform, they contested against PKR, and now they threaten to contest against DAP.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is simply power hungry and that's why he has never openly supported Anwar Ibrahim for PMship. He even rejected Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as Selangor MB on account of her gender.

If GE13 had been won by Pakatan, PAS may not have agreed to Anwar as PM. There would have been instant turmoil in Pakatan because they will probably have just scrape through and won't have the majority to rule without PAS - they would have needed to give Abdul Hadi the DPM’s post or even PMship.

By accepting PAS into Pakatan 2.0, PKR is risking the same thing repeating itself. And this time, PAS has made it very clear they want hudud. Is Pakatan 2.0 willing to implement hudud? Surely not.

GE14 must be won by PKR, Amanah and DAP alone. That is non-negotiable.

Kim Quek: Azmin’s announcement of PKR favouring the inclusion of PAS in Pakatan 2.0, may result in a twin coalition of PAS-PKR and PKR-DAP-Amanah.

This is virtually a replica of the twin alliances formed by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s Semangat 46 in 1990, namely Semangat 46-PAS, and Semangat 46-DAP.

Ku Li’s twin alliances ended in failure, being soundly beaten in elections, and subsequently disbanded.

In the 1990 twin alliances, there was no major animosity between PAS and DAP and hence there was no overlapping of contested seats between the two parties.

However, in the current case, PAS and DAP seem to be sworn enemies, to the extent that Abdul Hadi has declared to stage three-cornered fights in DAP seats.

If the 1990 political venture ended in failure despite a workable relationship among all the partners, what chance is there for the current venture to succeed with two sworn enemies fighting each other in these twin alliances?

PKR has to make its decision very carefully, for which it must convene a full-panel discussion among its entire party hierarchy. It must give top consideration to political pragmatism, meaning that what it decides to do must be practical and feasible to achieve its political objectives. A wrong decision will most definitely shatter the dreams of a new Malaysia.

Anonymous$&@?: When PKR proposed Wan Azizah as Selangor MB, PAS played them out while DAP supported PKR.

PAS’ actions of late have been pro-PM Najib Razak and yet PKR wants to include them in the opposition coalition? Inviting a 'mole' into the new coalition is asking for trouble.

Wg321: In the worst-case scenario, if PKR welcomes PAS in the opposition coalition, PKR will self-destruct.

PKR members and the present batch of MPs and state assemblypersons may cross over to Parti Amanah Negara or DAP.

Come the 14th GE, all the well-informed urban Chinese and progressive/urban Malay voters will vote for Amanah or DAP ‘en bloc’, especially in Selangor.

So it is best for Azmin to join PAS because his MB’s post in Selangor depends on the goodwill of PAS. PKR members must realised that PAS cannot be trusted because they don’t support the ‘Common Policy Framework’ and the ‘Five Demands of Bersih’.

PAS has betrayed the Common Policy Framework one too many times in the past. Maybe only Azmin in PKR trusted PAS.

If Wan Azizah supported PAS to join the opposition coalition, let her speak up because she is the PKR president.

SRMan: Why the need to form a new opposition coalition if PAS is still in it? It is nothing but old wine in a new bottle.

SSDhaliwal: Indeed, what is the point of forming a new coalition if it includes PAS, which was the architect of the whole dissolution in the first place?

Azmin and PKR are being very naïve if they think that the Umno-friendly PAS can be trusted.

Even Amanah, which is made up of former PAS officials who know best what the party has turned into under Abdul Hadi, is in not in favour of them being part of the pact.

Sabacit: PAS would not endorse Anwar as PM had Pakatan won. DAP would. PAS objected vehemently to Wan Azizah as MB. DAP supported.

Now both Anwar and Wan Azizah want PAS to be in the new Pakatan? This is not logical.

For Azmin to support PAS in new Pakatan, we all can understand. He owes his MB’s post to Abdul Hadi. But Anwar and Wan Azizah?

What is going on with PKR? Is PKR now toeing Azmin's line for fear of splitting? Let's hope cooler minds prevail before the next poll.

Expect two new coalitions, PKR-PAS and DAP-Amanah

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