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Expect two new coalitions, PKR-PAS and DAP-Amanah

YOURSAY ‘At this moment, I want to see a PAS-less new Pakatan, please.’

PKR firm on taking in PAS, says up to DAP to reject

Jalmk: PKR need to be more sensitive with the people's sentiments. There are very clear reasons why PAS was largely rejected by Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

PAS, especially its president, and its ulama wing are not trustworthy and the values they are upholding do not resonate well with the opposition supporters who are longing for a free, democratic, dynamic and progressive society.

Another serious question PKR needs to ask itself is, how can the people in DAP and Parti Amanah Negara work with PAS again? The possibility is close to zero.

I don’t mind to see a future cooperation between new Pakatan and PAS in GE14 to fight Umno. But at this moment, I want to see a PAS-less new Pakatan, please.

Anonymous 759201436321741: Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali, be careful of what you wish for. First you are not the PKR president. Second, PKR might split into two factions just like what PAS had gone through.

Your dream of retaining the Selangor MB’s post, much less a future PM might go up in smoke. Increasingly highly educated Malay Malaysians are seeing DAP as a viable option.

Ferdtan: Azmin, if you want to include PAS in the new coalition, then get ready to be the shortest-reigned MB in Selangor. You have just lost five votes, not counting many of my relatives having similar sentiments.

We shall vote for BN since the bigger devil than Umno is PAS. Mark our words; we shall let Selangor fall to BN. We can still depend on the coalition between Amanah and DAP.

It will not be successful immediately but in the long term it may survive to fight for another day. We will never trust those who had betrayed us like what PAS did.

PKR can get out if they want to join another coalition with PAS for all we care.

ConstitutionIsSupreme: If Azmin’s statement is the PKR decision, then my prediction is that there will be three-cornered fights among the three coalitions in GE14 - BN, Amanah-DAP and PAS-PKR.

There will not be a BN vs PKR-PAS on one hand and BN vs PKR-DAP on the other. The results of GE14 with such three-cornered fight will then likely to see PKR lose in most of its Parliament and state seats; while DAP will still win most of its seat with Amanah winning some seats.

PAS will lose in all the urban and semi-urban seats and may even lose its Kelantan rule. thereby putting PKR and PAS into oblivion and out of Malaysian politics come GE15.

The winner will be BN as it get back its two-thirds majority in Parliament. The Reformasi movement will be pushed back by another few decades.

Wira: I will support the inclusion of PAS in the expanded coalition. However, will PAS fall in line and not compete against others in the same coalition, including Amanah?

PAS must come to an agreement with Amanah and let the latter contest in their incumbent seats, including other seats where 20 percent or more of the voters are non-Muslims. Otherwise, a dirty dog is always better than a diseased dog.

Vent: Azmin may be a very dark horse but what is quite clear is that the predominantly Malay PKR is fearful of the ascendancy of the predominantly Chinese DAP.

In a case of political expediency, Muslim chauvinism and Ketuanan Melayu are working to trump the aspirations of a largely chauvinistic Chinese party for political power.

By the way, has anyone noticed that the Chinese and the Indians in PKR are eerily quiet on this. Are they just toeing the party line like their compatriots in BN do so dutifully?

LifeFlier: Do we need to keep reminding Azmin and PKR that PAS' priority is always hudud rather than Putrajaya? Go get a refresher from Malaysiakini archives.

Continue working with PAS in new coalition is merely postponing the hudud problem again,

PKR should focus working with Amanah to shore up Malay support, do a series of roadshows, reinforce the awareness of reformasi, relate your political aspiration to laymen's life - all are workable recipes.

To PKR and Azmin, good things won't drop from sky; you have to work harder to earn the support of Malays.

Smer: As usual, PKR is trying to have their cake and eat it. PAS is obviously a bad choice. Yet PKR still wants to let this parasite stick to the party because of 'inclusiveness'?

Just admit you are too chicken to make a stand. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. In fact, you could already have two birds in hand with DAP and Amanah, don't aim for three birds.

Ozzie Jo: No, no, no, what in the world are you thinking of, Azmin? Why dissolve Pakatan in the first place if PKR has always wanted to work with PAS?

At the end of the day, it seems no one in PKR really wants to make a difference in the country - all you are ever interested in is just to ‘jaga’ (keep) your own position.

No wonder people are having second thoughts about PKR. You guys cannot even get your act together.

Rick Teo: The dice is cast. DAP should just abandon PKR and go along with Amanah. DAP cannot work with PAS whose agenda is totally at odds with the aspiration of the rakyat.

Let PKR swim with PAS and DAP with Amanah. I believe all right-thinking people will follow the path of DAP and Amanah. There is no need to go back and work with PAS and later find them betraying others again.

Anonymous_3e21: Good move. PKR + PAS on one side of the equation, DAP + Amanah on the other side, although I got the strange feelings that not all in PKR would support the idea of PAS in the new coalition and not all in PAS would like to team up with PKR.

PAS in Pakatan 2.0 - back to square one

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