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Are Chinese wrong to see racist streak in red shirts?

YOURSAY | 'Can Chinese be blamed for being upset when gov't shows approval of red shirt rally?

Nazri slams MCA Youth leaders for shooting off mouths

Whats Happening: Umno supreme council member Nazri Abdul Ariz, hope you ministers can learn to speak properly, use proper language and don’t show your arrogance. The red shirt rally had the blessings from the prime minister, the deputy prime minister and other ministers.

When the rally turned ugly, then of course the premier and the ministers are responsible and should put things right. But instead on the news over TV, we see the premier and its ministers saying they don’t see anything wrong with what the red shirts had done.

The premier and his ministers stand for all races of the country and not one particular race. When it comes to the general elections, you want everyone to vote for you.

Why find fault with the Chinese - what have the Chinese done to deserve to be called ‘China babi’? So you think what the red shirts people did was right?

Not Smart: Nazri, if there are two “mulut celupar" (loose cannons) in MCA, there are lots more in Umno Baru. The situation we are all in now is all because of the so many “mulut celupar" allowed to mushroom after GE13, to desperately fight back after BN's poor performance.

Leaders encourage members with “mulut celupar" as they themselves practice it too. Nazri don't be quick to call others "mulut celupar" just because you have quickly forgotten that you are one as well.

Just recall how many sensitive issues you had let your cannons loose and hurt the community. Check before you speak.

5295: Nazri, yes, show that you are the boss, sack MCA. How dare they show disrespect to Umno master Najib.

Brahmaputra : Nazri, the Bersih rally was for good governance, anti-corruption and was not race targeted.

The red shirt rally was against Chinese and was racially motivated to incite hatred towards the Chinese. If you cannot understand this basic difference, you have no Grey matter between your eyes.

Foursquare: The cause for MA's failure is due to its blind support for Umno and not representing the sentiments of the Chinese.

In fact the failure of the whole BN is Umno's With its 'my way or the highway' attitude, BN is disintegrating.

However, the Sarawak’s chief minister’s call to those who call the Chinese 'pendant' to “go to hell”, has been totally ignored by the Umno 'hero’. Perhaps Umno considers MCA irrelevant.

PMO: Nazri , I'm not your supporter. But MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan have lost the support of the rakyat in general. We feel like vomiting, listening to them each time. Maybe it is time that Umno kick these useless parties out from BN.

Haveagreatday : “Although MCA has been defending Chinese rights and Chinese education…” - I beg to differ, Nazri. The rakyat of Chinese descent have eyes to see.

It is for the very fact that the MCA has allowed minority rights to be trampled upon by their political masters that the rakyat rejected them in GE12 and GE13. As far as the rakyat is concerned, the MCA is now irrelevant in our current political scene.

LBS : Nazri, everyone knows that MCA has almost zero support from the Chinese. They have no credibility, no dignity, no honor, and no integrity left as they have been insulted, abused and humiliated many times by Umno

Why should Umno help MCA, Gerakan and MIC when they can't deliver votes to Umno? All this “you help me and I help you” should be two-way traffic. MCA, Gerakan and MIC have become liabilities to Umno

SWOT Strategist: Malaysians cannot achieve unity as long as leaders are from single raced-based or single religious-based political parties. Their minds are stuck and continue to view the country through racial profiling. It’s historically proven such leaders are of great liability and a curse to a cosmopolitan country.

Vijay47: Nazri, you speak loftily as though our entire election process was bestowed upon us by god on high and that is why you and Umno have been winning hands-down in the general elections.

You, me and the whole world know that Umno won only because of the gerrymandering which it has refined to a fine art. In 2013, not only did BN win a mere 47 percent of the vote but even that translates to about 60 percent of the seats in Parliament. And how can you even compare the Red Shirts rabble with Berserk?

I don't care tuppence for MCA but since when did they, or anybody else, need your indulgence before they were allowed to speak?

I don't recall you or other Umno leaders urging restraint when your party members, encouraged by your president, were spewing all manner of volatile and sensitive statements.

Aiyaiyai!: Now the tourism minister in charge of MCA Youth acts. Maybe he should visit Petaling Street to rebuild confidence of traders there.

It’s a big tourist attraction and that is Nazri's business, no?

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