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When all else fails, Mara boss resorted to mud-slinging

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YOURSAY | ‘Annuar deserved it. Some old man still refuses to grow up.’

Mara boss: Can I say Rafizi is gay too?

Kingfisher: Mara boss Annuar Musa failed to respond rationally to the root of the problem raised by Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, and especially by his reference to a conviction on sodomy.

Annuar was obviously placed with a lot of trust on the handling of public funds, not to mention the fact that the fundamental mission of the institution is to provide quality education.

It is therefore incumbent on the Mara chairperson, one would think, to scrutinise closely any such appointments so that the interest of the institution is not shrouded by compromises in seemingly unethical practices by his appointees.

Considering the notoriety of the lack of due diligence in public or government-assisted agencies as it concerns fiscal propriety and as often revealed by the auditor-general, the ‘gay’ analogy given by Annuar would seem a little odd, mean and misplaced.

The public may have expected a different decorum in Annuar' s response considering the prestige of the institution he represents.

Multi Racial: The truth is Mara has abused the rakyat’s money and made bad investments.

It is either some Mara executives have pocketed some money or the board has made a very bad decision, or both.

Regardless, as the chairperson, Annuar should take full responsibility and resign.

Instead of resigning, Annuar has got to cheek to make fun of Rafizi, the whistleblower. If not for Rafizi, Malaysians would not be aware how Mara authority had misused its funds.

If Annuar is not involved, he should have commented Rafizi for highlighting the matter to the Mara board. Instead of doing that, he attempted to belittle Rafizi’s effort.

It goes to show the arrogant of BN government. Instead of removing Annuar, he was reappointed. This means the BN government is not serious of fighting corruption.

Eagle: Yes, you can call Rafizi gay if that is the truth. The truth is some Mara executives have pocketed money in unjustified profiteering. To this, the buck must stop at the top and that is you.

Victor Johan: Annuar, we want revelation of the Mara executives involved in these projects of self-enrichment and the affiliated cronies, but you come out with such a ridiculous analogy. Why the fear?

After 'gay' jibe, Rafizi tells Mara boss to act his age

Frank: Rafizi, when comparison is made between your few years of service as the people's representative and the much longer years of what is supposed to be Annuar’s service to the nation (which would of course include his ‘excellent’ service to the poor in Kelantan as the then rural minister), one can be reassured that you have done very well.

(No need to look far - the current interest of Malaysians on 1MDB and SCR International is pretty much due to the efforts that you and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua have invested in.)

The day shall arrive when Annuar and his comrades in corruption shall get what they deserve. Currently, they still believe they can do and say anything they want since the federal government is theirs.

It wouldn't be long now when the treatment they give you and others on the opposite side shall be the kind they get when they are no longer in power. My doa for you and our other brothers and sisters always.

ACR: Rafizi is 38, Annuar is 59 - about 21 years apart. Annuar is old enough to set an example for younger Malaysians, but he has failed to do so, like many of his colleagues from his party.

Hang Tuah PJ: I have met Rafizi many times. He used to work for my current employer. And none of us consider him a ‘pondan’. He is a jolly good fellow and very down to earth.

The Analyser: Here we go again with the little boys’ game of one-up-manship. If "Rafizi Ramli has refused to be drawn into a mudslinging match" why is he even talking about it.

He's talking about it because he is still trying to out-ego Annuar while pretending not to be drawn into the mudslinging.

Ferdtan: Good one, Razifi. Ex-minister Annuar deserved it. Some old man still refuses to grow up.

This is the best polite reply to rebut all the ‘name-calling’ BN leaders inside and outside the House.

That goes for PM Najib Razak who had said, “If Umno falls, Malays will be ‘bangsat.’ ‘Bangsat’ can be interpreted as destitute, outcast, bastard or bastardised.

Headhunter: Way to go, Rafizi. The "old man" cannot rise to your level so he is reduced to wallowing in the mud.

Unfortunately, he's not the only one from the BN who is always shamelessly resorting to such behaviour. And they don't even realise how childish and ridiculous they are.

Mushiro: Mara has fooled and cheated the Malays again by purchasing Australian properties at super high price.

The kickbacks are siphoned by Annuar's cronies and Annuar is now very worried that Rafizi will expose him for what he is.

Buttman: Annuar forgets that he shares a name with Anwar, just differently spelt.

Does that man he is also destined to be sent to Sungai Buloh where he belongs (together with all the other white-collar thieves in Umno), maybe a different cell?

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