Unpaid Hermes bags? Write them off as a ‘donation’


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YOURSAY | ‘Najib’s in-law Maira has taken the ‘ketuanan’ mantra too far.’

Report: In-law allegedly drops Najib's name over handbag threat

Odin Tajué: Maira Nazarbayeva, doubtless Samilor Enterprises president Bella Belkin knows more about your son (Daniyar Kessikbayev) and his father-in-law (Najib Razak) than you think she does.

People of her position keep themselves abreast of major world affairs. Therefore, she would have discovered that the prime minister of Malaysia is accused of embezzling massive amount of public funds and stinks of practising corrupt acts.

People in her position would check on the background of others who have conned them.

Therefore, she would have discovered that, in addition to your own rather unsavoury record, your son has allegedly presented faked school results to gain a place at a university in the United States and has claimed that he had received military training at the prestigious Sandhurst when it seems that he has not.

You all - you and your out-laws - are pathetically classless pseudo-nouveaux-riche.

Vent: Some things are so uncanny among birds of a feather. Not only do they flock together they also make the same attempts at preserving their fossilised looks although one appears to have succeeded more than the other.

They beggar others with the same penchant for bags and bling-bling, and are capable of the same levels of intimidation.

Maira and Rosmah Mansor are two soulmates who have found each other in a perfect spiritual relationship through their children’s marriage. No wonder they say marriages are made in heaven.

Roger 5201: Najib’s in-law Maira must have taken the ‘ketuanan’ mantra too far.

In America, you have to pay for the Hermes handbags you ordered regardless of who your father-in-law is.

Dongibab: Maira should make a full statement on this matter very soon. We hope that this matter can be resolved without involving Najib.

She must face the law if she has committed a crime. For now, wait for her explanation.

Vijay47: This is a classic case of miscommunication and misunderstanding where the DAP with its usual secret agenda has blown up a simple matter.

The truth is, Ms Maira met Ms Bella outside Saks at Fifth Avenue and Ms Maira mentioned that she wished to settle the ‘ kacang putih ’ (peanut) sum long due to Samilor and that she felt bad about it.

Breaking into Kazakhstani, which has a unique ring to it, Ms Maira said " Jomni kitani pergi carini makani " which anyone would know to be, "Yo babe, how about you and me do lunch?"

Silly Maira, she forgot that Bella did not pass Kazakhstani even at the UPSR level.

Bella somehow thought that Maira was threatening her, the news got to DAP MP Tony Pua's ears, and the rest, like minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob would say, is history.

PMO aide: Maira's use of Najib's name a one-sided claim

CQ Muar: “A one-sided claim,” said Rizal Mansor, an officer from the Prime Minister's Office with regard to a civil suit instituted by Bella against Maira, mother-in-law of Najib's daughter.

This time it involved unpaid high-end Hermes handbags costing more than a million ringgit. Apart from this issue, there are other reports of Maira's irregularities, including threats and intimidations, allegedly committed by her.

Isn't it a coincidence our PM, wife Rosmah and in-laws should be accused of similar wrongdoings involving large sums of money?

In relation to this case, why is Rizal so sure it's a one-sided claim? More importantly, why must such scandals keep involving and haunting Najib?

Is our PM a jinx to the extent of being constantly targeted of wrongdoings, only this time arising from his daughter's mother-in-law?

Could this be something to do with the bizarre and untimely death of Altantuya Shaariibuu?

Karma Chameleon: Yes, upon the mention of the name Najib, Bella should rest easy knowing the billionaire prime minister of Malaysia has some US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) in his personal bank account.

Having declared he has never used the money for personal gain, Najib should be happy to use a fraction of it to pay on behalf of his in-law.

After all, what is US$400,000 (RM1.7 million) for seven Hermes handbags?

His wife could have spent that kind of money perhaps on just one Birkin handbag - and proudly showed it during her visits with her billionaire hubby to the kampung as if the makciks there appreciate that kind of handbag.

Well, the mere mention of the name ‘Najib’ makes international news these days - never mind for whatever reasons.

Spinnot: I think they were hoping that Bella would write off the outstanding debt as a ‘donation’.

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