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YOURSAY | ‘One lie to cover another will make it more difficult to untangle all the lies.’

Report: MACC met RM2.6b donor in Middle East

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: The super donor must be proud to be able to donate the biggest amount of money in living history to a PM.

No world leader has ever received such a large amount, neither was there any donor more generous than this Arab.

In fact, PM Najib Razak should offer him the country's executive jet to fly him here. And, of course, live broadcast his arrival on all major TV because everyone likes to see how a multi-billion-ringgit donor looks like.

Finally, remember to give him a Tun-ship. There is no need to hide such a generous man's identity.

It is a pity that, having donated such a mega sum, he still has to hide like a mouse while the recipient is also on the run from questions on the donation.

Kawak: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) just cannot accept a recorded statement from the ‘donor’ that he remitted and donated the US$700 million into Najib’s bank account.

Any experienced forensic financial investigator will tell you that you need to trace the money trail to its original source to determine the exact nature of the funds.

Old Timer: Did the MACC team videotape the meeting? If yes, why not just show it and convince the whole world this generous donor actually exists?

Pemerhati: Locally Najib has been able to buy the support of top Umno leaders by giving them RM1 million or RM2 million. He has even been able to get the attorney-general (AG) to allegedly tell lies.

For instance, the AG said that there was no charge sheet against Najib but reliable sources have revealed that there was indeed a charge sheet.

Mohamed Apandi Ali allegedly lied again when Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Azalina Othman Said revealed that he had cautioned the government that Najib could not come to Parliament and talk about 1MDB as it would be sub judice.

But the 1MDB matter was not sub judice as it had not gone to court and as a former judge, he would have been fully aware of this.

Apandi allegedly lied again when he said that it was the practice of all AGs before him to not consult the PM before charging anybody. But Mat Zain produced written proof to show that he was wrong.

Anonymous$&@?: In this age of digital electronics, cyber forensics can trace the money transfer without any hindrance.

MACC/Bank Negara has only to give a search warrant to the Malaysian bank that received the donation and check their digital records to find out 'who' transferred the money to Najib's account.

The one question in the minds of the rakyat is - was this done by MACC or Bank Negara in the first place? If yes, then let the truth be known.

Survivor: Najib does not know the maxim of telling one lie to cover another will make it more and more difficult to untangle all the lies.

He has to accept that the court of public opinion has already found him guilty of alleged massive corruption. The denial is no longer relevant even if he were to incarcerate people for saying so.

Anonymous #15544302: Even if it's a donation, it's still wrong. A politician or a political party receiving huge sum of money without transparency could lead to all possibilities of abuse of power.

What did/does the said donor get in exchange? How does the donation affect the decision-making of the Najib administration? These are the questions we have to ask.

Worldly Wise: MACC should investigate where the money went. Not only where it came from. Of course, why it was given is important too.

Donor or donors? The curious case of RM2.6b

Justine Gow: I think this is what happens. Najib is now changing the "donor" to "donors" when he realised that it may be easier to account for the RM2.6 billion "donation".

He may now be saying that there are 1,000 donors, each donating RM2.6 million. "Donor" or "donors", Malaysians would like to know who he or she is or who they are.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Najib's strategists are not intelligent in the first place. Secondly, they do not coordinate among themselves. That is the reason their stories on RM2.6 billion is getting more ridiculous by the day.

It first started as a donation from an Arab out of gratitude for fighting ISIS, which did not even exist then. The number of donors were not agreed among themselves. That is the reason it was mention as singular at times and plural at other times.

Judging by the inconsistency in the story, one cannot help, but conclude that the donation is redefined and the Arab donor(s) is (or are) virtual.

Anonymous 637541435986091: If there was a request by the donor to deposit the money into the PM's account, why didn't the PM inform the Umno supreme council or cabinet?

This tantamount to CBT (criminal breach of trust). And what happened to the lawsuit against The Wall Street Journal ?

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