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Despite being cleared, Najib is a tortured soul

YOURSAY | ‘No amount of money, shopping and golfing will exonerate the alleged guilt of Najib.’

AG: No charges against PM, SRC and RM2.6b cases closed

Negarawan: I would be surprised if attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali had decided otherwise. The simplicity and promptness in which he made the decision clearly lend itself to a predetermined course of action.

The country is in a hopeless state because all the people in key positions of authority have succumbed to the ‘cash is king’ mentality. They have abandoned their moral and religious principles.

The perpetrators of 1MDB were exposed outside of Malaysia, and they can only be brought to justice outside of Malaysia as well.

Kingfisher: Apandi's ruling for NFA (no further action) has the strength of his personal conviction (based on his analysis and understanding) and his position of responsibility as AG.

This is a given, and to ordinary people his ruling is impossible to dispute as there appears to be no other avenue for redress of grievance if in substance there is one or several.

Despite this closure, the public perception of some form of culpability of some manner, including the abuse of power and misuse of public money, will continue to dominate discussions in the street.

Especially as new and additional information gets diffused with details on transfers and transaction of monies into personal accounts.

As an ordinary Malaysian outside the pale of this billion-ringgit scandal involving our PM, one may be sadly left with perhaps a confused sense of self-embarrassment as a Malaysian in an embarrassment empathy with the PM that he may have overreached and perhaps played on the chalk fault line in those instances of alleged misconduct.

FairMind: So the RM2.03 billion ‘donation’ has been ‘returned’ to the Saudi royals. Bad luck for all Umno members who were salivating after the money when they thought that they were entitled to at least some part of it.

Apandi has proven his worth by his appointment even though it was just a short stint. Quick entry, quick acquittal and quick exit was all in the plan. Now he can retire with his future well taken care of.

Well done for all the charade. To think that political aide Teoh Beng Hock had to die for a paltry RM2,600.

HaveAgreatDay: It will only be news if this Najib appointee dares to press charges. It matters not what Apandi decides - the rakyat knows the facts speak for themselves.

Whatsup: What do the rakyat expect? Guilty? Of course not, especially after all the time and efforts, and funds, spent on the ‘sandiwara’ (shadow play). The rakyat could have said the same thing from the time Apandi was appointed.

I bet many film-makers would pay top dollars for the exclusive rights to do a serial on this saga, but the ending must be changed where the bad guys are charged.

Yoong John Yen: With all due respect due to the public-ness of the case, a bare denial that there is no criminal element is not going to be enough. The AG will need to explain why there's no criminal element and present the facts to the public.

Evoking the right of the AG to prosecute will do nothing but bring more disrepute to the AG's office. Cries of cover up will arise.

If you are truly professional and stand by your words with good reason, present everything with utmost transparency. This way, the public can judge for themselves if what you say is true or untrue. Would the AG be up to the challenge?

Bornean: I'm not going to pay income tax anymore. All sums that I received, I will declare as ‘donations’, which are later return to my donors.

Pemerhati: Just how many people are there in the Saudi royal family? This is what a news report in the reputable Economist magazine published in March 2014 said:

“The Al Sauds also happen to field an unwieldy number of princes and princess; as many as 15,000 living highnesses and royal highnesses are spread across six branches of a family tree whose roots reach back to the 18th century. Not surprisingly, some of them turn out to be black sheep.”

So if a crook allegedly steals billions from the country and deposits the money in his personal account, he can easily pay a little money to one or more black sheep of the Saudi royal family and get them to say that the billions in the crook’s account were donated by them.

Unspin: While this might appear to be grossly unfair, Malaysians can take cold comfort that behind the brave exterior, Najib is a tortured soul.

You can see it in his eyes and body language. While most of us can still have a laugh and be happy, that cannot be said about Najib and his wife.

No amount of money, shopping, golfing and vacationing is going to exonerate the alleged guilt of Najib.

Simple Malaysian: The man on the street does not buy this story, Mr AG. But then again, who gives a damn to the man on the street.

LKT: No sane Malaysian will ever believe the incredible tall tales that has just been told by AG. All the enforcement agencies have failed to act without fear or favour.

Even if we were to accept that US$681 million was a donation, by not declaring it then, it would have run afoul of AMLA (Anti-Money Laundering Act), as anyone who try to solicit donation would know.

Najib, you would need to explain and justify why you need the amount of money you are seeking donation. Wouldn't it be extremely insulting for the Saudi royal family that 90 percent of the ‘donation’ was returned to them?

I do believe that today is just the end of a battle in bringing Najib to face justice. It looks like this will be a long war. But justice will ultimately prevail.

Victor Johan: The final episode comes to the end. Abruptly. Now we wait for the start of the next season.

Not surprised by AG’s decision, but why aren’t we outraged?

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