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Not surprised by AG’s decision, but why aren’t we outraged?

YOURSAY | ‘And let's pretend nothing is wrong and move on, as we are expected to do?’

AG: No charges against PM, SRC and RM2.6b cases closed

Truth1: Am I surprised? No. Are the citizens of this country surprised? No. Are most of us angry? Yes.

Will that anger be galvanised into something more, something that reflects our internal outrage? Unfortunately, while I hope so, the answer would be no.

It’s because we are a self-serving, self-interested lot generally. Only if this scandal directly affects us (like leading to our Employees Provident Fund [EPF] savings being wiped out to cover the plunder of our wealth) will we be moved to do something.

If not, we will just let things slide and fantasise that things will change come the 14th general election (if it comes). And until then, it would be business as usual. Sad country, pathetic citizens.

Onlooker: In most countries, any gift given by a government leader, of any kind, is a gift to the state and as such is recorded and accounted for. If it's say, a silver bowl of a unique design, it may be displayed in a museum for everyone to admire.

There are no 'personal' gifts between heads of state or government representatives at any level as they can be misconstrued. Even the Queen of England has to account for her gifts.

Odin Tajué: The drama series that you have been watching over the last one year has been written and produced to provide you with much needed entertainment for free.

It has been provided for free, because your caring, far-sighted government knew at the outset that the value of your ringgit would go on a free fall, and so your disposable income would be in the negative - very much like Tabung Haji's current reserves.

The series was based on a story that may sound unbelievable, that is, incredible, to you, but the producer, who is none other than your Much Beloved Most Excellent Great Leader, has sworn on the Quran that it is in truth true.

The Saudi royal family very much admires and has a high respect for Malaysia. That is the reason it has donated US$681 million to your Much Beloved Most Excellent Great Leader and nominated your ‘pendatang’ Low Taek Jho to stand in on its behalf at a critical 1MDB board meeting or two.

Unbelievable, but true. It ought to go into Ripley's Believe It Or Not series.

Your Much Beloved Most Excellent Great Leader has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is more than an honest-to-goodness person by returning the balance of the donation that he has not used. Indeed, why keep something you don't need?

Rest assured that he will also return whatever he has not used of the RM42 million ‘doh-nay-shun’ ‘derma-ed’ to him by an Arab Malaysian called SRC.

Rest assured, too, that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has indeed carried out its investigation without fear or favour. Oh how I hate to use that overworn, overused cliché, but I have no choice.

Now that you have watched the last episode, it is hoped that you will have an even greater respect for your Much Beloved Most Excellent Great Leader and your ‘pendatang’ Low Taek Jho - two extraordinary Malaysians who have proved once again that Malaysia is indeed ‘boleh’.

Vijay47: What a relief. Finally, a sorry tale ends, where the good intentions of one man who stood by his convictions to continue his father's heritage legacy to serve his beloved country were twisted and ridiculed by many whose personal demons made them unable to see that elephant of truth.

Now, none other than the highest legal authority in the land has confirmed the innocence of our dear prime minister. We hope that with this closure, new accusations of bias do not arise.

Fittingly, the attorney-general's decision brings also fresh insights into law, that realm of justice that matures and transforms with time, particularly in developing countries like Malaysia.

The mere acceptance of funds from undisclosed sources need not indicate the commission of a crime, especially when such funds are returned.

That the donation was given to the beneficiary personally would exclude any element of corruption, more so when the Saudi royal family itself which lends additional credibility, confirms the gift.

If the recipient had refused to divulge the identity of the donor until now, it is his prerogative.

Some who are indeed corrupt now may opportunistically attempt to seek protection from this precedent; alas for them, the truth in each case has to be measured against the totality of the facts and circumstances, of the personality involved.

Not many can claim that unwavering commitment to serve that our prime minister, supported amply by his wife, has.

To my dear leader, I can only, humbly, say, “Continue your sacred divine mission, sir, the truth is with you. The world is your oyster with countless pearls for you to harvest for the benefit of our country.

“Apart from Saudi Arabia, there must be many countries - Singapore, China, Kazakhstan, Austria, India, eager to share in your pursuit of service to your fellow citizens.”

Tonight, sir, we both will sleep well.

Discovery: Apandi, tonight before you go to bed ask yourself if you have honestly discharged your duties. Look into the mirror tomorrow and see if you can face your children and grandchildren.

Peep into the future and if you can see yourself at your deathbed, ask if your actions today is all worth it. If your answer is no, then it's too late to make amends. Even Allah can't help you.

I only have pity for people like you for you have sold your soul to the devil.

Fly-on-the-Wall: Nothing unexpected here. Let's just pretend nothing is wrong and move on, as we are expected to do.

Despite being cleared, Najib is a tortured soul

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Not surprised by AG’s decision, but why aren’t we outraged?

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