Charges against Guan Eng lay bare BN’s moral bankruptcy

YOURSAY | ‘The greater the injustices, the more there is clamouring for change.’

Guan Eng: I will die standing than live on my knees

Kim Quek: Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, these allegedly absurdly concocted charges against you may end up a blessing in disguise to you, and to all patriotic Malaysians who yearn for the country to be rid of the evil clutch of the corrupt power.

For these baseless charges have laid bare their shamelessness and moral bankruptcy and desperation to cling on to power.

Expect a decisive backlash to Najib Abdul Razak’s leadership, and an outpouring of fury and contempt for the attorney-general (AG) who has exceeded all bounds of decency through his abominable double standard in exonerating an alleged world-famed criminal while persecuting his political opponent by apparently abusing the AG’s constitutional power as the sole arbiter as to who should or should not be prosecuted.

Pakatan Harapan must publicise such blatant injustice to the fullest to awaken the conscience of the nation to the dire state of rule of law that has been precipitated by this regime.

HaveAGreatDay: Sigh, brave words, Guan Eng. Yet at this point in time your fate lies in whether it is a judge (as befitting the title) sitting to hear the facts of the case or a judicial officer from the alleged Umnoputra judicial circus.

We will know soon enough, but in the meantime your energy will be sapped by this case.

It matters not to the Umnoputras that all and sundry who have eyes to see know that you are being selectively persecuted; that, yes, it is meant to bring down your Penang state government. So, what? What can we do about it? Nothing.

Cogito Ergo Sum: An impassioned plea by an innocent man about the injustice being hurled at him. Guan Eng's only crime is that he made Penang one of the most efficient and corrupt-free states in Malaysia.

In fact, he is seen to be disgustingly efficient and clean. An end to this efficiency and corrupt-free way of running a government had to be stopped or else others might become envious and jealous.

The people are with you and may God guide you and your lawyers to absolve you of this most ridiculous of charges.

Quigonbond: The prosecutions are just going to intensify. Merits aside, one can see a certain bias by the time the case gets to the Federal Court.

It may seem hopeless for Harapan to win federal government in GE14, but all it takes is for two things to happen:

1. PKR should quit on PAS and work with Harapan alone.

2. Harapan can finally hone a consistent and crystal clear message about what's wrong with the country and how they can fix things.

Without a clear messaging, the troops on the ground and countless volunteers who are confused and hurt at the disarray in the broader opposition camp will not know how to persuade the electorate.

The greater the injustices, the more there is clamouring for change. But only if we have a solid message to take to the masses.

It's really in PKR's court to make that final decision, or the opposition will continue to be mired in a sea of disarray, and with it, loss of hope for Malaysians.

NNFC: The only reason why BN is still in power is because there are many ‘wanna-be’ businesses who are willing to fork out cash to support their election machineries.

They can say it is a donation, but they should see that it has caused the rot of Malaysia. I think that they all should cease this and let elections be run fairly.

One Malaysia: They've learnt well from Lee Kuan Yew, prosecute the opposition on any and every conceivable charges till they bankrupt it into silence.

Justice will only prevail when the Malay majority open their eyes to the truth and not just their palms to the corruptors who grease them with money.

Anonymous_1398325556: Truth knows no fear. Untruth shudders at every turn. BN and its cronies will never escape from this karmic effect. The wheels of karma turn slowly but there is no escape.

Speaking Sense: No matter how the wheels of (in)justice turn in this case, every right-thinking citizen, even if they do not support DAP, knows without any doubt that this is political persecution without any regard for a man's reputation and family, purely to prop up a corrupt and decaying regime and the selfish interests of disgraceful individuals.

We are all ashamed to have allowed this country to come to this pariah state. And this alone must mean Guan Eng deserves our support for having spent all his political life standing up to this corrupt regime on our behalf.

Fairplayer: The Umno-led federal government has suffered a grave mental problem.

To Umno, buying a cheap old house is akin to corruption, while allegedly stealing billions from the nation's coffers is perfectly fine.

Anonymous_3f49: A government that had allegedly been caught with its hand in the till is instead going overboard against the leader of the most progressive state that has claimed accolades from the auditor-general and the rakyat for efficient, transparent government, charging him with corruption.

Imagine the irony. An act of renewed desperation?

If convicted Guan Eng is a martyr, if acquitted he’s a hero

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