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Brace for disinformation campaign against Malaysiakini

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YOURSAY | ‘This is likely to be the handiwork of the ‘Umno Disinformation Unit’.

Don't spread fake news - gentle reminder to Utusan, NST and others

6th Generation Immigrant: Kudos to Malaysiakini, there must be a lot of concern and envy of your successes from the government-controlled media.

They are now working against you because you allow citizens to voice their views freely. Their views are from the horse's mouth and not from instructions from the top.

And to add to that, their choreographed and fully-controlled world is failing and falling apart, and they are trying to drag you along in their spiral downhill.

This was a lousy try, coupled with bad reporting, which is why people shun these media in the first place.

Disclaimer: This commenter is apolitical and does not subscribe to or is an active member (ever) of any Malaysian political parties or NGOs. His views are his own.

He stopped buying New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and The Star some years ago on his own volition and was never instructed or forced to subscribe to Malaysiakini.

Odin Tajué: In making the comment of mine below, I am not attempting to defend Malaysiakini. I am under no obligation to defend the news portal. If at any time any defending is necessary, the news portal is, and provided it has good reasons to do so, obliged to accord me that support, as I am a paying subscriber.

Charging a party of having said what that party has in actuality not said is an abhorrent act, and such a repugnant act is synonymous with the ill-bred, the dregs of human society.

It is called bearing of false witness, an act that constitutes a grave sin in most known, accepted religions. It is also regarded by any court of law as a serious offence. The refined do not - I repeat, do not - do such a thing even where their enemies are concerned.

What the staff of the named mainstream purveyors of news are reported to have committed reflects very well on their deplorable constitution, their abyssal incompetence at practising professional journalism, their total absence of acquaintance with the ways of the well-bred.

That the named mainstream purveyors of news are floundering and sinking to the bottom of the quagmire of failure is a more than fitting recompense for their odiousness. One can only wish their speedy journey to the much at the bottom, where they rightly belong, and anxiously looks forward to celebrating it.

Versey: I fully agree with Malaysiakini's view that it is important for journalists to read any published article or news report in its entirety.

It would also be advisable for journalists to study some background knowledge of what led to that article/report and produce report truthfully to avoid misleading readers.

My personal opinion is that we as readers also need to learn to read, watch or listen to any news in its entirety so that we would not be easily misled or fooled by those unscrupulous ones.

Anonymous 539281478077880: Very true, Malaysiakini. Whatever stated by you touched on the "mischievous reporting of some of the mainstream media" in the attempt to be in the good books of the government.

It is sad to note that these journalists do not read any articles published by Malaysiakini fully. They should indeed comprehend what is written before reporting the news in their newspapers. Pure negligence, I suppose.

Deep in their hearts they want Malaysiakini to be "banned or shamed" as this is the only news portal that reports the truth.

Not Convinced: While some journalists are stupid, but they are not so stupid as to try to spread this ‘below the belt’ misinformation against Malaysiakini.

I concurred with Malaysiakini that this is likely to be the handiwork of the ‘Umno Disinformation Unit’.

After all, how could three Umno-linked newspapers and a TV station get it so wrong as to claim that the comment piece by a contributor as that of the opinion of Malaysiakini?

Make no mistake, this is a coordinated campaign against Malaysiakini. As GE14 approaches, expect more to come.

The moral of the story is “beware of what you read, hear or watch”.

JusticeNow!: ‘Post-truth’ was in Malaysia before it becomes famous in the US. It is practiced by politicians from both sides of the fence, and unfortunately perfected by Malaysian mainstream media. So sad indeed.

Realthistime: The ones spreading fake news are those who have been paying financial damages to the opposition.

These ‘newspapers’ are living in yesterworld and this is why they are going out of business soon.

MVA: Malaysiakini should make police reports and let the police investigate and take action. Malaysiakini should also sue them in court.

This is making false accusations and creating disunity and hatred amongst Malaysians. And to think it is by government party-controlled media is disgusting. Where is their honour?

Author denounces media 'spinning skills' on his comment piece

Worldly Wise: Member of Kedah DAP’s legal bureau committee Zulhazmi Shariff must be commended for his forthrightness.

Tan Cheng Lock ought to have demanded the deputy chief minister's post in 1955 when Malaya got self-government. Non-Malays (Chinese plus Indians) were more than Malays at that time. This was shown in the last census in 1940.

Malaysia is a multiracial country. All are citizens. If different races compete for superiority, we will all be destroyed.

Anak JB: The son of the race who were once was slaves in the world's most powerful country had become the president, and yet we are bickering on which race should be taking on the deputy prime minister’s post while the country is plundered dry.

Malaysian2: ‘Goebbels’ has done his maths, you lose your dignity and tens of millions running a rag like Utusan, but gain hundreds of millions if not billions when you keep your control of the nation's purse.

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