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KJ, your job is to answer questions from journalists

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YOURSAY | ‘Khairy has never been known for his courage or convictions…’

Not taking questions from you, Khairy tells Malaysiakini

Nonplussed: The journalists are only doing their jobs. Hard questions are what they should be asking and if the politicians are not able to answer or refuse to do so, then it shows plainly they are not prepared or are ignorant or worse still, too arrogant.

I believe if a politician has honesty, integrity and principles, it comes through in the way they conduct themselves in public.

Think Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and most people will have an unfavourable comment about the inane and silly remarks spouted by him.

Headhunter: Sports and Youth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin always gave the impression that he is smarter than anyone else. Why is he suddenly tongue-tied?

Surely, he's not afraid of a few questions from a lowly educated journalist from Malaysiakini?

Hibiscus: Khairy now refuses to respond to questions from the press. Earlier he refused to response to remarks of TMJ (Johor crown prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim). Both occasions smack of his show of arrogance.

Additionally, the public perceives him to lack self-confidence, that he lacks competency to think on his feet, which is a must for any political leader. Really, Khairy is asking for an end to his career as a politician.

Hopeful123: Malaysiakini's questions are right to the point and very relevant. Why did Khairy even refuse to look at the Malaysiakini journalist? Questions too difficult to answer?

Just Sharing: Future-proof? What's that? How about doing something about the current issues right now instead of talking about dreams?

OMG!: The beauty of the English language is that to be identified as "future-proof" can mean one of two contradictory things.

a) That the entity becomes incapable of obsolescence.

b) That the entity is impervious to the dynamic changes that the future inevitably brings.

I doubt Khairy's boss, or whoever coined that term, even knows that difference. It's like that "strategic ambiguity" concerning the 1MDB term that the big boss was so proud of.

It's really an insult to Malaysians to claim that TN50 (Transformasi Nasional 2050) will make them "future-proof."

Nothing can be future proofed except dead people and dead, brown dwarf suns which have lost the nuclear fusion that once made them bright.

Future proof means death. What we instead hope to achieve is a nation of people who are brave, have integrity, dedication and resilience. That's all.

Mahsuri: Umno under its present bunch of so-called leadership has already devolved the entire democratic system in Malaysia into a feudal system, its future-proof objective achieved.

So stop wasting any more of our tax coffers on TN50.

Rojak: Khairy has never been known for his courage or convictions, but when he was younger he did make an effort to appear to want to communicate with people of different walks of life and different opinions. In his middle age, it seems he can't be bothered to keep up the pretence.

As for his claim idea that Malaysiakini is one-sided: so he considers Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and half the outfits he still takes question from balanced?

KJ digs up Dr M's own plans for Proton-Geely tie-up

Clever Voter: The truth hurts badly. Proton is a wounded brand that may not even survive beyond five years. Geely is likely to keep and enhance Lotus.

Business sense will propel them to consider expansion of the Volvo brand in mass markets at the expense of Proton. Assets will be unlocked and consolidated.

Proton will likely to be confined to small- and medium-sized market or disappear completely. It is likely the former will take place.

I wouldn't surprise if we see fresh investment in Lotus, especially in affluent markets of China. Those die-hard fans had better be prepared for imminent death of Proton.

6th Generation Immigrant: The Proton project was to revolutionise the Malay psyche into a supreme majority race involved in technology and commerce, to eventually displace the Chinese Malaysians.

The Malays did not evolve as planned. The Proton project failed, it cannot be Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s failures alone (his failures are the ‘crutches and subsidies’ part).

Mushiro: Just because Dr M tried to do it, KJ feels it is justified. If Dr M had done anything wrong, then it is still wrong now. And if Najib had done anything right, then it is right.

So, if selling Proton was wrong then, then it is still wrong now. But the big concern is the sudden off loading of troubled assets to China - it gives a feeling that our country is being sold off cheap to China by Umno.

Hamzah Paiman: I agree with KJ 100 percent on this. The old man is always contradicting himself and simply playing politics with our future. Mahathir is a person who would do anything to protect his self-interest.

There is nothing great about him. We are in a mess today because of his failed policies.

SusahKes: Whether it's MO1 or Mahathir - there's a common denominator. It's called Umno - and what do they do? Sell off assets to cover their years of financial profligacy.

Just a Malaysian: Proton was set up to grab the automobile business from Chinese Malaysians.

Billions were spent to implement this strategy and Malaysians ended up paying very expensive low-quality cars. Proton failed and failed.

Now the government sold half of it to the Chinese, but unfortunately the communist Chinese and not loyal Chinese Malaysians.

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