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'Najib-Trump meet an expensive PR show at our expense'

YOURSAY | "Fact is, the White House show was orchestrated with the rural folks in mind."

Najib-Trump meet masterstroke or master joke?

FairMind: US President Donald Trump meeting was meant to place Prime Minister Najib Razak in the elevated and unbeatable position of a world-respected Malaysian leader? Clearly it did the opposite.

Never have the American press and the world been so united and focused in their attention and criticism of Trump and our PM. You can imagine the seriousness and impact of the news media calling our PM a crook?

Never has a Malaysian PM received so much negative publicity and attention, both abroad and locally. If I were to be the current PM, I would rather resign than to continue the charade of smiling and pretending as if nothing has happened, while fully knowing people are criticising me and spitting behind my back.

The good that comes out of this trip is that the PM now knows how poorly the world and Malaysians think of him.

Dont Just Talk: The best part of the Trump-Najib meeting was that there was no press conference for journalists to ask questions, perhaps for fear that it might lead to queries about the 1MDB financial scams.

And Najib proudly announced that Malaysia would help improve US infrastructure with an investment of between US$3 billion and US$4 billion via the Employee Provident Fund (EPF).

What a joke, when Malaysia's national debt is at a historic high, and yet we want to help the greatest economy of the world. And mind you, when our ringgit value has depreciated to RM4.20 to US$1.

What is Najib trying to prove to Trump, or is he expecting something in return as is the familiar practice in Malaysia, which is, you scratch my back and I scratch your back?

Fair Play: Indeed, the five minutes and 50 seconds recorded exchange in the White House is an embarrassment of gigantic proportions to all Malaysians who have a brain and know how to use it.

Jaguh: What a waste of our money. All these to give Umno an ego boost to try and win the upcoming general election. This man has no shame.

Anonymous 2439101477311390: I fully agree with Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang. Rich nations must help developing nations. Not the other way around.

Anticonmen: Trump will take money from oligarchs, mobsters, launderers, dictators, kleptocrats and drug lords. He is a businessman, and not a leader.

HaveAGreatDay: Lim, say what you like, the fact is that the White House show was orchestrated with the rural folks in mind. Najib also met UK Prime Minister Theresa May as well.

Xiao Zhu: This is an expensive public relation show to boost one person's image at the taxpayers' expense.

Zaid has no right to get details of 1MDB-linked accounts, says PM

Caripasal: This is not whether former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has the right to ask for disclosure of the AmBank accounts implicated in the 1MDB scandal, but rather for Najib to prove his innocence.

Najib has in the past repeatedly claimed that the money in his account was a donation from the Saudis, and that he did not use that money for personal gain.

If this is truly the case, he should prove it in court – by revealing his bank statements.

Jaguh: If Najib is innocent, one should not be afraid to disclose the details.

In any investigation by the police or judiciary, the bank accounts of a person are always checked for fraudulent payments and activities, especially when money laundering is involved.

Drifter: 1MDB is dealing with public money. As the public, we should be able to get all the information we need because it is our money.

Dont Just Talk: It is not only Zaid's interest but every taxpaying Malaysian's interest to file for a court order to compel Najib to reveal the five personal accounts kept with AmBank, when it is now known that US$681 million had been wired into his accounts.

Since the amount involved is beyond Najib's proven income, the mere reason given that it was a donation does not hold water, unless the money trail from the rich Arab is proven.

Had the amount of US$681 million appeared in any of the opposition leader's personal accounts, the MACC and PDRM, along with Bank Negara, would act fast and furious.

Let Najib have his day in court and prove to all Malaysians that the US$681 million wired into his personal accounts is indeed as clean he claims.

JusticeNow!: "However, AmBank replied that it only had records of four of the five accounts." Wonderful. This proves that those accounts did exist and it did belong to Najib. No fake news here.

Hplooi: While we, as a country, may keep denying that theft had been committed with regards to 1MDB, the assets currently under recovery by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) (and this is very real) will forever be lost to Malaysians if we (as a nation) keep on with such denial.

The tragedy will be that we stand to lose twice; first when someone and his allegedly criminal associates stole the money, and then when the assets from the stolen money are recovered by the DOJ ultimately stay in the US, simply because we keep on denying it.

Let's not forget that interest is accruing at millions per day on the billions we borrowed to cover the loss.

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