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Newsweek rushes in where M'sians fear to tread

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YOURSAY | ‘This sums up the sentiment of the US establishment…’

Newsweek publishes Wolfowitz's piece, heading reads 'Trump meets M'sian crook'

Clever Voter: To be labelled a Malaysian crook is embarrassing. On normal circumstances, one would be advised to take legal action, but perhaps there is enough truth in the description that it is no longer defensible.

US President Donald Trump has enough problems of his own so it is unlikely he would be able to do what would be expected of him to help PM Najib Razak personally.

The reputation of prime minister is not exactly flattering and he should be reminded that the lack of ethical and moral values will worsen his image abroad.

Gerard Lourdesamy: This sums up the sentiment of the US establishment, but not Trump.

The fact that Congress avoided Najib like the plague, including the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, shows that Trump was out of step with the rest of the Washington power brokers.

The US media not only derided Najib and Trump but relegated Malaysia to the status of a despotic corrupt country with a facade of Islamic moderation but in reality, a Saudi-inspired Wahhabi state that is becoming fundamentalist.

To cap it off, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) did not drop its investigation but rather got the court to stay the forfeiture action pending the filing of criminal charges. Hardly a diplomatic success, right?

StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: "Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan, who had confirmed that Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) is Najib, said since the prime minister was not named in the suits, he is not the subject of the kleptocracy investigation."

Better "not named in the suits yet" and "he is not yet now the subject of the kleptocracy investigation." At least, that is true in the minds of fair-minded people.

Anyway, whether or not One is named, it is reasonable to think that One is nonetheless under investigation. Otherwise, why or how to have acknowledged one as MO1?

And, whether or not One is named in the suits, One is already implicated on the basis of evidence, and there is allegedly culpable guilt. Is that not carved in eternity?

If One is the minister of finance, One is responsible and accountable for 1MDB. Whatever deal Potus has cut with One, privately or otherwise, that deal has to be important to Potus/US and One.

Likely, more important to Potus/US than it is to One. China? Islamic State?

Negarawan: Instead of producing highly respected world-class leaders, Umno has produced a PM that the international community has now viewed as a "crook" and "kleptocrat".

PM: Trump called me 'friend', gave a personal send-off

Vijay47: Najib, you seem to have forgotten that whether we like it or not, you are the prime minister and prime ministers generally, even the Malaysian ones, are expected to conduct themselves with decorum and self-respect.

While I can understand that you might want to go into acute damage control following you becoming the world's laughing stock over your generous contribution towards making America great again, you have only managed to make things worse.

Prime ministers do not usually take childish pride over their hosts addressing them politely or walking them to the car.

Earlier we had an Umno minister confirming that you were MO1 and your personal "make America great" only ensured that both your feet were firmly lodged in your mouth in full public view.

We now see feeble efforts to repair your gaffe – Finance Ministry's Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah denies you even said such a thing, proving that he also is cut from the same cloth as you.

You want to make things better? Change your guard and stop going to America.

Kingfisher: It is sad that some of us choose to speak not in glowing terms the two most important leaders; the global leader (Trump) of the free world and the other, none other than the leader (Najib) of our own beloved nation. Why?

Is it because there has been so much parading of a narcissistic trend in leadership in recent times, that there is an uncontrollable surfeited revolt.

Trump is supposed to "drain the swamp" of bad leadership as he has declared. We have to take him at his word.

Victor Johan: Najib, how come your friend Trump did not allow one of his aides to arrange a handshake photo-op outside the president's office, but instead was in a hurry to send you off to your car in the basement floor?

Looks like Trump did not want to have you and your delegates to hang around at the White House. No invitations to 'makan-minum' at all.

Oh yes, he was surely a friend indeed to protect you from the US media, from those journalists who were prepared to ask you tough questions on your link to 1MDB and that you are heading a kleptocratic government in Malaysia.

Turvy: Sometimes the slip shows and you don't realise it. What visiting dignitary will have his car parked "right down in the basement"? And what dignitary worth his dignity will confess to such obsequiousness?

If he had kept it quiet, he would have shamed only himself. Making it public, he shames the whole nation. Not only are we crooks, but crooks who cringe.

Caripasal: Trump and his campaign team are being investigated for selling out his nation by colluding with Russia during his presidential campaign.

Najib is being investigated internationally for corruption. He is now accused of selling out his country by helping America instead of his poor people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Of course, he is your friend. Both of you are the same breed.

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