Syed Saddiq rebuts ‘slander’ of UK holiday with Azmin’s daughter

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Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman has rebutted several allegations hurled at him by cybertroopers following his trip to the UK and France.

Among the allegations was that he was on a trip with Selangor Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali's daughter in the UK.

"This is the most hilarious claim I had read. Umno only dared to share a screenshot (of the claim) from a fake account on Twitter out of fear that I would sue them," he said.

Based on Twitter postings, he noted, it was apparent that Azmin's daughter was in Penang helping with the flood relief efforts.

Syed Saddiq explained that he was in France to present a research papers entitled "Thailand Post-Shinawatra" and "The state of political Islam in the Middle East."

He added that he was also given the honour of being a judge for the grand final of the Oxford IV, a prestigious inter-varsity debate competition.

"I also conducted two workshops and held meetings with four Malaysian societies," he said.

Syed Saddiq also addressed accusations that his trip was funded by his party, its chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad, or Azmin (photo).

"Not a single sen came from the party, Tun or Azmin," he said.

He claimed the cost of his trip was covered entirely by his research work and workshops he conducted.

The Bersatu leader also took aim at those who accused him of promoting "free sex" for suggesting a more holistic sex education.

He said that this was important because statistics revealed in Parliament showed that the majority of baby-dumping cases involved Malay Muslims, adding that some 700 babies have died after dumping.

Syed Saddiq also noted that he loves public policy and research, and that it has been his passion since before he joined politics.

"I don't get paid by the party or politicians.

“I sustain myself through my writing and research work and through my workshops outside of Malaysia," he said, stressing that he would not need to seek income abroad had the Umno-BN government not stripped him of job opportunities at home.

"Please understand, I need to pay the bills like any one of you.

"I would rather live moderately with dignity and integrity, than to be rich but with the shame of being a corrupt person and thief," he said.


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