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'Development' only comes to K’tan once every five years

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YOURSAY | It appears ‘I help you, you help me’ has arrived in Kelantan.

Najib woos Kelantan with ‘development’

Ultimately: I suppose Kelantan folk must thank their lucky stars PM Najib Razak is finally doing flood mitigation for Sungai Kelantan (just months before the general election, GE14), when this could have been done after the worst floods hit the state several years ago. I wonder if it has anything to do with PAS having divorced DAP and PKR.

Or perhaps Najib never knew Kota Bharu floods every December, a phenomenon which has been happening since I was a kid in the 60s. Sure, he will blame former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his lack of action. But that doesn't explain the past 10 years under Najib's rule.

Anonymous 242641505703475: Why should development projects be promised to come to a state only when an election is due?

In Kuala Kangsar, the college there was turned into a university during a by-election. And Mara College in Shah Alam also became a university when the general election came.

It looks like it is good to have general elections and by-elections, so that more colleges could become universities. But the downside is that quantity dilutes quality. The nation will be flooded with unemployable graduates and forced to become Uber drivers and nasi lemak sellers.

And what is the root cause? Poor English proficiency. The only way to cure this sickness is to make English a compulsory pass in SPM, STPM, etc, thereby forcing students to take English learning seriously.

It is pointless to open more and more universities when the quality is not there. Otherwise, how could we be a nation of high-income achievers?

For starters, honour the 1963 agreement for Sabah and Sarawak. Sabah and Sarawak have been in the backwaters for 54 years since the formation of Malaysia in 1963. The people there have suffered too long. All the prime ministers have failed them.

SusahKes: It appears "I help you, you help me" has arrived in Kelantan.

Anonymous 444981488553970: Najib should stay out of Kelantan as they want slow development as mentioned by Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.

So let them go slow and maintain their spiritual and moral purity. They don't need your money. Their slow development is done on purpose.

Vijay47: I am not sure what the actual number is, but I think this brings up to 5,832 the number of yet-to-be-honoured promises Najib has made. 

He is even better than MIC and the latter's studies on the “Indian plight”.

A lesson for Ummah chief from my history teacher

Goldee: Umno Baru has re-written the history of our beloved country, claiming that Malayan history written by the British was inaccurate.

So Umno Baru wants to portray only the Malays had fought against the Japanese forces. In their version, Malaya got its independence through Umno's efforts and not through a collective effort with the other races.

I won't blame the younger generations for not knowing the actual history of Malaya because it has been re-written to reflect the supremacy of Umno.

Drngsc: Malaysiakini columnist Francis Paul Siah, it is so true that history does not lie. However, and unfortunately, history is often written by the victor and these shameless people try to alter history to suit their political agenda. Ummah chairperson Ismail Mina Ahmad is but the latest example. There were many before him.

There have also been apple-polisher historians, who will polish the boots of their political masters to further their own career. I am so glad that Iban politician Leo Moggie's wife Elizabeth is made of better stuff. She believes in the truth.

Cogito Ergo Sum: History must be written by professional historians. It does not matter what ethnicity they are. The only requirements are accuracy and integrity.

By distorting history, we are re-engineering tomorrow by forgetting the past. And by ignoring the contributions of the various races in Malaysia, we are encouraging racism and bigotry through official means.

It is a reflection of the how base our thinking has become since independence. It is, for all intents and purposes, apartheid. And because we have allowed this trend to go on, people like Ismail Mina will keep appearing with increasing frequency.

Norman Fernandez: Indeed, I think the time has come to write Malaysian history from the perspective of the Chinese, Indian and other communities so that the respective communities will know their history less as what they have been made to think, which is that they came to Malaysia as freeloaders.

Ksn: Siah has offered good views on the fanatics and illiterate, but it is like pouring water on a duck's back.

The views of the fanatics are also the view of the many not well-informed and those who do not wish to know the true history of the Federation. And worse, the truth also has a tendency to change.

Mindful: Sometimes it would better not to seek an apology from people who are ignorant. If they are not aware that we are just part of the universe, and that every one of us continuously changes our form, then we should just stop wasting time with these people.

They are not aware that no one can claim any part of the land, as nothing can be owned permanently by any one of us.

Anonymous 444981488553970: People who ask others to leave this country usually target Chinese Malaysians.

Guess what, it’s the reverse that is happening now. China is here and expanding its influence. Look at the Proton chief executive officer, who is from China. This is only the beginning.

It looks like the government is blinded by easy loans so China could eventually end up as ‘tuan’ in this country.

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