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Yoursay: Wee can be ousted in Ayer Hitam only with a heavyweight

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YOURSAY | 'It's not who has more seats, but who has the better chance of winning.'

Wooing Chinese back to MCA in Ayer Hitam - one family at a time

Norman Fernandez: It is easy to criticise MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong but for DAP to stand a chance, it needs to have a candidate of national standing and someone who understands the Malay psyche of this relatively rural seat in Johor.

First criteria, the candidate must speak very good Bahasa Malaysia and be comfortable with the Malay kampung folk. That is the voter base which a candidate needs to crack.

Wee speaks Bahasa Malaysia very well, and for added measure, he speaks Javanese, and he is almost present at every Malay wedding in the constituency, often joining in the preparation of food.

But DAP’s election focus in Ayer Hitam is only on: taunting Wee; the claim of funds still not disbursed to the Yong Peng school; and the campaign to ensure that MCA is kicked out of Ayer Hitam.

The likely result is that DAP will send a reasonably lightweight candidate to face Wee. Prediction: MCA to take Ayer Hitam, and DAP to win Yong Peng (state seat under Ayer Hitam).

Mosquito Brain: What a disgrace for Wee. Being a lawmaker is not about doing gotong-royong, cleaning drains, cooking food for the masses, giving away eyeglasses imprinted with his image.

Development, education, justice, economic opportunity and health issues are more relevant.

True: Ayer Hitam voters, please learn from voters in Selangor and Penang.

We should prioritise national issues first. Kleptocracy, corruption, GST, inefficiencies, devaluation of the ringgit, decline of institutions, racism, extremism, etc, are plaguing Malaysia.

If a certain individual is above the law and remains free, what is the use of Wee serving you well in your daily needs, but colluding with Umno-BN in slave driving the rest of us?

We do not need lapdogs, but we are in dire need of national saviours.

Anonymous_3f4b: DAP will lose Yong Peng in this election. They shouldn’t even dream of Ayer Hitam.

This time around, the Chinese will reject DAP for all their empty talk, non-service and rhetoric. They have had enough of the lies, and are much aware now that the DAP has misled them and was taking them to the moon, but stranded them halfway.

Tekad: If Pakatan Harapan is serious in trying to win Ayer Hitam, it must field a strong candidate from DAP or Amanah. If Amanah is given the seat to contest, defeated candidate Hu Pang Chaw (who was with PAS) will not do.

MCA’s Wee, meanwhile, thinks to win again in Ayer Itam, he needs to go to Penang to attack DAP and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, which in all likelihood will backfire spectacularly.

Anonymous_1371550919: MCA, we know you are trying your best in the circumstances, but until and unless you show that Umno does not hold your leash, it will be difficult to survive.

Simple. Publish a statement on 1MDB. Say that all the wrongdoings will have to be addressed and fully investigated. Tell us whether it is right for the attorney-general to decide “no further action.” Don't hide behind the argument that justice is at his discretion.

Kamikasi: If voters still hang on to the corrupt, don't blame the damage to come. And to MCA, keep striking a cold iron, maybe one day it will become the shape you want.

Amanah denies final decision made on Ayer Hitam candidate

Kheng: Wouldn’t it be better for DAP and Amanah to talk in private about this matter, than in public?

It shouldn’t be a case of who gets to contest more seats, but who has the better chance of winning in Ayer Hitam.

Clever Voter: The opposition simply lacks any strategic thinking when it comes to status updates, especially on seat allocations.

Time and again, the leaders lack even the common sense to agree. And they allow seemingly anyone, besides the official spokespeople, to speak on behalf of the coalition.

At this rate, Harapan supporters will become even more confused and BN will have the last laugh.

Ghost Who Walks: DAP is the party that stands the best chance to take on Wee.

PAS had a go and was soundly beaten, so I think the same will happen to Amanah. DAP stands a better chance to wrestle the seat.

AK-47: DAP, please exercise the principle of give and take. Just because the seat has a substantial number of Chinese Malaysians, it does not mean it would be an easy win for you.

A good example would be the Sungai Siput seat, which has a Chinese majority, but giant killer Dr D Michael Jeyakumar won it for two terms. If the goal is to bring down BN, as you say it is, then Jeyakumar should stand there.

One or two seats will not make any difference for you, DAP, but it could make a big difference to Harapan.

Miss Z: The more things change, the more they stay the same. We are just over a month away from the 14th general election, but the component parties in Harapan still cannot get their act together and even pretend to be a united front.

It’s been said a million times before, but the opposition really are masters at shooting themselves in the foot. This will be their best chance to win a general election – and not because they have the “mahafiraun” (great pharaoh) Dr Mahathir Mohamad on board.

It’s because the general apathy and fatigue have even spread to BN supporters. Even they realise now that absolute support of their party has become untenable.

So what will Harapan do in this situation? Choose Malaysia’s most evil dictator as prime ministerial candidate, keep quiet on their last-minute manifesto, and continue to air their dirty laundry in public?

Worse still, they are relying on the same “toxic” race-based calculus as their mortal enemies – deciding which parties to field in certain seats based on the racial composition.

If you are Stoke, and you are playing a Barcelona team with Lionel Messi injured, don’t take to the field with amateurs who spend the 90 minutes trying to break one another’s legs.

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