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Yoursay: Like a million bulbs and torchlights in the dark

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YOURSAY | ‘You’ve been instrumental in creating the very history you’re reporting on…’

Millions tuned into Malaysiakini, KiniTV for GE14 results

Anon-2 Today 7:56am3319508: Thanks a million, Malaysiakini, from a subscriber.

The mainstream media kept everyone, especially the village folk in the dark; you were like a million bulbs, a million torchlights, shining in the darkness to show Malaysians the path, through the forest of traps and deceptions, to the ballot box and finally on May 9, Malaysia collectively crossed out corruption, theft, lies, evil power, gerrymandering, false and distorted news, injustice and self-destruction under a cancerous leadership.

It is time to also cross out extreme partisanship in the media and journalism.

Anonymous_d395a08d: I truly believe Malaysiakini has made a great contribution to the people’s victory on May 9.

By making the unofficial results available to every citizen in real time, I would like to believe anyone who might want to delay the final tally or play a trick would think twice, otherwise they would incur the wrath of the people.

Just_A_Rakyat: Yes, I can confirm 112 seats in Malaysiakini’s scoreboard for Pakatan Harapan at 2.28am. I still have the screenshot saved on my phone.

Can you believe that even the Election Commission information wasn't as updated at that time?

Kudos to Malaysiakini and its team for staying up throughout the night to keep the rakyat informed.

Anonymous_7b43d91e: Malaysiakini, I followed the result from Oman until the outcome was clear. I have now signed up a three-year subscription as a token of appreciation.

Wong Lu Shin: Well done, Malaysiakini. It has indeed been a long journey but take heart that this is just the beginning.

I have been a subscriber for several years now and it has been worth every sen.

Anonymous_69faf37b: Yes, thank you Malaysiakini. I am Singaporean but I have renewed my subscription for one year as a token of appreciation and contribution to your fight for truth and justice.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad's return is actually bad news for Singapore, but I believe that if we take into account the overall scheme of things, the sacrifice of the national interests of Singapore will be dwarfed by the gain to the world from sending across a clear message that corruption will not be tolerated anywhere and that the people's voice has been heard.

Anonymous*: I stopped being a subscriber in 2016 after having done so for around eight years. Reading the constant stream of bad news was wearing me out.

But I renewed my subscription last week because the election miracle has rekindled this Malaysian's interest in following news of his country's road to recovery.

Part of me wanted to thank Malaysiakini's contribution to this miracle as well, so what better way than renewing my subscription.

Anak Malaysia: I enjoyed the two-week free subscription to follow Malaysiakini’s GE14 coverage. 

Malaysiakini has been very impressive in its reporting so I have just signed up a one-year subscription. Thank you and keep up the good work in updating the rakyat.

JT: Yes, thank you, Malaysiakini, for staying the course and not “buckling under pressure” as some did.

Kleeo: Indeed, you have been instrumental in creating the very history you are reporting on, and Malaysians of all stripes are so proud to have you.

M’kini, thank you for your perseverance and bravery

Anonymous 1802761448130592: I quit reading The Star more than 10 years ago.

I sensed the winds of change in them when it published the full unadulterated text of Mahathir’s final address to the nation before GE14 – without their usual remarks and comments (sometimes subtle) which were detrimental to Harapan.

But I will still boycott The Star until their present editors, chief editor and management are removed.

More importantly, we need to ask the question, “Can we ever trust this cohort of editors, chief editor and management of The Star (and for that matter New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia...) to be the guardians of our beloved nation’s democracy?”

Malaysiakini has been my favourite and faithful news companion for the past 10 years.

I take this opportunity to salute Malaysiakini for keeping true to journalistic ethics even at the peril of being banned by the authorities; which they came within a whisker of that a few times.

My sincere and heartfelt salutations and thanks to co-founders Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, the journalists and staff of Malaysiakini, and not forgetting the numerous commenters.

They risked their freedom to bring truths to us and also made our voice heard, and for this, we must forever be grateful and we shall never forget them.

Lone_Star: I have been a Malaysiakini supporter since day one and hopefully for the rest of the days.

Malaysiakini is now almost 19 years old and is growing from strength to strength. With the help of Malaysiakini and the rakyat, the inevitable has finally taken place - the fall of fortress BN.

But for Malaysiakini and the rakyat, this is not the end. The fight continues - to ensure the rakyat is the boss and the government fears the rakyat and not the other way around.

So Malaysiakini, which has held the BN to account, must continue to do so despite the country having a new government.

Malaysiakini and the rakyat must ensure that the newly-minted Harapan government must ensure a new dawn of good, accountable, responsible, transparent, responsive, efficient, corruption-free governance.

Anonymous_030947e1: Malaysiakini, you have contributed immensely to the political tsunami in Malaysia. Do keep up your good work for a better Malaysia.

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