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Yoursay: Johor MB’s behaviour ‘disappointing’ to Johor voters

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YOURSAY | ‘Why appoint people allegedly connected to Umno, when the rakyat voted for Harapan?’

Be careful, Muhyiddin tells Johor MB after appointing ‘Umno man’ as aide

Gerard Lourdesamy: With Bersatu only having eight seats in the state assembly (not including three Umno assemblypersons who defected to Bersatu), Johor Menteri Besar Osman Sapian should be very careful. Why appoint people allegedly from Umno or connected to Umno?

The rakyat did not vote for Umno. They don't want Umno Mark 2.0 in the state. The three Umno assemblypersons who defected should not be allowed into Bersatu. They are all discredited and with questionable integrity.

The new MB should be rudely reminded that his decisions are subject to approval by the Pakatan Harapan state leadership.

If your heart and soul is with Umno, just resign and join them. A new MB can be appointed by Harapan.

Most people in Johor wanted Amanah deputy president Salahuddin Ayub as MB, but the palace chose Osman for whatever reasons.

Harapan in Johor does not need a supermajority and Osman must behave himself. Otherwise, the other Harapan parties may withdraw their support from him.

Cocomomo: Harapan should quickly correct the situation if a wrong choice has been made.

The people of Johor voted decisively for Harapan, despite advice from various quarters, including the top, to back BN.

A wrong choice of MB is a betrayal of the trust the people have placed in Harapan. This MB should realise that Umno has been decisively rejected.

Anonymous_d395a08d: Harapan leadership has made a grave mistake by appointing Osman to the post of MB. It must correct the mistake now.

Replace him immediately. Don't wait. It will only sap confidence and complicate the governing in the next five years since he enjoys little trust of his people.

Given it could be hard for Osman to step down, a face-saving way is for him to resign by himself. Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin, who is more senior, can then take over as the interim MB.

Muhyiddin will have to forgo a role in the central government for time being. But he could return to the central government when Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad steps down, and pass the Johor MB position to a capable successor whom he must start to identify and groom now.

Anonymous 1802761448130592: I hope Muhyiddin's advice does not fall on deaf ears. It seems that Osman does not take advice easily - typical Umno mentality.

Harapan's leadership needs to monitor this man very closely before he commits irreparable damage.

JayWai: The Johor MB looks set to be the black sheep of the Harapan government. One wonders why he was chosen from the list of three names given to the sultan.

Shark Fins Belong on Sharks Today: Bangsa Johor requests the replacement of the Johor MB to be looked into immediately.

In his short tenure as the MB, he has made two major gaffes which have resulted in the people losing trust in him and the new Johor leadership.

If nothing is done, we will sign a petition to ask for his removal and subsequent replacement.

This is so disappointing to all of us who took pains to travel back to Johor to vote; we have made ourselves clear: We want Umno out.

Anonymous_1423827415: Don’t tell me that the MB couldn’t find any loyal Bersatu members to be his private secretary. There are a lot of people he could have chosen from.

Anonymous_d395a08d: There was another incident yesterday night where the palace disagreed with Osman over the change of a slogan.

Since the Johor palace cares about its people, let's hope the palace has also heard its people's voice and supports a replacement.

BrightSpark: Two errors (unforced ones at that) in a week is clear demonstration that this Johor MB is incompetent and should be removed. 

I think that a vote of no confidence is in order. Remove him before he creates more trouble.

Mahathir wants an end to Harapan taking in defectors

Anonymous 2319461440035118: Mahathir, we appreciate that you listened to our voice and put your foot down.

At the same time, tell the Johor government not to deprive the opposition representative of funds for their constituency although Harapan did not win there, because there are Harapan supporters there as well. BN did that and many of their supporters suffered.

RedHero: If they want to leave the Umno sinking ship, it is up to them. But they have to be independent MPs or state representatives who support the Harapan government.

They can get all the relevant MP or state representative allocations, et cetera, but they cannot be members of Harapan component parties.

Stefen: We are not saying that these former members of BN have no future role to play in the nation. People can repent and be forgiven by the Almighty.

Just that they must face the voters first so that the people can decide whether they are sincere.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: I agree with Mahathir. Accepting defectors would be frowned upon by the rakyat.

These defectors are not sincere in sharing the struggle of Harapan. They do so to save their own skin or hoping for government positions or government aid.

Harapan is better off recruiting new members who have never joined any political parties.

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