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Yoursay: Najib should be thankful Sosma hasn’t been used on him

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YOURSAY | 'The only way to teach those who want Sosma is to find an excuse to detain them...'

Najib's reasons for keeping Sosma nonsensical

Jasmine: Former Padang Serai MP N Surendran, as usual, is spot on, as was his legal view on the proposal for the appointment of a state representative to be the parliamentary speaker.

The police can certainly be more professional, pro-active and can carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively under the various existing laws governing all forms of criminal activities.

All that is required is hard work, nothing less, in terms of intelligence gathering (not on political parties and politicians!), preventive enforcement, and thorough and proper, not sloppy, investigation.

The Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 is not only against the spirit of the constitution, it encourages abuse and laziness in policing.

Indeed, any senior police officer who supports the continuance of this draconian law is not worthy of being called a police officer.

Salam: I don't care about former PM Najib Razak's comments on Sosma. But what does go under-appreciated is our police and security forces' efforts in counter-terrorism.

The threat and targets against Malaysia is very real, and they have done a sterling job of keeping us from sliding into the random shootings and bombings that have happened elsewhere.

Did they rely on Sosma to do so? If they have, what is the impact of abolishing this law?

Dont Just Talk: Use your head. Laws like Sosma and the Anti-Fake News Act were approved in Parliament under Umno's 'MO1' (Malaysian Official 1) president Najib.

They were meant to silence the critics and opposition parties over the 1MDB financial scams.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was right when he pointed out how the person who had lodged police reports on the billions stolen by MO1 was arrested by the police under Sosma. What a joke.

JusticeNow!: Yes, which among those detained under Sosma were real security threats?

The police must follow and work within the law, they should have no say in the formulation of the laws of the country. Only elected representatives should have a say in the legislation of our security laws.

Dingy: The only way to teach those who advocate Sosma be retained is to find an excuse to detain them under Sosma. This means detention without trial. Then they can appreciate that Sosma should be removed.

The best person to be detained is Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi himself and release him once Sosma is repealed. His detention will bring support from BN and PAS for Sosma to be repealed, or Zahid would be detained indefinitely.

It is easy to find a reason to detain Zahid for security reasons, just like what Najib had done to others who opposed him during BN rule.

Sparky: I suggest that Najib and others who support the law be arrested under Sosma for attempting to overthrow a democratically-elected government.

45362820099918827: They should have used Sosma on all the thieves, including the ex-leaders. Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

Luckily, Pakatan Harapan is too humble, and Dr M now is not like before, or else they would surely be locked up by now.

Was CIA-type letter sent to others ahead of polls, asks Guan Eng

Fortis Est Veritas: Before asking the police to investigate Prime Minister's Department research division director-general Hasanah Ab Hamid's mayday to the CIA, the sloppy inspector-general of police (IGP) Fuzi Harun must be replaced with a proactive go-getter.

Everybody knows that Fuzi's forte is investigating cases where the Agong is 'insulted’. Incidentally, ‘mayday’ derives from the French ‘m'aidez’, and means literally, "Help me."

Anonymous_1404717623: Why is action from the police so slow?

If this incident had occurred during BN rule and perpetrated by the opposition, the signatories would long ago have been under remand for several days and be repeatedly dragged to court to ask for an extension of remand.

Anonymous_077c2f4c: What is so difficult, now? Just call the woman who wrote the letter and ask under whose instructions she wrote it.

It looks like the authorities under Pakatan Harapan work very slowly. They should come out with stern action against her and the person who had instructed her, as this concerns the country’s sovereignty.

Ultimately: Since this constitutes a threat to national security, I think Najib deserves to be detained under Sosma, indefinitely, without trial.

Surely the circumstances are worse than that of former Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah. Will Najib agree to be detained?

Anonymous: I am wondering whether a similar letter was sent to China, or other powers, appealing for support?

The sooner the matter investigated and action taken against the party/parties concerned, regardless of their position, the better and less messy it would be for the country.

There should not be any compromise on matters endangering the security and sovereignty of this country.

Justice: If no action is taken on this letter, in future, other political parties or their leaders would be tempted to do the same. Thus, the sovereignty of our country will be sold or compromised by them.

Since the veterans' NGO Patriot has lodged a formal police report on the said letter, there is more reason for the authorities to take action against the author and whoever had instructed it to be sent.

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