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Yoursay: Anwar should wait, and not engineer a by-election

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YOURSAY | ‘Are PKR lawmakers there to serve the people, or serve Anwar?’

William Leong prepared to vacate Selayang seat for Anwar

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: There is nothing wrong in Anwar, or anyone for that matter, having an interest to become an MP. But let them do it in their own time when the opportunity arises.

This PKR practice of someone stepping aside for someone else to become an MP is unhealthy, uncalled for, and a betrayal of the voters’ trust.

Anwar would do well to wait until there is a by-election. It is not as if the august House is non-functional without him.

Darmakochi: “Meanwhile, Leong claimed that all 50 PKR parliamentarians would be willing to step aside for Anwar if requested to do so.” What a bloody joke! All except his wife and daughter?

Demi Rakyat: Why did Leong contest the seat? For the people? Or for Anwar? Same question for all the other 50 PKR so-called MPs.

Are you there to serve the people or serve Anwar? If PKR is Anwar, then PKR is dead, as it is not for the people.

6th Generation Immigrant: What Anwar wants and what PKR representatives are so willing to give away all run counter to election rules.

Have you not considered what Harapan, and more importantly, the people want and need? Do not disregard or belittle the intelligence of the electorate, not so soon after GE14.

VP Biden: Anwar must return to Parliament as that is a basic requirement to be the next prime minister as Harapan had promised.

His daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar is future minister material, and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is the deputy prime minister. Both have paid their dues and deserve their position.

The anti-Harapan cybertroopers are just looking for any excuse to demean the man who was sent to jail twice. The two years that it has to take power from Dr Mahathir Mohamad and install Anwar as prime minister is not too far away.

Get cracking and get Anwar into Parliament. The rakyat and Harapan are behind you.

Kamaru: Wow, almost everyone is critical of Leong and Anwar and his family. It's coming to just three months since we threw off the kleptocratic yoke. We have ushered in a ‘new Malaysia,’ we celebrated and thanked our lucky stars.

But has this ‘new Malaysia’ truly taken root? Can we be so sure that the kleptocrats led by former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak are silenced for good? I can't be sure.

They must be considered a force still to be reckoned with. They can still destabilise the hard-earned ‘new Malaysia’ that all fair-minded Malaysians cherish.

Again, it has only been three months since Najib and his goons came this close to hurling this nation inexorably towards a hellish future. Yet, we have forgotten Anwar. Many heap scorn on this most persecuted man.

With the little respite we now have, we should realise how much we still need him, never mind the sacrifices he had to make to bring about the historic May 9, 2018.

Consider this. Mahathir, whom many of us fell in love with again – me included – is 93. God willing, I wish him many more years. But at this age, we must assume that anything can happen to him at any time.

Should that tragedy come to pass, what’s going to happen? Who will take over? Wan Azizah? Muhyiddin Yassin? Mohamed Azmin Ali? Mohamad Sabu? Lim Guan Eng?

I can't be sure what will pan out, but my prognosis isn't pretty. Najib (a man who has nothing to lose) and his goons will not hesitate to unleash the fires of hell to totally and absolutely capitalise upon this leadership vacuum.

When hell breaks loose, there will be a new political realignment. Najib may yet seize power from that melee stamped from the leadership vacuum.

I don't know about you. But an imperfect Anwar is heck of a better option any day of the week over Najib or Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, or even Azmin, Muhyiddin, or Wan Azizah.

Hearty Malaysian: Are people not tired of PKR treating Anwar as if he is an emperor, spoiling him rotten by willing to give up an elected office to satisfy his insatiable lust for more power.

PKR must not take voters for a ride, thinking we are as willing as they are to create the Anwar dynasty in Malaysia.

Voters have already given sympathy votes to Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah as ‘compensation’ for Anwar’s jail sentence. Why should Leong vacate his MP position for Anwar, but not Anwar’s own wife or daughter?

Enough of Anwar’s double-talk antics and treating voters as unthinking peasants just to support his impatience to see out his power grab.

Anwar may not be the best choice as prime minister anyway; even though he can talk politics with languid ease, and get birds to land on his palms seemingly on command, it sometimes sounds hollow.

We, the voters, will have to punish PKR come GE15 if these bad habits to put Anwar’s personal interests above all remain unchanged in years to come.

We would rather have Mahathir staying beyond two years if Anwar wishes to squeeze in through the back door, instead of waiting for a by-election due to other factors than a PKR lawmaker vacating a seat.

Maple Syrup: Anwar and PKR should stop abusing the election system. Don't take the rakyat for granted. Wait for the opportunity, insya Allah, if God allows it, then you can stand for a by-election.

Even his own wife and daughter don't agree that elected MPs should resign to ‘give way’. After all, there is no guarantee the rakyat will give you the seat if you engineer the resignation.

And Najib, for sure, will exploit this to the hilt.

Spin Not: Indeed, if PKR decides to go down this route, it should do a thorough survey in the targeted constituency. If a majority of the electorate have no objection, then why not?

Sam JLo: I’m a Selayang voter. We won’t let go of our beloved MP so easily.

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