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Yoursay: Race baiting not going away in new M'sia anytime soon

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YOURSAY | Why the excitement and concern with a few non-Malays in government?

Tajuddin declares Malays have lost power, gov't controlled by non-Malays

David Dass: The entire nation is celebrating the change in government. We have moved from being a kleptocracy to becoming a democracy once again.

Our Malay prime minister with his Malay deputy prime minister and his Malay home minister are in charge. There are nine Indian and Chinese ministers in a cabinet of 29. The rest are bumiputeras.

They are supported by an overwhelmingly Malay civil service, army and police force.

Why the excitement and concern with a few non-Malays in government? They are also citizens. The non-Malays pay taxes. They are equal under the law.

Non-Malays, along with Malays, undertake the tens of thousands of jobs and businesses providing the services and products that give us the kind of society we have.

What are the complaints that people have? People complained about the wholesale looting that was taking place. People complained about wrongdoings in 1MDB, Felda, Tabung Haji, Mara and generally in government procurement.

And people complained about high household debt, high cost of living, low-paying jobs and low standards of education.

People complained about the nation being flooded by millions of foreign workers who were burdening our infrastructure and displacing our own workers. And many people complained about being poor. People also complained about the harsh and repressive laws.

Today, we have a government committed to reform. Their joint manifesto has the support of a majority of Malaysians.

Of course, there are transfers and dismissals of individuals who were corrupt or who abused power or who were incompetent or who actively supported wrongdoings in the previous government. Some will be charged.

The Pakatan Harapan government has started well. People are impatient for faster progress on the reforms. The non-Muslim attorney-general (AG) and chief justice (CJ) have impeccable records of service - one as a private practitioner and the other as a judge.

Their lives and works are reflected in the case of the AG - the cases that he has done and in the case of the CJ, the cases he has heard and judged.

All sorts of names are being hurled at the prime minister - some because of his Indian grandfather. His record of trying to help the Malay is unparalleled.

Who questions and criticises him? What is their record of service to the community and to the nation? What exactly are they fighting so ferociously for? For themselves or for the nation?

Sunshine: The common-sense reasoning by the general public currently is that it is primarily the corrupt Malay leaders and also all those who had protected and promoted such leadership, who have now been denied power since the last general election.

One wonders if Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman is referring to the loss of power of such groups among the Malays.

Going by recent good governance and national development efforts by the new Harapan government, there seems to prevail an atmosphere of hope and optimism now among a larger body of Malays and Malaysians, as compared to this disgruntled lot of small groups of Malays supporting the likes of failed Malay leaders like Tajuddin.

While Malays like Tajuddin have lost power, the Malays in Harapan have been entrusted with renewed responsibilities to protect and promote the genuine and legitimate interests of Malays and Malaysians as a whole.

Tajuddin’s attempts to rile up racial sentiments are obviously out of place now.

Kamaru: Lies, lies and damned lies. This is what Tajuddin's inflammatory shrill amounts to. It is baseless, devoid of facts. His only objective appears to be: creating hatred and mayhem, and further dividing the people of Malaysia.

Very obviously, he has no respect for his Malay audience. He took them for fools, expecting them to swallow his lies whole - hook, line and sinker.

Come next election, I'm certain, he'll discover that the Malays are smarter than he cares to give credit to.

Anonymous #69337042: What are the Home Ministry and the police waiting for?

Just arrest and lock up this man who was openly inciting the Malays to go against the Chinese and he has endlessly slandered DAP as if he is above the law and can do so with impunity.

Anonymous 1802761448130592: These individuals out to cause trouble must be investigated to determine if they have broken any law, especially in regard to instigations aimed to cause racial division and strife.

It is obvious what they spouted are lies and are seditious in nature, which can, if left unchecked, cause racial unrest.

We know the majority of the Malays are smart enough and will not be easily fooled by them - but then, there will always be some who will believe their lies. It's time to nip this cancer before it spreads and ravages our country.

Odysseus: What Tajuddin didn't tell the crowd was when a Malay, specifically from Umno, was governing Malaysia together with Malays as AG, chief judge, law minister, police chief, MACC chief, etc, Malaysia is known as a kleptocracy.

Does this help the Malays, Islam, etc?

Anonymous_4031c: It’s these cheats and liars who have lost power to a country which woke up from being intoxicated with Malay supremacy. Umno is still peddling this poisonous form of politics and Harapan is doing just that - to sell their own poisonous brand to counter them.

It should be a new government with a vision, not one that is obscured by the politics of hate and fear that Umno knows is their source of power. Do not fall into their trap.

Sabah and Sarawak are crucial in checking the nature of the politics played by this group. It’s time the people of East Malaysia exert their right to prevent divisive politics and check the unhealthy culture of race being used.


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