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Yoursay: Ex-IGP another old man looking to make himself relevant

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YOURSAY | There has been a marked upsurge in racist rhetoric from Umno politicians.

Kit Siang gives ex-IGP 48 hours to prove 'cock and bull' story

Legit: A character like ex-police chief Hanif Omar says so much about the kind of Malays the Umno regime has produced over the years.

There is a very handful of Malays who have become towering Malays whom the country can be proud of. The rest are of the Hanif, Najib Razak, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Hishammuddin Hussein, Lokman Noor Adam, Annuar Musa and Nazri Abdul Aziz type. These are the cheap low-class Malays who call themselves leaders.

Hanif is a disgrace to the Malay race and does not deserve any accolades. The Agong and the other sultans should strip him of his Tunship and all other titles for his despicable and disgraceful character.

Anonymous_b497ffa7: How can this "claim that Lim Kit Siang had called for Peninsular Malaysia to be split, with the West Coast handed to the Chinese" be true?

If true, this so-called fact would have been blasted out loud and clear by racist Umno in all GEs after 1969 to destroy Kit Siang and DAP.

Abasir: Lying and thieving is as normal in Bolehland as unmitigated bigotry. It is part and parcel of the national culture which is why even Mahathir's culture coot, Rais Yatim, does not rise to condemn this lie and slander.

None of these chaps are blameless. Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, and every one of the Malay leaders in Harapan will continue to look the other way as scum like this 'Tun' continue to hawk these lies to their Malay base.

Malaysian Born: Unfortunately, there is a shelf life with some aged politicians and leaders, clearly not supported by the performance of Mahathir his second act, but I believe he is an extraordinary exception.

Hanif has clearly has passed his used-by date and his comments can no longer be considered credible. The reality is that he may not have been credible even earlier, but the opportunity to gain appropriate clarifications are long over where he is concerned.

Clearly Hanif is just another old man with questionable memory trying to feel relevant again.

Anonymous: The greatest danger of any carve-up of the country currently comes from PAS who - looking at other similar situations elsewhere - are the ones most likely to get stupid ideas about forming a separatist area.

PAS is the party which BN is now forming an alliance and politicising religion with because they have nothing else to offer, other than corruption.

DAP and Kit Siang should be the least of our concerns.

Ex-IGP says he threw Kit Siang into prison to keep racial harmony

Anonymous 7478653098613829: So, Hanif, were you a judge or a police chief to decide if Kit Siang deserved to be jailed? If you were a police chief, why don't you act like one and charge him in court and then present your evidence before a judge?

You are telling us you acted like a judge just because you think this is a third world country and you can throw anyone in jail as you please?

Is there any law in this country that you pledge to uphold when you were sworn as a police chief? Did you try to uphold the law that you swore to serve?

Did you think you were following the law when you single-handedly decide to throw Kit Siang in jail? If you thought that DAP had suggested to split Malaysia into two, was it so difficult to charge him in a court?

To me, you seemed to be only serving the master of the day instead of upholding the law. In that sense, you are no different or no better than former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali.

Gerard Lourdesamy: He must be senile. What about the Umno troublemakers in 1969? Why were they not arrested by Hanif? Was there a plot to topple the Tunku Abdul Rahman from within Umno?

DAP and PAS never supported the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), unlike Najib's pivot to China in the last nine years and Umno's close relationship with the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Sitting on the board of Genting Berhad does not make Hanif a Malay nationalist or a pious Muslim.

Vijay47: Hanif, you were missing in action these last few years, quiet as a church mouse, and suddenly you pop up and what is the first thing you say? That Kit Siang was about to destroy Malaysia in 1969 and you put him into prison to protect racial harmony.

You cunningly allege that Alliance formed BN because the country was on the brink of destruction by DAP; at least you left no doubt who in your mind was hero and who traitor.

These last few weeks there has been a marked upsurge in racist rhetoric from Umno politicians who have lost their power and even from others across the divide.

I find it a strange coincidence that the former IGP should make this unexpected reappearance and contribute his mite in raising racial matters by painting Kit Siang, the only one he named, as a fanatic bent on driving us to hell.

This is exactly the song that Najib and his choir are singing now. It is also weird that you mention that DAP proposed an east coast-west coast division, something nobody ever heard of in the past.

Hanif, that must have been one of your best-kept secrets. Perhaps your return now is to complete the Hanif-Khalid-Fuzi triumvirate.

Simple Malaysian: The timing of his comment is certainly raising eyebrows. It appears to me, Hanif may be still strongly tied to Umno/BN and is trying to cause problems in New Malaysia.

Perhaps trying to rattle or initiating moves to "unseat a democratically-elected government".

Mighty Bear: We've had this former top cop who, by his own words here, shows a complete disregard for the law and truth. When the new government wants to use him again in new Malaysia, thus shows the new government is palatable to such characters.

I wonder what happened to Mahathir's promise to uphold the law and its values.

Darmakochi: There is a lot of work to be done to set our country on solid footing. A lot of mistakes were committed in the past.

We cannot be visiting them one by one and waste our time to start rounds of discussions of who and what was right or wrong. Except for the main culprits who systemically destroyed our nation through 1MDB and their disastrous policies when they were in power, we should let bygones be bygones instead of doing too much witch-hunting.

We do not have time and resources and the present government must focus on what must be done to set a proper course for the nation that tries to take care of our multiracial society.

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