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Yoursay: Cannot abolish tolls? Reduce the rates, then

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YOURSAY | 'At the very least, Harapan must show a sincere attempt to review concession agreements.'

PM: Toll-free roads not possible, I was against this pledge

Legit: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad should stop saying "we came up with those things in the manifesto because "we didn't think we will be the government". For an intelligent guy to keep saying this is appalling.

Coming to toll collection, everybody knows the toll rates are unreasonably high because the money goes into many pockets.

Why doesn't the government look into these crooked deals made during the previous administration and review these contracts to get rid of this abuse?

The toll rates can certainly be reduced significantly. Also, the toll on old highways like the North-South Expressway should be reduced by at least 50 percent as the investments should have been recovered a long time ago.

Pakcik Am: Promises not kept are promises blown with the wind. If Mahathir was against it, then how did it get into the manifesto?

Db56f03b: Our problem is not so much the toll itself.

We also need someone to maintain the freeways and we do acknowledge that we do have first-class highways where tolls are implemented.

What galls us is the parasite cronies, disguised as concessionaires, collecting the toll money and enriching themselves.

Ex-WFW: I believe the majority of the silent voters are quite happy to bear the delay of all those promises just to change a government which was slowly and steadily drowning the nation.

Anonymous_1535762813: It is possible to remove road tolls, just that Mahathir refuses to acknowledge it.

It is probably one of the less important and urgent manifesto promises but since it is in the manifesto, the Harapan government should be seen to be working towards it.

Before the next general election, Harapan has to fulfil at least 85 percent of the manifesto promises.

Otherwise, the rakyat may well vote them out in favour of BN (if it still exists then).

Salam: Harapan must fulfil the manifesto. Anything else and the voters will feel cheated.

At the very least, they must show a sincere and transparent attempt to review the toll concession agreements.

Isn't this what DAP and party veteran Lim Kit Siang kept banging on when they were the opposition?

And the argument that non-users of the highway don't have to pay is nonsense. We all know that the price of everyday food items will increase if cost of two things rise: petrol and toll.

Behsaikong: Harapan must work towards the fulfilment of the manifesto. Granted, it is not within the original timeline but nevertheless, these promises must not be dropped.

Spirit of Malaysia: In this world, we understand that nothing is free unless the nation is flushed with cash.

Certain Harapan manifesto (promises) are unrealistic but can still be carried out, partially and in stages.

Start with our very own city of tolls, Kuala Lumpur. Harapan should review and remove some of the tolls in the city. Compared to our neighbours, the number of tolls in KL alone is ridiculous.

Anonymous Kamus: Talk to PKR leader Rafizi Ramli, he has great ideas on how to remove the toll. If cannot remove the tolls, then at least reduce the rates.

Anonymous 19811504508400: Highway users should really pay, no matter what. Nothing is free despite promises. If you get it for free, that means others have paid for it.

Overseas: In England they have road tax, payable every year. I believe the revenue collected is used for road improvements and maintenance.

Mahathir, you say, "We made the manifesto thinking we would not be the government. Now we are the government and this manifesto is a big burden."

Really? I thought that a party's manifesto was to provide the potential voters with a workable alternative to the government that the party is standing against.

Clearly, some things in a manifesto will not be achieved, but when it is used to deceive the voters, this cannot be good, nor provide a strong platform to begin governing a country, can it?

Anonymous_e3e72c1b: This culture of dissimulation in politics has to stop.

It is why so many ordinary people find politicians and their politicking so contemptible.

I mean, why bother listening to politicians when half the time you don't know what they're saying is real or just lies to win support.

Anonymous 2485381503371480: But are your primary roads that are the alternative to your highways are as good and accessible?

Now almost everyone uses the toll highways and there is congestion during peak periods.

Raja Chulan: A promise is a promise. What more if it’s an election manifesto promise.

Dr M's explanation to breach this promise is hardly acceptable. The integrity of Harapan and its leaders is on the line. Breach it and I am sure the rakyat will throw Harapan out in the next general election.

Dr M's integrity is also questionable in this respect. Additionally, this breach (and some others in the manifesto) will surely make things very difficult for Anwar to sustain Harapan in power come GE15.

I, for sure, will not vote Harapan if this promise is not kept.

Abasir: Harapan's new truthful tagline, which could be plastered on billboards and buildings everywhere, should say, "No Harapan for you. We made the manifesto thinking we would not be the government."

ABC123: And yet, there is plenty of money for Proton 2.0?

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