Yoursay: Indian MPs should not be made scapegoats for Adib’s death



YOURSAY | ‘Pointing fingers at Waytha reeks of racism and irresponsibility.’

Why should Waythamoorthy resign?

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy is spot on.

What wrong has Minister of National Unity and Social Wellbeing P Waythamoorthy done for him to resign? What has firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim’s death got to do with him?

What is even worse is that the call for Waytha’s resignation comes from Umno and PAS leaders who are the biggest cause of disunity in the country.

One party thrives on racism by branding the non-Malays as ‘pendatang’ and enriching themselves, while the other Arab-wannabe bigots brand the non-Malays as ‘kafir’ and seek to drive a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims.

These parasites of society, who are solely responsible for all the hatred and disunity among the races, should be ashamed of themselves for demanding Waytha’s resignation.

All Waytha did was to clarify the true position of the temple fracas that had been reported by the police as “a clash between two Indian factions”. If he had not clarified this, the consequences would have been worse as the temple devotees were angered by the lies being spread.

If Waytha has to resign for speaking the truth, then all the racists and bigots, who have been making a living by pitting the Malays against the non-Malays for the last six decades, must go first.

Indians should not be made scapegoats for Adib’s death to appease some fanatics in Umno and PAS.

Abasir: These calls for Waythamoorthy’s head are coming from PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s so-called New Malaysia.

They are coming from the same scum that Mahathir is inviting into his mosquito party of desperadoes.

Fairplayer: Don't stray from the core issue. Adib has died. Justice demands that the murderers be apprehended and sentenced. Pointing fingers at Waytha reeks of racism and irresponsibility.

Jasper: Yes, there is no need for Waythamoorthy to resign because of this. But I would join the call for his resignation if he doesn't come up with a detailed and implementable plan within the next three to six months to improve national unity.

Then, it becomes an issue of having a figurehead who cannot perform.

Quigonbond: What Waytha needs is better public relations. He should have published a chronology of the fracas in his statements – facts will prevail.

OceanMaster: For 61 years, no proper governance was in place. I am proud to see people of (Waytha’s) standing - a minority with no real political backing – picked as a member of the cabinet.

That is an achievement in itself, not only for the individual but for democracy.

Cogito Ergo Sum: For 61 years, instead of national unity, Umno/BN nurtured a divided Malaysia, pushing its racial and bigoted policies effectively. The Seafield episode is the culmination of those structured policies.

Indeed, why should Waythamoorthy quit over this one episode which he had nothing to do with? You expect him to achieve national unity and undo 61 years of Umno’s handiwork?

ER: None of Waythamoorthy’s colleagues in Harapan has come to his support, apart from his Indian colleagues.

It looks like Malaysia Baru is just the same as the old Malaysia where each group only looks out for its own.

AJ: Harapan ministers should start growing a backbone and stand for truth. They should stop swaying to the opposition’s intimidation.

Stand together and speak up for one another.

Abd.Karim: Yes, it's about time the Harapan’s Malay MPs do their part in defending the Indian MPs over such fake accusations. If they don't, they are as bad as the PAS and Umno MPs.

Gaji Buta: The people who inflamed the situation on the ground are the thugs who happened to be mostly from a certain ethnicity.

Umno and PAS leaders are trying to absolve their kind by deflecting the blame on Waytha and other Indian Harapan MPs. Simple as that.

Jasmine: It’s pure racism. And this time it’s not the Chinese ministers but the Indians.

Imagine with more of these racist Umno-type beings drawn into Bersatu or PKR, Harapan will be further defiled.

YTMQ: If the national unity minister had been a Malay from Bersatu and he disagreed when an inaccurate police statement stating that there were two rival gangs fighting at the temple, would all these goons then call for the Malay Bersatu minister's resignation?

Freedom Fighter 2018: If you want to solve the problem, then get the autopsy report published. If he was attacked by a mob, there would be many other injuries in areas other than his chest.

Just publish the autopsy findings. Otherwise, this would smack of a serious cover-up.

MVA: Rather than calling for the resignation of the minister concerned and responsible individuals should be pushing for investigations to be completed quickly.

We have yet to hear of the arrests of the culprits behind the hiring of the thugs. Also, the investigations into how Adib sustained his injuries should be completed and made public.

As there are allegations that his injuries were only in one area and one side and not the type of injuries sustained by someone set upon by a mob, the authorities should work towards uncovering the truth.

Thana55: Waytha cannot be held to blame for the incident getting out of hand. He just corrected the Subang police’s version of the incident.

I would start by calling for an open and transparent investigation/inquiry on the Subang police’s handling of the incident.

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