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Yoursay: Enough with S’wak vs Peninsular talk – we’re one nation

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YOURSAY | ‘All this ‘noise’ is because the state election is around the corner.’

Analyst slams Baru Bian, S’wak Harapan for silence over toll hike freeze

Speaking Sense: Sarawak political analyst Jeniri Amir fails to understand that a federal minister’s first priority is the interest of the nation as a whole, even if his heart is with the state he is from.

We are a nation first, and then we are states in the nation.

Jeniri should just join Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) rather than pretending to be a serious political analyst.

I am a Sarawakian but I am tired of hearing all the nonsense from those who seem to think being part of a nation is all about getting state rights.

It is about every state contributing to the good of the nation and at the same time about national leaders making sure all the states get a fair share of the nation’s prosperity and struggles. Not what is mine is mine, and what is yours is also mine.

Anonymous_3fe1: Yes, please stop this Sarawak versus Peninsular nonsense. It is just a cheap political trick to divert from the great disparity within Sarawak.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: This is not the first time the federal government is compensating the highway concessionaires in lieu of toll hike fees. It was also done during BN rule and we did not hear then works minister from Sarawak protesting.

However, Jeniri never criticised the then minister, maybe because he is from PBB. He is fond of speaking like a politician from the comfort of his chair as a professor.

Never Too Late: The Sarawak state election is coming nearer, hence all the “barking” from local politicians. Especially since Sarawak is an opposition-led state.

Frankie: We from East Malaysia must not be subjected to the burden of the toll of highways that are only used by West Malaysians. We have been contributing our fair share to building Malaysia but we're left out to dry.

With the new government, they must give back more to East Malaysia so that we can catch up. We've been sidelined for far too long.

TCM: Hello, Malaysia is one country, please. No such thing as I pay for you or you pay for me. Let's think as a nation, not as separate groups.

Stop all these hateful comments on Sabahans, Sarawakians or Peninsularians or whatever. We are all Malaysians, no?

'Sarawak First' policy: Chinese support crucial, says Uggah

Anonymous 2352231450832442: Instead of constantly framing this as a zero-sum game, that is, if "Malaysia first, then Sarawak last" or "Sarawak first, Malaysia only second", what about "seek the good of all"?

Kawak: Sarawak PKR and DAP MPs, as well as state assemblypersons, are all ‘anak’ Sarawak. So, what is the problem?

Why back GPS when they have governed the state since 1963, yet the state is still backward? And their leaders have only enriched themselves.

Avatar_3e8a: Indeed, ‘Sarawak first’ is only relevant if you are a corrupt-free and competent government. Are you?

Guan Eng comes under fire over 'overkill' Sarawak debt statement

Roar For Truth: State Reform Party president Lina Soo, you should advise Sarawak Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah to follow protocol to enquire privately.

A public statement should be replied publicly so that the people are aware of the answer. If you want a private response, Karim should have enquired privately. A public enquiry deserves a public reply no matter how unpleasant the facts are.

Salvage Malaysia: The problem here is, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng can’t seem to shake off his opposition fighter-cock mentality.

He still hasn’t got the charisma to act and speak like a federal minister. Every speech he makes is still laden with political tones and self-praising credits.

The Wakandan: Abdul Karim is fishing for political mileage from his Sarawak audience. He is from PBB and they will have a state election coming.

PBB is a little Umno in Sarawak and especially its Malay members of which Karim is one, tend to play on toxic politics, Umno-style.

There is a power vacuum in Sarawak after Abdul Taib Mahmud stepped down. Wannabe CM like Karim obviously is trying to be a hero. And what else that he can do but to create a bogeyman?

And that's DAP, especially since Guan Eng happens to be a Chinese. They likely do that against DAP for that reason, and less on PAS.

However, it may not be a wise thing to do for Abdul Karim. Guan Eng is one whom you do not wish to fool around with. He uses facts and figures, much to the chagrin of people in PAS, and therefore making him a public stigma may not work so much.

Abdul Karim must take cognisant of the fact that DAP is not that badly hated in Sarawak, especially since it is supported by some natives.  

Besides, Sarawak had been utterly raped and pillaged by BN under Taib Mahmud. Abdul Karim may be wise to acknowledge this and to sincerely try to rebuild the state. He needs to be on the good book of Guan Eng rather than being confrontational.

Snowcrash: People need to realise that making accusations publicly leaves you wide open to retaliatory statements.

I would suggest that Sarawak and Kelantan governments both sort out their accounts before issuing any more public statements.

ABC123: Why do people always think that they can attack and bully the finance minister freely, but when he counters back with facts, they say it’s an “overkill”?

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