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Yoursay: PAS forced to eat humble pie in suit against Clare

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YOURSAY | ‘Why start something you cannot afford unless it was meant to be an eyewash for the election.’

PAS says too costly to pursue S'wak Report, doesn't want to burden members

Meerkat: PAS, when did you discover that it will be so costly to pursue the suit against Sarawak Report?

You mean you just realised it? Your lawyers didn't tell you at the beginning? Does it now mean that we can all slander PAS as they won't have money to sue us?

Only their own members will believe what they say. Maybe some Umno members, too.

Anonymous 2319461440035118: Hadi and PAS know that they cannot win the case and with Sarawak Report counter-suing, PAS knows that it is going to cost a few million ringgit in legal fees.

So they now have no choice but to save themselves; they go for a settlement. They claim that they do not want to burden the members. It's just an excuse.

Roger 5201: Is PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang afraid MACC might ask more questions regarding the source of money? This alleged sum of RM90 million is not small so one can only assume he has validated with the giver it is not ‘haram’ 1MDB money.

Since when has truth become "too expensive to pursue" for PAS? After all, Hadi was so convinced at one point he had Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown checkmated.

Wira: PAS, if you win, you can force Sarawak Report owner into bankruptcy. By withdrawing, you are admitting to the allegations in Rewcastle-Brown's article as being truthful.

It's as simple as that.

Ravinder: Indeed, PAS could have made money by winning the case. Why let go a golden opportunity if your case is strong? So don't bluff the people.

You had a very poor case right from the beginning. But you wanted to "main sandiwara" to get votes and donations. Do you realise that your out-of-court settlement is a big slap on Hadi's face by a non-Muslim (kafir)?

PAS was telling voters in Cameron Highlands that it is ‘haram’ to vote for non-Muslim candidates and hell awaits those who do so. I wonder who hell awaits now?

Ib: Why start something you cannot afford unless it was meant to be an eyewash for the election. The people of Kelantan and Terengganu can now see that they were conned into thinking that PAS is innocent.

Why would you agree to an out-of-court settlement unless you are guilty as reported?

Myop101: It is precisely because Sarawak Report has the proof to back its article that made PAS give up on its suit. Otherwise, why back out before the actual trial started? Why waste all your donors' monies?

Do you think Sarawak Report didn’t spend a single sen to fight for itself plus the countersuit? Didn’t Sarawak Report also raise public funds to help its legal cost?

Also, are you to tell me that PAS wasn’t aware of the legal cost when it first started the suit? That there is no estimation of the sum involved plus the length of time taken?

Simple Malaysian: If PAS is sincere and truthful, it will fight for it. After all, if the truth is as what PAS claims to be, why worry since the costs will be eventually recovered.

In this case, it is obvious that PAS actually feels it would lose and thus best to cut the losses.

By the way, can't PAS raise the costs via its "large Malay" supporters which they claim to have?

In conclusion, lack of willingness to get on with this is merely because of the truth of the article and the challenge raised in court initially was just an eyewash to hoodwink Malay Muslim supporters for GE14.

I wonder how these Malay Muslims who supported PAS now feel?

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: PAS treasurer Razman Zakaria, it is laughable that Hadi has to withdraw the suit after spending so much money contributed by the supporters.

Giving the excuse that he withdrew the suit because of high legal cost only goes to show Hadi's stupidity. It is well known that legal proceedings are very costly in an advanced country.

I believe it is not the reason for the withdrawal of the case. If indeed Hadi has a strong case, he would be assured of a win, and hence a big award enough to return the donations to his supporters.

The likely reason for throwing in the towel is that Rewcastle-Brown is telling the truth.

LR6SO4BK3: Razman, just publish in detail how much has been spent up to Feb 1, 2019 - the day the suit was settled out of court.

And how much had been collected from PAS members; particularly, how much did Hadi himself contribute. Remember, Hadi was the plaintiff in the suit.

Najib: I never paid RM90m to Hadi, PAS

Anonymous#007: I was waiting for this. Of course, 'Najib Abdul Razak' didn't physically pay PAS; that would be too obvious.

Also, Najib and PAS would have known by then - through the 1MDB experience - that bank transfers are a no-go if the transaction is an illegal one.

ChuenTick: You can huff and puff all you want, Najib, but the fact that PAS chose not to continue the suit speaks for itself.

In any case, you have spoken too many lies for the rakyat to believe you in this instance.

Harry L Ishmael: If not RM90 million, then maybe RM100 million or more? Or maybe less? Then why are you not suing now that Hadi has withdrawn?

It need not have been taken from the government or Umno resources; these could have gone via Jho Low.

Now, Najib, it appears that you have been bluffing all this while.

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