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Yoursay: Deserting sinking ship after smelling 'rats' in Felda deal

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YOURSAY | 'Et tu, Hishammuddin Hussein?'

'Concerned' Hisham singles out cousin's 'Eagle High' deal

Oscar Kilo: Former minister Hishammuddin Hussein only now expresses concern over Felda paying US$505.4 million (RM2.07 billion) to buy a stake in Indonesia's Eagle High Plantations in 2015, which his cousin and former premier Najib Abdul Razak had defended.

Has Hishammuddin been asleep for the past four years?

Vijay47: We have to admire Hishammuddin for his bold, honourable stand in disregarding family ties and coming forth to demand an exhaustive investigation into the Eagle High dealings.

This is truly the stuff of real Johor patriots. Like others before the Sembrong MP, he too must have heard the people's voice.

We, on our part, should not indulge in petty challenges and ask him what happened to his hearing when Umno's financial shenanigans raged with full fury. Perhaps the ring of the till drowned out even the gunfire in Lahad Datu.

We should accept that we live in strange times. Usually, we hear of rats deserting a sinking submarine or two, but in Malaysia, we come across individuals with such acute sensory talents as to smell rodents in the neighbourhood.

Alas, others seem to have not taken their Panadol and end up with noses blocked and datukships withdrawn. Ah, the fickleness of fate that demonstrates yet again that into each life some rain must fall!

So let us look at the empty glass half full. Let us not put the poor lesser cousin into undue pressure in his efforts to serve the country.

His inquiry into Eagle High may not be too fruitful, as the eagle seems to have flown away and not landed. Never mind.

Hishammuddin must be busy boning up on his Mandarin. He needs to master these dialects for his venture into China to bring back the fugitive Low Taek Jho like he promised. Xie xie ni (Thank you), Hishammuddin.

Caripasal: Unlike his cousin who is fighting his case in court, Hishammuddin appears to have sold his principles. He's taking the easy way out by abandoning ship and supporting his enemy.

Paul Warren: BN lawmaker Tajuddin Abdul Rahman told the Dewan Rakyat that he too "smelled a rat" with regard to the deal, but indicated he was powerless to act against Najib then.

Well, if you were on the gravy train yourself, you wouldn't tell on the driver of the train, would you?

Cogito Ergo Sum: Rats deserting the sinking ship. Why didn't Hishammuddin and Tajuddin raise their concerns when they were in government?

It’s too late now as the people are suffering because of covert and overt support for a kleptocratic regime.

The coffers are empty, and the current government is struggling to undo the damage done by the band of thieves.

And just like Brutus, you have stabbed your Caesar. There truly is no honor among thieves.

Nes: Et tu, Hishammuddin?

Mosquitobrain: Hishammuddin and Tajuddin, now that 'Bossku' is powerless, are both of you ready to repent?

If so, go down to the ground and tell Felda folks how they have been cheated on the Eagle High dealings.

'I smelled rat' - BN MP flings rodent at Najib's Eagle High deal

Being positive: This now explains why Najib is constantly attending Parliament. He probably wants to make sure that everyone knows that he is there, and that they will not squeal.

I am sure Tajuddin would not have revealed that concerns were raised about of Felda funds being put at risk in the Eagle High deal if Najib was there on that day.

Clever Voter: For Tajuddin to say that he smelled a rat indicates a refreshing change among Najib's closest support.

It could indicate the seriousness and magnitude of the financial damage, or it could be that Tajuddin himself is trying to untangle himself from the mess that Umno is in.

However one looks at it, the Felda scandal is another chapter in the book of crooked Umno businesses. Much loss again to be borne by taxpayers.

Felda shareholders are the biggest losers. Fortunately, many of the properties can still be sold and cash returned to them.

But most importantly, Najib cannot disclaim responsibility. If even the likes of Tajuddin agrees that this is a scandal, then that's bad.

The Wakandan: The modus operandi here seems the same as in 1MDB – opaque shady deal with close associates, and using dubious companies as springboards to leak money from the country.

This time it concerned Felda, the project founded by Najib's father Abdul Razak Hussein to help poor Malays. Najib must truly a spoilt child, undoing all that his father and our founding forefathers built.

The Eagle High scam should be followed up with a formal police investigation to expose everything, especially pertaining to where the money went to, and to charge the person(s) responsible.

Oxymoronic Tendencies: The 'put option' is meaningless if the company has no money to honour it.

Najib thinks that a piece of paper from a company with little in the way of assets is sufficient justification for such an investment. This goes to show he should never have been within a million miles of the government purse, let alone be the finance minister.

The 8 dodgy deals that put Felda in dire straits

David Dass: Where does it end? Institutions like Felda were meant to protect Malays. Now, the government will have to pump in billions of dollars to rescue the settlers.

And some are still suspicious and distrustful of other ethnic groups? It is time to wake up and recognise the enemy within. Work with the government to eliminate corruption. It is the corrupt who undermine Malays, not other communities.

Anonymous 98801780: Putrajaya really needs to appoint a special arm of the judiciary to deal with the staggering amount of theft that has occurred.

This should be done as a matter of urgency to show their intentions are real. I think we have merely scratched the surface.

Anonymous 5237890145285379: Nothing is surprising in Malaysia anymore. These guys are still walking the streets and enjoying their wealth, probably feeling safe with the knowledge that there are just too many corruption cases for the government to deal with.

One is even enjoying himself and asking people to call him their boss. Tragically but unsurprisingly, there are people who are gladly doing just that.

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